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Oh, by the way (and sorry for posting so much) it was Shaya who Fatima argued with initially, but then also Shaya who felt most compassion when Fatima explained about how she had been circumcised. It even got to the point where it seemed that Fatima was comforting Shaya, more than the other way around.

And yes, Allison is very evocative of Sarah Silverman. Except that I actually like her, so far.

As for Claire-- if there's something wrong with her for being willing to drink breast milk, then there's something wrong with babies who are willing to do the exact same thing. Do you really want to go there?


I couldn't agree more with gretchen, elle, and dig!




Almost too obivous.


How many people have first generation relatives who grew up in so-called ghettos in this country? A helluva lot, check the facts. The later used term "ghetto" was negatively associated with anyone coming from these areas that were considered 'low class.' Today, everyone uses it on everything to the point where they really come off as ignorant for using it. If Fatima has a hard time with people who look like her its because Fatima has chosen to isolate herself like so many who have come before her, in the hopes of distinguishing herself from a group of people who have been marginalized at best and grossly discriminated against at worst. Its the natural order of divide and conquer at work. For those who don't know I suggest you read up and ask somebody. What many arrogant Africans fail to realize is how they are negatively portrayed throughout history as well.

This has nothing to do with arrogance, and the difference between black people from Africa or America. It has to do with the fact that these dark skinned girls, who are American, as in African American, went on TV and behaved in a manner that might not be seen as appropriate by a lot of people.

If that Ali woman can shake her ass like that in front of her mother, her grandmother, and father and they say nothing about her behavior then it has more to do with the environment in which she was raised, than anything else. African girls, born into america often adopt these outlandish behaviors, certain slangs and what not that are directly associated with the african american culture because they want to belong, and really that is their choice.

But just because Fatima chose to call those girls out on their outlandish behavior has nothing to do with arrogance, it has to do with DIGNITY. One does not go on national television, and display the worse of manners. That is low, and crass. You can be yourself, but in a controlled manner, when you are in highly public situations.


um, to each it's own. there's more important things people should be worried about. if people want to exploit themselves on 'fake reality' t.v, then so be it. it's only hurting them. besides it makes for some great entertainment right? so stop complaining. or stop supporting it by turning it on every wed. night.


"And true dat dig:"
What language is that?


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