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February 13, 2008





Also: video is hidden or secret or maybe was too much kitty lickin' for YouTubes?


Hmmmm--it says that the video is no longer available--wassup?


Never mind. It's back up.


Did you smear peanut butter on Winston to get Rudy to do that? Winston is the luckiest cat on earth.


1. I can't believe I watched the whole thing!
2. I didn't know Rudy could be so sweet, or that they got along that well
3. Winston looks so inanimate the entire time... you would think Rudy was licking a doll if it weren't for the few times W smacks him
4. EEEEEEEEEE! so cute.


Rudy's coming off a little desperate, no?

This really is a lovely valentine from you to your cats, it looks like it took a while to edit together.

Also, I can't believe whatsherface from ANTM is the model in the Cerebral Itch t-shirt in the ad in the right column. She looks not so good.


LOL I love Winston's limp paw like he's in the throes of complete kitty euphoria. Good stuff. Thanks for the laugh.


LOL... it's no wonder you occasionally have to bathe Winston by hand... he appears totally incapable or unwilling to do it himself.


I love how Rudy's tongue gets caught on Winston's fur! Also, I can't believe I watched a three-minute video of a cat licking another cat, in its entirety. I am crazy.

Driver B

Rudy and Winston make my day. Every time.

Wish I could get my kitties to love each other and cuddle like that.


see this is why Rudy is awesome. He's a real stand-up cat.


Whoa, I felt slightly dirty watching that.


OK, Freak Me by SILK is one of my all-time favorite jams. This vid is classic. They should have used this for their video!!!
House of Jules

Brandon H

Thank you. Seriously. SILK. I had the biggest crush on Little G when I was younger all from one concert where he 'air grinded.'



was that INCENSE?!

anna d.

I had such a horrible day at work today, you have no idea how much this cheered me up!! Thank you thank you thank you!

Winston = trade.




Dear gawd. I laughed so hard when Winston attacked that my husband came running from the back of the apartment to see what it was. Awesome. I'm obsessed with your kitties.


ha ha, my sister has two cats (also boys) who do this. And it ends the same way every time... a fight! 30 minutes of lovin' then they square off. Its very brokeback kitty. I laughed when I saw Winston swat Rudy... just like Steve and Chewy!


i can't beleive I watched almost 3 minutes of something I see at home w/ my own cats. But there's no soundtrack.


Rudy is my fave.

Queen Lena

I felt slightly dirty watching, but I just couldn't stop myself.

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