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I don't see Lisa in Amy at all.. Lisa was gross, Amy's just crazy.
Fatima = Nnenna
Dominique = Coryn
Stacy-Ann = Dani
Kristen? = Norelle
Atalya = Felicia
Aimee = Brooke c7
Anya = Natasha
Shaya Ali = Tatiana Ali as Ashley on the Fresh Prince

Easter Buffy

I don't know. I thought Dominique in an oddly ironic way looked like the love child of both Lisa and Coryn. Other than that, I can remember none of them yet and it's better that way because once I like a modelette, Tyra kicks her off. Oh, and I didn't see Saleisha's commercial because I watched the posting on You Tube. I hate commercials mixed in with my melodrama and, quite frankly, the only person who I thought did a stellar job at it was Eva.


Love love Marvita.
She is so Grace Jones. But maybe not very versatile. She cant be Tyra. But definitely an Omahyra in the making if they allow her.

Did I mention before that Andrea fr Cycle 6 is now rocking the runway as an androgyne called Debevc? Check the fashion week photos. Im so proud.

some of the girls really do look alike, kristen looka like norrelle (C3) and jayla (C5)

i was suprised they didnt mention it on the show,

also, katar whatever, the shape of her face reminds me of anchal (C7)


Leinohr, yours are up in a bunch for sure! Relax!


HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, is Stacey-Ann annoying!! Kudos to her though for accomplishing what was previously thought impossible, namely acting more queer and immature than Saleisha.
And holy shit, she looks like a crossbreed of alien + fetal kitten. Hopefully Tyrant will give her a cueball makeover like Biyanka so as to increase her extraterrestrial FUG exponentially.


take your own advice, and stop being so immature.


Is no one going to mention the annoyingness of Anya's voice? She sounds like way more of a deaf girl than Jaslene.


THANK FUCKING GOD IT'S BACK. I watch this god forsaken show purely for your recaps the following week.


WTF is wrong with Anya? Girl is from Hawaii, yet she can barely speak English. Natasha had better command of the English language than this chick.


Leinohr, watching America's Next Top Model and leaving about twenty comments about who you like, don't like, may like, may not like, don't like now but may like later and so forth doesn't exactly make you terribly mature either. So just relax and don't be so uptight. And I'm done, Biyanka style!


since when did i leave 20 comments about who i like or dont like? i remember spending most of my time on here responding to posts directed at me. even if i did leave 20 comments about the show, whats wrong with that? isn't this one of many platforms to do so? (which is one reason why we all love this site) you dont have to agree with me or like what I say, but just because you dont agree with me, it doesn't mean i'm uptight. you're the one who got sensitive when i said i didn't like Frodo, or whatever her name was. Your the one pointing fingers and calling people names. Even when I tried to truce it and said we should both just drop it (and I tried to be as lighthearted as I could), you chose to fan the flames again. This is stupid. i'll just ignore you from now on because i cant reason with you.


Your banner amuses me, because in Swedish, sheep = får, which is pronounced like 'four'. So 'fourfour' = 'fårfår' = 'sheepsheep'! I don't know. It just amused me. I think I'm high.


Leinohr is a dumb bitch. A ghetto dumb bitch.


Wow, some people take posting comments here WAY too seriously! Come on, people, it's all in fun! Isn't that why we watch shows like ANTM, anyway?
On a side note, I'd like to give a quick shout-out to my people who write with proper grammar. Woot-woot -- I mean doo-doo-doo-de-doo!

Crazy about the girl

Please, people, be sweet and respect the grammar. For f*cking sake, don't you know it's Lent? Be nice! F*CK!

Your banner amuses me, because in Swedish, sheep = får, which is pronounced like 'four'. So 'fourfour' = 'fårfår' = 'sheepsheep'! I don't know. It just amused me. I think I'm high.

Posted by: SuperSpleen
Tak for det! Thank you for that! I didn't catch that but, yep, the same in danish.


Memo to the person who said his penis would get in the way of him winning ANTM:

It didn't stop Jaslene. ;-)


Pfff...please I don't know how African-American girls think it's appropriate to go on national television and think it's a bonus to show how crass and uneducated you are by being loud, raucous, shaking your ass and using slang.

That's not proper, that's now how African girls are raised. As one myself, I thought they were making a fool of themselves, and I applaud Fatima for calling them on it. When you are in front of the world the one thing you should keep in mind, is making your kin proud, no matter what, or representing your high school, and alma matter, whatever group you associate yourself to.

Those girls, especially the one who felt labeling herself as a 'bitch' was an okay thing to do, had no right to flip when they were called on their bullshit. If you act ghetto, don't flip when you're called on it. WHat should Fatima had said instead? "wow, you girls are acting classy?" DO you think they were?

What is this business of praising and promoting crass and negative behaviors? How did that Ali girl's parents think of their daughter shaking her ass like a common stripper on TV? Jesus.


I couldn't agree more, Armandresdin!


I cringed when Fatima had words with that girl, but not because she was wrong. Because she exercised a lack of judgment. Being right isn't enough in these situations-- you have to know what's going to piss off a load of psychotic, insecure-yet-conceited young women, and try to avoid it if you don't want them all to hate you. And calling them ghetto bitches isn't going to gain favor. Thank goodness that self-professed ghetto girl (what was her name? Shamydra? Something like that) didn't make it to the next round.


Not every African American girl represents black females. I'm tired of having to be everyone's role model. It's as if you can't be yourself because someone is goignt o look at you in aegative view. I have an education and I don't think I need to promote that every time I'm around someone because that wouild be arrogant. I am also not going to stop dancing at a party because someone thinks I will look foolish. There were white girls acting a fool as well and did a white female stand up and say stop you are making us look bad. Please people need to see that African American come in many shapes,forms, and personalities as does the next woman. If we want to be treated equally then we need to see representation equally. Not everyone is an Angela Bassett, someone who shows no emotion is is always strong. We are people too.


Okay, the girl's name was Shalynda. The same one who auditioned eight times before.

And yes, being loud and obnoxious is not exactly classy no matter what color you are.

elle b.

Ah but see Armandresdin, this is where you, your sidekick Anne, and your sister from another mother, Fatima, have it twisted. First of all over-editing notwithstanding, people throw this term "ghetto" around way too much, its entirely overused and inappropriately applied most of the time in popular speak. How many people have first generation relatives who grew up in so-called ghettos in this country? A helluva lot, check the facts. The later used term "ghetto" was negatively associated with anyone coming from these areas that were considered 'low class.' Today, everyone uses it on everything to the point where they really come off as ignorant for using it. If Fatima has a hard time with people who look like her its because Fatima has chosen to isolate herself like so many who have come before her, in the hopes of distinguishing herself from a group of people who have been marginalized at best and grossly discriminated against at worst. Its the natural order of divide and conquer at work. For those who don't know I suggest you read up and ask somebody. What many arrogant Africans fail to realize is how they are negatively portrayed throughout history as well.

All in all, it would serve due justice if we had more unity in the community and less concern for who is going to take up that spot at the bottom of the racial pie.

elle b.

And true dat dig: no one says a word when some of the white girls are dancing and being loud and obnoxious-they are just being themselves of course.

Co-sign Gretchen, lack of class crosses all racial and ethnic barriers.


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