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March 31, 2008



I had the silly thought of being one of those people who post "first" and thought better of it. This week's show left me not liking Claire so much. Was glad to see Aimee go but I gotta admit, I'm so not into any of the girls this season (except Mr. Jay of course). The pic of Claire, her hubby and child reminded me of "Survivor - The Family Edition". Great recap as always.


Love the recap and the Aqua references. I was glad to see and hear a little more from Anya this week. I almost forgot what a freak she was!


I knew that you'd go to town on the pain, but the video was bonus bliss.


@Daryl: I'm glad you didn't. And I agree with you about Claire. It just seemed excessively nasty and childish. And yeah...I'm with you on not caring. I started forgetting who was left at this point last cycle. The one thing I will note is that the plus size girl has usually "lost her personality" by now. I'm wondering how far they'll let Whitney go before they start breaking her down.


That first photo of Aimee has a Swan Brooner/Living Dolls quality about it (although with less hair & makeup), so I had to look twice...
House of Jules


To answer the question in your video, yes that is hot! EXTREMELY HOT.

This post made me so full of joy that it's impossible to write it down in words. Thank you for enriching my life, Rich. Hah my wit has reached unearthly levels.


hi, love the recap as always,
one thing i hate about this show is that how obvious it had made to reveal who is going to be eliminated. judging from the abnormally long confessions from aimee means yup, she is gone.

anyway, does anyone notice that the photographer of the week Russell James, looks so much like nigel barker? it is like nigel wearing a wig.....

love that final pic of tyra squeezing her head. i wish i could that... you know to let everyone know how stressed i am


i gotta say this. everyone's all up in claire's piece for acting bitchy. has anyone been watching this show? i woulda gone psycho on dominique's behind, weeks ago. and that alarm clock stuff? that is grounds for murder. there is no worse sound known to man, and if it's been going off for more than 30 seconds, and it's YOUR alarm, and there are other people trying to sleep, then whatever pain one can inflict, emotional or physical is fairplay. and everyone forgets that dominique is the silly ho who brought up claire's husband. that is why claire said "at least i have a husband" AND CONTINUED "if we're gonna go there" (or something, my memory ain't what it used to be). point being, stop acting like dominique was in any way correct in any of those situations. claire may have been more overtly petty, but dominique has been riding my last nerve like a pony for weeks. with calling whitney a racist, for no reason and unprovoked, this weeks cluelessly rude behavior, and all-around ignorance of her own flaws, she makes me not hate fatima, as much.


OMG i am dying up in here, I haven't even read the rest of the recap, just watched the video. Y'all, I'm sure you haven't noticed yet but Rich is SOOOOOOO HOT. And funny! I am peeing my pants.

That is all.

But omg.


I have a strong feeling that Anya is unstoppable at this point, which is GREAT because seeing her winner's reaction would be the best thing of life.


Aqua! Metal Rock of Love! Anna Nicole/Whitney clown! Donatella Versace! I had to close my terrace door so my neighbors wouldn't think I'm going crazy I was laughing so loud. Claire's behavior was embarrassing to watch and not what I expected from her. Yes, I like her much less now, too.

Thank you for the much needed laughter, Rich! Denmark loves you!


Claire has been my fav since the beginning, but this weeks extreme bitchery really ruined it for me. I mean damn. I can see how someone's inability to understand an alarm clock would be frustrating, but the extended drama over it was so not needed. You've got a lot of ground to make up for, missy. Don't go the way of YaYa and reveal the bitch within, keep that shit under wraps!


I hadn't watched the video before my first posting but now I have and now I can't stop laughing AND I found the third Aqua reference.

You need your own tv show, Rich.


Does anyone feel as though this season Tyra has engaged in a Battle of the Fierce with Christian Siriano from Project Runway in an effort to reclaim ownership of the word?


Who pattycakes that hard? I pattycake that hard, bitches!

Awesome and hilarious post, as usual. I must say, when Tyra started going into the whole pain pose thing, I said out loud, "Oh shit, she'd gonna do menstrual cramps, isn't she?" Barely out of my mouth, and there it was - girls grabbing guts and wincing. Not pretty. Tyra is, without a doubt, the craziest spaz on TV.



A good post has me laugh out loud several times, but a great post has an image at which I can't stop laughing, and a phrase that literally makes me spit with amusement.

Brilliantly executed by the Butterfly Snacks and straight-at-the-camera look of utter disgust at Tyra's stupidity.

As a P.S. you look great but thin. Partake in some assburgers from last season.


OMG, Rich the video was so awesome! The pain modeling had me on the floor laughing.

Also, I love Stacccyyy-Annnn. She's so sweet and adorable. I'm sure she'll be gone by next week.



Love you blog play cousin!!! Thanks for brightening my Monday.


I'm siding with KT. yeah maybe Claire was a little childish, but sometimes one must fight immaturity WITH immaturity and Dom's incessant alarm ignoring was the definition of.


I love that video! I was watching ANTM and couldn't stop laughing at the 'model with pain' secret that Tyra felt she had to shaaaare with the girls. I knew you'd use it well ^^

Also, I think I'll save Tyra wagging her finger and screaming fierce to my harddrive for future use. I have a feeling it'll be useful.


Will you marry me please?


Well, Rich, I have a job where I'm probably not supposed to look at videos, but dammit, I do it!

Claire really lost cool points for that childish ish this week. But the question is Dom a dick for setting her alarm so early or a moron for claiming that she didn't know how to use it. She reminds me of the Caveman Lawyer whos boggled by our new-fangled devices.


Grr... I knew that cell phone still had the clear blue sticker on it! That's one of my biggest pet peeves, when people leave the blue sticker on their phones (usually Motrollas?). It's like leaving the white sticker on a brand new car! You're supposed to peel it off when you take it out of the box...

Also, I felt like you took Claire's comment about Dominique out of context. When she was making her comment, she was aknowledging that if she wanted to stoop to Dominique's level, when she was using things from Claire's private life against her, she could say the husband comment. It was more like "if you want me to stoop to your level, I could say at least I have a husband" rather than just "At least I have a husband!". It was an acknowledged giving Dominique a taste of her own medicine.


This is by far the best recap of the cycle!
From the alarm clock drama, to period pains,and finally, your video - what a joy!

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