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February 11, 2008



you totally just said what we all felt when watching last night.


thank you.


HA! I went to a big SEC university and my first thought when I saw Kanye (cuz I sure wasn't listening the crap coming out of his mouth) was "why is he wearing fratboy sunglasses?"


the grammys was so awkwardl bad loves it


I didn't even fuck with fascist YouTube --

Im new to this site and Im glad you are posting download files, I was wondering could you upload your Mariah/Adventures of Mimi concert video??Please. I have searched this site and YouTube and no luck.A clip of was it was in This is probably boring, but whatever post and it had me rolling,great site. Thanks


I was waiting to see if Beyonce was going to beat Rihanna down for snatching Jay Z up and dragging him on stage.


Fuckless chic? Alicia Keysus? Oh my gah, Rich, I was laffing so hard! I love you.

But really, what takes the cake is your shout out to She Whose Songs We Love Are The Songs She Loves to Sing. Will you recap that, just for me? I'm tingling with aticipation.


"...as far as America's concerned, she's Christ on a piano bench."

This was priceless. Thanks for the laugh. I had the show on in the background and I couldn't believe how further and further it got away from the slightest bit interesting.


I wish they would have had a Common and Lily Allen duet...Man! nobody performs anymore...the Grammys have me wishing Ricky Martin was back..... and thats just wrong.


Not to be a sourpants, and i usually love every word you say (along with the rest of the commentary), but I didn't see anything too bad about what Kanye said. I personally don't care for the dude, but I don't see it as playing the dead mother card, because 3 months is still a current time, especially since she was so tied into his music. Everyones entitled to their own opinion though..


Not sure about anyone else, but I was really rooting for Amy Winehouse to do better than Britney Spears as far as award show comebacks go. Whatever the bitter hipsters say about it, I like her and I'm glad she won. She seemed genuinely happy. Hope it continues.

Kanye is a tool. The sheer arrogance is rivaling P Diddy, which is saying a lot. Him trotting out the "dead mom" routine is going to get as old as Diddy mentioning Biggy, just watch.

Wasn't Michael Jackson supposed to perform? I was waiting for some bizarre finale that never came.

You want a laugh and to be outraged at the same time, check out cracked.com and read the list of the Top 7 Grammy Snubs Of All Time. Who can forget Metallica losing Best Heavy Metal to Jethro Tull?!


It's funny, I've never been totally into Beyonce but I was thinking the same thing as you about her thighs. Of course, it helps she is totally stunning in the face area. Gorgeous girls can get away with almost anything.

Kanye West would be a lot more likeable if he were the strong, silent type.

The most important thing about the Grammys was the FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS WON A GRAMMY! Do you have any idea how enormous this is for New Zealand? LOL. I'm not kidding though, it's the last Grammy we've won since 1984 or something. And we excited.

Sarah G

Rihanna looked great, don't get me wrong. I couldn't help but think that she was rocking Denise Huxtable's haircut circa season two.


I totally agree that the Beatles tribute was unecessary, and I'm so glad you ragged on Kanye, I'm so sick of hearing the shit flow out of his mouth.


i could understand about kanye saying that it would be in good taste to turn the music off if he hadn't talked about only himself for hours. yeah. douche. also, you didn't talk about amy winehouse and her adorableness.


Sinatra gets "played off" during his lifetime achievement award speech and for this douchebag the orchestra shuts up? Somebody is waking up with broken kneecaps today.


"Natalie Maines and a craisin." that is perfect. Also, it seems that Miley Cyrus is the result of a Bratz doll and a Cabbage-patch kid having too many appletini's and watching Unfaithful


My mom just wants me to be happy, she's not really set on specifics.

Also, I hate audiences.


"I think he is, at best, overrated and under-clever." That may be the best sentence I've ever read.


"There was Tina Turner, whose mannerisms seemed to belong more to a giant felt version of Tina Turner who'd greet confused kids at the mall alongside giant felt versions of Dora the Explorer and Barney."
HAHAHAHA! I didn't watch this crap because I don't care and I figured all the good ("good") parts would be pointed out to me by you, MichaelK and/or Tracie @ Jezebel. Thank you for suffering so I don't have to.
I have found my next Halloween costume; I'm going felt shopping this afternoon. Castro Street here I come!


THANK YOU! Kanye's the last person to talk about good taste. After a very personally and touching performance he ruined it all by being a douche. The fact that he only decided to talk about his mom after his self-promoting rambling nonsense was just disrespectful to his own mom.

Of course I think even Kanye deserved the Album of the Year award more than friggin' Herbie Hancock but his head would have needed a second stretch Hummer if he had won.


there's nothing more unattractive and tacky than kanye pimping out his grief for the world to see. i am sorry for his loss; but i can't help but wonder, exactly how much money does he hope to make from the death of his mama?


i didn't watch the grammys this year (the reasons why were aptly described in your post), but i'm mad that i missed out on morris day and the freaking TIME. i would have totally been doing 'the bird' in front of my tv. what?!


I've never left a comment before...bear with me. I always read your blogs and I find them hysterical and I generally agree...except for the Beatles tribute.
They needed one. Was the one we were given good? Not exactly. I think they could have focused less on, say, Alicia Keys, and done something spectacular. With all the songs the Beatles recorded they REALLY could have gone all out. Like by getting a sort of collaboration going instead of a scene from Love, which doesn't translate well on the Grammy's stage.
The only reason I'm writing this is because everyone claims to "know" how important the Beatles are. But that's only because we've been told. A disgusting percent don't really "know".
I'm not saying you don't, I've learned you generally only discuss the topics you do in fact know. I'm just saying that most...well, don't.
This will look weird, though, as I'm not a yes-man.
(ps, no, I'm not sixty. I'm twenty)


I honestly though Kanye's speech was hilarious. I enjoy his music and have kind of learned to treat the staggering displays of ego as like, performance art.


I was looking forward to what you'd have to say about Amy Winehouse too, since you were such a vocal proponent of her before she became the BFD she is now.

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