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February 20, 2008



Monday?! I'm not complaining but I need your post for episode-closure. I think this season has completed the transformation from Modeling Competition to TV Show (if it ever really was a modeling competition): your brother and boyfriend are in IRAQ?! You are from SOMALIA? Tell us how you've been ABUSED?!

Tyra should have kept her prom-girl hair.


can't wait to see the gif of "Homecoming Queen" Tyra, drag queen extraordinaire.




As epic and wince-worthy as I expected it to be.

And the person above me is right, Amy is exactly Lisa.


one of them bitches reminds me of michelle trachtenberg. aimee? i don't know their names yet.


I third that, Amy=Lisa.

Also, Stacy=Saleisha in that she will give me the throw ups with her ricockulous happiness.

Can't wait for the recaps, they have definitely become my favorite thing about ANTM.

Miss Lisa

Female circumcision--oh god oh god oh god (squeezing my legs together as hard as I can).


I can't wait for the recaps Rich! Markita... that crazy "stray dog!"


I love Fatima but MY GOD she needs to do something with her hair. She looks like the Crypt Keeper.


weirdest first episode ever. they just get trashier and trashier...and weirder and weirder...



I very nearly live for your recaps (and am loving the extra Rich time with Jezebel's 'Pot Psychology'). As folks learn how amazing you are, it is only expected that your posts on fourfour will not appear as quickly as I may like. Not that you need me to say this, but take your time and know that your fans will wait for as long as it takes for your ANTM recaps. In the meantime, for me at least, your brilliant writing and video editing on Kitty Pride, etc. will suffice to suck up my free time with quality web time.



I love your blog and can't wait until Monday to read your recap of ANTM!

I knew from the first (OMG!I love Tyra! OMG!) shriek from the first girl to get reviewed by Tyra Inc. and crew, that this was going to be a rollercoaster of a season... (Speaking of which... did you notice that her chilling shriek sounded a lot like the scream from the Ohio Players oldie "Love Rollercoaster"{urban legend scream that was supposedly from a real girl dying from an actual rollercoaster}? ….)


"Stray dog off the streets"... potental top model comparing herself to a homeless angry dog... hmmmmm


Your recaps are always on time, be it Monday, Tuesday or Doomsday. Just travel safe, dress warmly and don't accept rides from strangers. Especially ones who try to show you their pubes!

Hope you treat us to some more video recaps this time, too.


"Breast Milk, Genital Mutilation, Stray Dogs and Ghetto Girls!!!"

that about sums it up!!!


I love everything about this season. Except Marvita. Didn't like her in round 9, feel she is redundant in round 10.


I think Fatima is very pretty, and I feel for her...well, loss of feeling (squeezing my legs together) but i dont like her stank and arrogant attitude. Also, I really dont like how she feels like she's above the African American girls (I would go into my disgust concerning that more, but i've decided to keep this short). Still, its odd for me because she (whom I'm starting off hating a whole lot... dispite her story of female castration, and her feeling left out)reminds me of one of my favorite contestants ever, Natasha. Both were arrogant, foreign, beautiful and had choppy English accents. I know she'll give great shots, and will no doubt win challenges (and possibly the title of A.N.T.M.), but so far I think it'll take a lot for her to win me over as a fan. Maybe she'll have to keep her mouth shut, smile, walk and pose... and then i'll grow to love her. maybe not. can't wait to find out.




Again, Amy=Lisa, Version 2.0


"but i dont like her stank and arrogant attitude"

Seriously? Did you miss the part where Fatima was cornered and shrieked at for simply pointing out the logical inconsistancy of somebody proudly proclaiming herself a bitch and then immediately getting offended by the term when used objectively?

Fatima owned that exchange.

rosa musumeci

Now that I've seen Amy actually move and talk, I have to say that she reminds me of our dear "Eat-A-Cookie" Lisa.


I'm going to have to second this statement..

weirdest first episode ever. they just get trashier and trashier...and weirder and weirder...

I do not have high expectations for this season.


What was Fatima saying about FGM in the beginning? I caught "traditional" but did she say "positive" or something that just sounded like it? I couldn't catch it and it didn't make sense. I also understand where she's coming from with her ghetto comments.

Otherwise, I have to say it: I think I hate Marvita. She's going to make mean muppet bitch from last cycle seem like an angel.

Why am I watching this again? ;)


As excited as I am about this season and the hilarious antics that are destined to occur (hello, there's a girl drinking her own breast milk on the show), I'm so not liking Marvita the Dinosaur. Not happy that she's back. And Dominique has the Jaslene syndrome. Or Coryn syndrome. Either way, I'll be questioning her gender all season.

Looking forward to Monday!


Stacy is AWESOME. I hope Claire wins it all!!! She's amazing.

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