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Ha You know what else antiquated? You guys.

Kanye's shades are the fuckin sex.

Miss Lisa

Any time there's a performance set to Beatles hits it conjures up too many thoughts, images and ideas about the band of the 60s and our idea of the band now. Twirling acrobatics only adds to the chaotic muddle that is "The Beatles" of our minds. I liked seeing Ringo though. He's so elfin.

Yes to Beyonce's thighs: thunderously super-heroic. I cannot take too much Grammies crapola but I'm sorry I missed The Time. I love Jerome. Hope Amy Winehouse lives long enough to enjoy her awards, but I think she and her husband suffer from hipsteritis--the compulsion to run their hipster tendencies into the grave. Too bad--she's a unique sound and we need more R&B in our media lives.

Mike V.

Maybe I am a sick man, but I was really digging Alicia bending over in front of the piano. She's hot.
Just sayin'..

I liked the Foo Fighters the best. They rocked the house, as usual.


"Good taste had no place on that stage!"
My thoughts exactly. The shades (complete with Croakies), the weird-ass would be in good taste to wear something else!


I second the "Ringo as elf" idea. I just wanna give him a squeeze!


i can't wait for celine this friday.


No amount of money or time can fix lame Beatles tributes by the NARAS, let alone Cirque Du Soleil.


I'm still trying to wrap my mind about how taking an already great song (harder, better, faster, stronger) and just adding suck mind- blowing bad lyrics that include crap like referencing Klondike bars can be seen by him as talent.

He's really not good. At _all_. He should have been orally servicing not only Daft Punk but all those that actually provide him with the essentials to make decent music on that stage.


PS If he wants to really put an end to the gay rumors, Kanye should really try and not dress like he's ripping off Bobby Trendy. Kanye dresses _amazingly_ gay, in my opinion _EXTREMELY_ gay, and that's coming from a gay person!

I freaked the F out when The Time came on stage and did Jungle Love. I mean, I FAH-REEKED!!!

As for Cher, I totally thought she was Chaka Khan, too! Hilarious!

House of Jules


AMEN TO EVERYTHING ABOUT KANYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he so played the dead mom card. he's so horrible

and i honastly think she wouldnt care whether you were the NO.1 artist in the world or not. u know. if she actually just genuinely loved you.

lord. get over yourself.

Madame M

You are so incredibly funny. God, I could not care a whit about the Grammys and now I wish I'd watched just so I could tell you you were right on.

My stomach hurts from laughing.


My first reaction to this post: "Oh, the Grammys! I forgot about those."


I cannot stand Kanye West. I used to like some of his music but after seeing countless embarrassing award show speeches I just can't support anything this man puts out there. He is a sore loser and an even worse winner. I just hope people stop buying his music so that he can go away.


I realized how out of touch the Grammys are when they gave Album of the Year posthumously to Ray Charles, and then the next year to U2. None of the choices are ever my favorites of the year, but really? In 50 years, people will look back and see How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, River: The Joni Letters, Genius Loves Ccmpany and freakin' Two Against Nature by Steely Dan as Albums of the Year? Although probably, in 50 years, no one will be looking back on the history of the Grammys except the Grammy people.



"Who let the dogs out?"

1. I agree with everything about Kanye except the sunglasses. He should never take them off because they're famous.

2. You know you're a douche when Vince Gill rips on you.

3. Amy Winehouse's performance wasn't that great, but give her a break...she had the DTs.

4. I wonder how many times a day Stevie Wonder calls Alicia Keys...he's probably such a needy friend.


There was so much wrong with last night's show that I was truly nauseous by the end. You know you're in trouble when Kid Rock and Keely What'sHerName is one of the more entertaining bits. Sad, sad, sad.


EDITH MASSEY!!!! love.


Um Rich, just who did you think deserved to open the show? T-Pain? Keisha Cole? Brenda K. Starr?

Don't hate, congratulate baby, Miss Alica got it goin on.


"Fergie... now appears to be the perfect cross-breeding of Natalie Maines and a crasin."

That's the best thing I've heard all week.


If Kanye really wants to be groundbreaking, he should just come out of the closet already. I loved the shot of him and his 'escort' when he won his award...I swear, it's like these women all come out of some machine or something.

That said, I cannot stand the man, arrogance aside. Why everyone creams themselves over the guy, when all I hear is mumbling over a melody written and performed by someone else, baffles me. Speech should have been as follows:

1. say thanks
2. acknowledge your mother
3. mention Daft know, the guys who actually wrote that song you seem to be taking ownership of.
4. get off the stage with a tiny shred of class.

His music is the 'middle class america' approved brand of hip-hop, the Fresh Prince of the 21st century. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you make your money and acknowledge what you are, but his delusions of being a groundbreaking artist is beyond insane. At lest Will Smith seems grateful.


I couldn't focus on anything other than Tina Turner's rock hard nipples. They were hypnotizing and not in a good way. And what pray tell possessed her to dress like a baked potato?


I love Tina but yeah, she so did not need that outfit on. I hated that outfit when she wore it in black pvc on her 24/7 tour in 2000 so she didn't need to revive it in silver. Ick. I think she'd have been better off singing Edith and the Kingpin with Herbie Hancock. She got good notices for her vocal on that. I wish she'd tell her fans to go jump in a lake and retire Proud Mary.

My mom turned the station as soon as Kanye won. You know you're a twit when Vince Gill and Usher call you out. Ha!

They really need to stop with the Beatles' tributes. We get it. You didn't pay attention to them back in their heyday (them and every other AARP musician you keep giving awards to [The Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull, etc]). Get over it! Not that I don't like Herbie Hancock but seriously? Also people, it's Keely Smith and you need to go find her records and play them (with or without Louis Prima). Education never hurt anybody.

I liked the Foo Fighters although my mom was worried for Dave's throat.

Aretha is supposed to be on a diet but everything I've read from her MusiCares tribute on Friday to the post Grammy parties, has her stuffing her face with food (chili dogs and mini burgers). Thank goodness she can still sing.

Lastly, I like Amy Winehouse and she sounded better than when she really hit the wall (I could actually understand most of the words). I hope she pulls it together. As for Natalie Cole's comments, yeah, no one apparently remembers when you were a major drug addict back in the day. I get what she's saying about Amy but she may not have been the best person to do that. Especially, since when she did win all of those awards back in '96 it was based on her father's song book right down to the arrangments whereas Amy actually writes her own stuff. Natalie needs to remember a lot of people voted for her because she had overcome her demons.


Forgot to add, MJ supposedly didn't do the show because he's trying to negotiate a network deal (he want's to get paid) for the 25th anniversary of Thriller. He says he didn't have enough time to choreagraph anything but he's been working on this for awhile so that excuse doesn't wash...the man wants some money. Apparently, if he'd shown up there was supposed to be a tribute even if he didn't perform (Akon, Fergie, Kanye, but he didn't so there was no tribute.

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