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February 12, 2008



You can run, but you can't hide!
House of Jules


They know your weaknesses.

Laura K

Thanks Rich!


aww... lovelove your <3fourfour<3 banner


Thanks for posting those pics, Rich. Bianca still looks pissed, haha, but she should be smiling at who's NOT there....the "winner" of last cycle. Meow!

I hope Chris did well.

Gayest Neil

Bianca has turned out to be the girl who I truly didn't care for and have warmed up to her immensely.

I'm so proud she's working and keeping the short, short hair.


Jaslene looks great! She always did look better on the runway than in the covergirl ad.


Bianca and Danielle are sort of wearing the exact same dress. Boooooooring.




Yay for Danielle! Uh, I mean Dani!


Meh - they look old to me. I guess I'm happy that they have work, maybe they'll break the ANTM curse. I mean - poor Joanie is modeling WIGS!! :(


Bianca -still- looks like she's about to murder someone at the end of the runway, Jaslene still looks like a freakin toothpick, and Dani...well...is Dani.

Thanks for posting!


I've seen several pics of Bianca from this show and she looks pissed in all of them...that's just her way. I've also seen several pics of her in some most unfortunate wigs, so yeah, she needs to keep the short hair or get a decent looking wig.

Apparently, Saleisha did get booked for one fashion week runway show but no one's sure if Tyra paid someone off or not.


i'm pretty sure saleisha was in a "real" designers fashion show in bryant park. not having to cling to the reality tv juggernaut mean actually making it in my book. don't be J!!


Would the universe collapse in on itself if ANTM finalists + Make Me a Supermodel finalists walked in the ProjRun finalists' shows?

And I totally thought Dani was Ciara for a moment.


So glad Bianca decided to keep the shaved head look. The girl is gorgeous.


WTF I hate reality TV crossovers. Makes me uncomfortable!


I also remember seeing Dani in the Isaac Mizrahi runway show that featured Robin Roberts from GMA...she looked almost scared of the cameras, but still gorgeous as always.


Rich, 2 questions...
1. Have you seen the ANTM Dolls?
2. If you don't already have the full collection, where do you want them sent to?

Oeni Mean

Is that Brittany from ANTM in the Cerebral Itch ad?


Well, it's work...and they look pretty good. I was always really fond of Danielle, hope she manages to stay afloat.

One Silly Otaku

Jaslene looks like she's gained some weight and estrogen (In a good way), Dani looks like she's finally growing away from Tyrant, and Bianca still looks like a sour young bitch. 2/3 isn't bad.


Keisha I am with you on that one...I totally thought that was Ciara!


Saleisha was in the Tibi show and has, thankfully, gotten rid of that god-awful mushroom hair. Her walk was preceded by truckloads of publicity making sure everyone knew she would be in the show, so it was clearly a set up. To be brutally honest, her thighs are simply too large for her to have any sort of career as a runway model the way things are now (which is only slightly less skeletal than last year). She was also up against some serious big-time international editorial girls. She wasn't that bad, but she wasn't good enough. Oddly, it was one of the few shows that didn't feature Nigel Barker in the front row, and he goes to everything he can get his tall, tan self into.
Danielle/Dani was also in the Zang Toi show, without any pre-publicity. It looks like she actually is working as an honest to goodness model. Honestly, she is pretty enough and has the right body to work, which is impressive because there are really not to many black models on the runways these days.


However it was another ANTM reject that's landing all the big shows. She walked DVF & many big shows, I believe her name is Andrea. She looked so different than her ANTM days..new short blonde crop and very Agyness butch look..I believe she is now called Debevc.


Lisa from last cycle is signed to Major NYC also walked some shows and she had a short hair do and looked fantastic. Might have a career after all.

Waiting for Kuzmich to pop out somewhere..


Lisa major test shot.


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