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March 26, 2008



In the words of Hellen Keller,

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I don't know... I'm usually one of those people that loves everything she does, but is this really a "Madonna" song? It seems like she's mostly the backup vocals...


quite simply, agreed. on all points. what could have been a complete disaster is one of the most infectious, exciting tunes of the year. good on all 3!


meh...its a fun track...i just come here for rich!

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

I find JT distinctly unlikeable (I know, 'excellent production', 'he's a great dancer!', 'he's self-deprecating!') but I certainly believe you that this song is highly listenable. Interesting points about Madonna's leeching onto what is so hot right now...and I love your interpretation of their lyrics. More please!


When did I pass into bizzaro world? Rich, writing love for a "Madonna" song? Who'd a thunk?

As always, your analysis of the song is brillarious. I can't wait to see what you think of the rest of the album.

Has Madonna set her trap carefully enough this time to gain America's attention once more? Interesting times will be coming soon....


I caught a snippet of this song the other day, not enough to decide if I liked it or not though. Great write up. Plus, kudos to you for having enough self-awareness not to be one who automatically dislikes something without giving it a listen.

Rich, I enjoy your writing...but I couldn't help but comment about the Helen Keller refrences. I apologize in advance if this commentary seems unwarranted. I find Helen Keller really fascinating, mainly because, growing up, I knew about her or at least what her persona had been distilled down to. To me, Keller symbolized inability. Yet, I didn't really know or care to, until recently, what an amazing, intelligent woman she was; she was really engaged in social causes, learning, and life, in general. So, if Justin can try and bring sexy back, well, I'm gonna try and bring Helen back.

Speaking of Justin, i like the video he did for Elton John's 'this train don't stop there anymore'.


sounds to me like Tim and or Madonna have been listening to M.I.A., maybe it's the drums and horns? I agree though, it's good.


Eh, I don't like it. Maybe after a few drinks I'd like it better, but I can say that about pretty much anything.

Alex Cypher

How dare you say that Justin is the biggest star ?

How dare you ?

How could you do that ?

How could you do such a thing ?

How dare you ?

I wish you a slow death, I wish you Alzheimer, I wish you will be forced to sit through every Madonna movies out there, I wish your kids will see the end of America as we know it


They must have put all of the thought into the song (which I also love but couldn't have written a review as craftily as you can!) and didn't leave anything for the packaging of the CD and all of it's parts. I'm a graphic designer and I cringe everytime I see both the cover of the CD and the artwork they're using for the "4 minutes..." single. Whatever agency came up with it ought to be spanked.
House of Jules


The song is a grower... c'mon, Madonna rocks! I think her last album was great


Eh. Madonna's a guest, there isn't much of a melody, and the production is a redux of Timbaland's work the past few years. I don't get the hype.


I already don;t care much about this new Madonna album, the new song and the leaks of last year (candy shop and beat goes on) just proved me how desperate she is of pleasing the american audience. Actually, I'm kinda hopeful as to what direction she'll take when her new deal with LiveNation starts... that should be interesting to watch! and listen :)


its aaaight... i agree with he who said its barely her song, and really all it did was remind me of "lose my breath"

when are you gonna review portishead??? i await your opinions like i await for every monday's antm recap!!


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I HOPE YOU GET AIDS BITCH!!! Just kidding hun, but couldnt disagree more with ur review. confessions was much better than this new shit. but i live in europe, ur from america, different strokes for different folks i guess.


Shocking (Blue)!

Frankly, I found this track to be as sterile as my friend after his vasectomy.

I was rooting for you Rich, as a fellow Non-Madonna Gay I expected something brash about this single.
Hopefully, this is just some pre-emptive April Fool's trickery...

John T

I think it's totally OK to hate pop stars on principle.


I'm a pop neophyte, but I dunno, it sounds like a Britney single to me...


I'm shocked!

I hate it, so so much.

I'm just sick of hearing the same stuff. This doesn't sound any different to me than everything else that's circulating at the moment. Madonna always seemed to define trends... now she's just riding one that's getting old to me.

Anyway, I hate her and all her friends.



Madonna's last album kinda sold more copies worldwide than Justin's did. Just sayin'.

I'm a Madonna fan and hungrily awaiting the new album, but I'm with Jules on the cover graphics. For someone who bases so much of her appeal on her visual presence, this shit is NOT up to snuff. She looks pretty "special" on the album cover.


Rich, I think the song is terrible and could not disagree with you more!

I like the song and I hear this is the weakest track on the album...I wonder what she has in store for us?

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