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March 18, 2008



It is indeed great. People complain that there's nothing new about a combination of The Road Warrior, Escape from New York, 28 Days Later, Steel Dawn, Aliens, etc., but they're missing the obvious fact that deliberately, openly combining them all into one film is ITSELF new. And awesome!


My friends & I actually talked about that bunny scene at length and came to the very same conclusion! We concur in the giftitude of this movie!!!
House of Jules


can't wait to see this!


Seriously, the most ridiculous movie I've ever seen, and I loved every minute of it. It's like everyone decided to make a movie, but no one could decide what kind of movie. Plague? Check. Medieval knights? Check. Post-apocalyptic punks? Check. Bad-ass car chase? Check.



Good lard, I saw this movie on Saturday night. I wanted to punch it in the head. I leaned over to my friend in the middle and said, "oh god, it's the goth kids versus the ren fair kids!" She choked on her Dr. Pepper.


Great review, Rich. I saw it last night and had a total blast.

I'm willing to give Neil Marshall the benefit of the doubt, so great is my love for The Descent, that he knew exactly what he was doing here.


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Style Bard

Hahahaha... now I have to see it. This is just why I <3 Maximum Overdrive.


I saw this on the weekend knowing NOTHING about it beyond Neil Marshall and the Escape from New York/Mad Max look and I am ABSOLUTELY HOOKED. For all the reasons you listed above and also the lack of MAGIC or DUMB SHIT LUCK in this film. The skill of the characters is outrageous and realistically contextualized (in the reality of the film) and no hocus-pocus bullshit makes it happen. It seems plausible that she would kick the shit out of a knight! It's amazing!

I also loved the Posh-spice resemblance with the Vidal Sassoon cut. Loved it.


Oh, awesome! I saw a trailer for this, and now I'm even more psyched to see it, thanks to your review.


Easily the greatest onscreen bunnycide since "Raising Arizona."


I agree. Loved loved it!


"There's a bond between two lovers on the bad-guy side that can't be severed, even though one of their heads is."

Like Cemetery Man?

I wasn't planning on seeing this but now I guess I have to.


Never really a big fan.. Really come on




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If you're hungry, try a piece of your friend?

How could you dislike a movie with a quote like that, where they mean said quote literally, and not sexually.


Hey, Rich!

Long-time lurker here, LOVE you're cats, think you're awesome (it SUCKS about your youtube account, by the way!)....

Anyway, I just came off of reading the Jezebel debate on tipping (MISTAKE- man, now I remember why waiting tables made me so misanthropic), and needed some warm, shiny goodness. So I came here.

And found, for the first time, that I'm not the only one who loved Doomsday for the reasons listed above. I am not aloooone!!!

Not only that, but the Showgirls analogy provides me with an answer from now on when confronted with, "You liked Doomsday?!? Why?!?!?"

Thank you, Rich. For everything. Seriously :)


Disagree. This film is not at all a Guilty Pleasure, its ineptitude is more boring than amusing, its randomness is not random enough to be of interest. Maybe I would appreciate its product schizophrenia more if I hadn't wasted 20 bucks on it (popcorn).
Showgirls, Hostel 2, Inland Empire: classics.
Doomsday : a boring cheesy-in-a-bad-way action movie.
I much prefer the stylized corporate fake grindhouse of Grindhouse to the assembly-line trash corporate fake grindhouse of Doomsday.


I just saw this yesterday and I loved it. Rich, you were right. It's so bad, it's good. Once I realized it was an absurd comedy, I loved it (the car chase!)!


Sorry, I just have to beat a dead horse: this movie is so bad, it's not "so bad, it's good". It's just bad (I just don't want people to waste their time/money, even though that's their own decision to make LOL)


And the much-vaunted car chase is boring


The people I watched this movie with hated it SO much, like, they were quaking with rage the entire way through; I'm pretty sure my enjoyment of the movie had more to do with that than the hilariousness of the film itself, which was definitely boring in more than a few parts.





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