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I know that Kanye is so easy to hate, but I love that little bastard. His ridiculousness when accepting/losing awards and mentioning Lawrys seasoning salt in his songs just makes me smile.

The little boy doing the Beatles tribute is my new crush.

Amy Winehouse is the cutest thing ever with her Melinda Doolittle-esque "who me?" when winning Record of the Year. Precious.

Is it just me or was John Mayer looking hooooot??

And you, Rich, are fabulous despite our conflicting Kanye views.

Word is born.

Jack Mehoff

and wtf is that Grammy Moment schtick....

but if i'd have my own Grammymoment, that would be giving Mark Ronson head backstage.


amen brother, you said it all... thighs and sighs, i'm glad i watched and gladder still that YOU watched (and commented).


Awesome review Rich. :) I especially liked the part about Tina Turner. Spot on!

About Kanye, maybe I'm just too old, but that guy cannot sing. How the hell is he considered 'music'????

Ramou-it's not just you, John Mayer got hot out of nowhere. I've always loved him as a musician and always said that his music made him good looking. I lived in Chicago, and I kept seeing him in the Gap ads and I could not figure out for the life of me when he got hot. Apparently a good haircut will do that to ya.

The little boy who sang "Let It Be" is Timoth Mitchum. I have loved him since I heard him sing in Across the Universe. That voice...

I also agree about your Kanye sentiments. He can be quite the d-bag, but I still love him. Maybe I'm just holding onto the Kanye love I've had since The College Dropout.

And thank you to everyone who pointed out that Vince Gill putting 'Ye on blast. You know there is a big problem when VINCE freakin GILL says something. He had me rolling.

This year, the Grammys really were quite lackluster. I did love Amy and loved when she won.

Dear Carrie Underwood,

While I do love you, please stop performing "Before He Cheats".



Celine Dion + = ???!!!

I am intrigued and I want to know more.


Two things I don't have a problem with:

Kanye West

Beyonce's thighs


Rich! OMG- Alicia Keysus was fucking brilliant! looking forward to the mess that is ANTM cycle 27....


I read your blog post and for the most part you make some decent points. I can't disagree with you that Kanye is extremely "self-centered".

However -- my view point is simple. Kanye makes music. He's good at it. Really good (and his music sales also indicate this as well). That's all I care about. Regardless of what he says outside of the music he's making, I could really care less. I like him for his music not for his viewpoints or how he handles his personal matters.

That's the bottom line and that's all I care about.

I can see where you are coming from -- but understand I look at artists as experts in what their job is... which is making music. That's it. I never have any expectations that anything else outside being good at making music is required for me to like what they do.

Want a better example, take a look at Michael Jackson.



Hahaha! Great recap.

I completely agree with everything you said about Kanye...I can't stand him! It has less to do with the fact that he's only moderately talented (at best), and more to do with the fact that he thinks he's some kind of fucking savior/genius. And the fact that says "like" after every fifth word and has all the other grammatical prowess of a poorly educated 6 year old is just icing on the hate-cake for me.

Also, I'm totally going to start saying "Alicia Keysus" from now on. Maybe we can say "Kanye Christ" too?

And Amy Winehouse...gaaahhhh! I just don't get the hype. Yeah she's talented, yeah she's unique...but I don't see the magic. And I don't get the justification in rewarding her when (a) she's only had one major US hit with "Rehab", and (b) she's an awful representation for musicians everywhere. I think it's sort of a slap in the face to other performers.


Alicia Keysus - awesome. You're so right. Rock On Rich!


Tina sure is happy.


First off, Beyaki is done. Cheez-zee is all I can say about that Tina Turner intro. The more I see her over-the-top award show performances the more pathetic she seems. Secondly, NERD remixed a Daft Punk track (the same one, in fact, that Ye reworked) YEARS ago so why is Kanye acting like he's broken some barrier? Get ova Ye-self!


Hi Rich,
No Amy Winehouse comments? My son is seven and in expressing his hateration of her (which hurt my feelings!) he said "first of all, she ain't natural...that girl" I dunno, it makes no sense but maybe I saw a flash of your genius in him just then. But that's probably what every mom wishes to see!


omg rich, i hate him so much. he's got so much never when common's album is a million times better than his, and omg common has been in the game for like 20 years and i hadn't heard of this guy til like 2 years ago. omg i hate him so much. hate hate hate hate!


Kanye is just diva-licious. That is all. Without her outrageous ego, who would we spoof when the time is ripe for a devastating parody? Leave Dimana Ross Alone.

Alicia Keys is overrated. The woman can compose songs well enough, but there's something about her voice that's "off". She always sounds as if she's straining to hit notes that should be easily attainable. MAJOR SUGGESTION: DROP THE REGISTER and relax, honey.


And as far as Amy Winehouse is concerned, yeah, she's alright, but Brooklyn's much-neglected Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings does that retro-soul-shyt SO much better and should be getting the props.

Sorry for the You Tube link Rich :-) Much Love.


Am I wrong to like Kanye just cause he mocked himself on SNL? And why am I seeking approval from strangers on the internet anyways? Awkward.


I was hoping this was a post on the awesomeness of the 80's horror movie, "Night of the Creeps." Someone should take Kanye's award and give it to Tom Atkins.


OMG Rich! I haven't posted in a while but this one was priceless: "...You know who else doesn't give a fuck? ReRe. This woman constantly walks around like a parade float from the '50s...."


Also, I disagree with you regarding Kanye. I mean, yes, the beginning of his speech was blabberific, but honey, you have to admit, when has it ever happened in the history of awards shows that a mofo told the big bosses to stop the music?? And they actually did it?!!! I was like, "You go boy!" That to me was priceless.

Can't wait for your ANTM recaps.


Oh my god. Kanye's acceptance speech literally pained me, and I've never lost a mother so perhaps I just don't get it, but I totally agree with you that he only brought up his mother's memory to get the music to stop playing. His performance and display of grief was totally forced.

What I think I hate most, is that now, millions of retarded Americans, seeing Daft Punk for the first time will forever associate them as the dudes that performed with Kanye on the Grammy's.


Speaking of ReRe, she supposedly gave a gentle smackdown to Beyonce for daring to call Tina "The Queen". Yeah, Aretha, everyone knows you're "The Queen" and "The Queen of Soul" but it was one night and Bey is a huge Tina fan. She asked her to come to the show to begin with so get over yourself. But Aretha's done stuff like this before so it's not unusual.


Beyonce is awesome.
Tina Turner is the cutest!
Amy Winehouse is annoying.
Rihanna is boring and overrated.
Kanye can be annoying, indeed.
Why does Aritha insist on wearing spaghetti straps all the time?!


My mother died on Jan. 18th. He is still grieving and it is worse now for him, than it probably was when she initially died. He probably just doesn't give a fuck, so I forgive him and do not be so quick to judge his grief or his motives for playing his song. You just don't get over it right away. If I was a singer and I was at the Grammy's without my mom, I would sing that fucking song too.


Julia, with all due respect to your comments, it's like "Sing your song Kanye, but don't go throwing other artists under the bus, be eggregiously boastful and then try and sop up your ego and host a pitty party by reminding the crowd of your loss."

Everyone deserves to grieve, everyone deserves sympathy and I'm sure that many in the crowd forgave him his lunatics onstage. But you know what? It's like, give yourself some motherfucking dignity and don't be treating your loss like another showbiz gimmick.

I feel for him and think it was awful how his mother passed, but it's like.."Brother, don't embarrass yourself. Say your thank you's and get the fuck off the stage. Just 'cause you look like the world's oldest college student doesn't mean you have to keep that ruse up all the time. People look up to you."

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