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March 14, 2008



Congrats on not smoking! I'm coming up on my year and a half of not smoking. I stopped counting the months.


congrats. I read this article earlier on the celebs club‘SearchingMillionaire dot Com'. did you also write blogs there?


Hooray for you indeed! I admire your willingness to be Florrie Fisher-esque. Also, you haven't gotten Rudy a whore before now? For shame.


go rich! I quit smoking in November. Well, cigarettes anyway. judging by the latest edition of pot psychology, you did, too.
"I once knew a beautiful half italian, quarter cherokee, one-third jewess who quit smoking...."


I quit a fifteen year two-pack-a-day habit in August and though I wouldn't solely credit your writing on the subject as inspiration/motivation, it certainly didn't hurt.

Congratulations on year three.


Congrats dude, it's actually been almost exactly 3 years for me too. I remember coughing up blood and thinking.. "Alright, uh, this isn't good." Haven't smoked since! =D

Good job man!!


This is an awesome accomplishment. Way to go Rich!!


Way to go, Rich!
& since your recaps & music critiques are still excellent (oh & let me just praise the black history month article you did), I don't feel the cigs hurt you in that field :)


YAY for you! Happy birthday to Rudy. I hope you're not getting his "date" from The Emperor's Club because apparently they track that shit.
The Emporer's Club


Wow, congrats Rich!

I'm on my way to quitting too. I was a chain smoker and I was starting to scare my friends with my crazy smoking habits. I started feeling something on my chest and it scared the shit out of me, so now I'm onto my second week without smoking.

It's been ok so far, but I hope I can last as long as you.

Wish me luck!


Congratulations... that's quite an achievement.

I need to quit smoking too.


Congratulations Rich!!! I am one of those people too who loved to smoke and could not just have one and be fine. I quit 14 years ago and do not crave it at all.
Keep it up! I swear, everytime I would inhale, I would be like, there you go cancer, go ahead and mutate my cells, here is some help....
I am so glad that I did not give up on quitting. You guys, don't give up!!

Happy Birthday Rudy!!! Call up Hello Kitty, she might be free.



Congratulations to you. I quit 4 years ago with a 3 pack a day habit.

I look at it this way -- how often do you get a chance to save your own life? I save my life EVERY DAY by not smoking.

Yay for you. And me!


amay-may!!!! mazel tov!!!! congratulations!!!!

who said being a quitter wasn't cool?


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Congrats, you hot bitch. I'm glad Winnie and Rudy won't have to bury their daddy early because of lung cancer. They need you.


I have the same story--started at 17 and moved nearly immediately to chain smoking. I was the person people always seemed to think would never quit. I smoked my last cigarette on February 2, and joined Weight Watchers the same day. Now it's six smoke free weeks and 16 pounds down. Now the only question is, what took me so damn long?


You go, boyee. Be loud and proud of yourself. I've been off drugs (including alcohol) for 12 years but I miss some aspect of it almost every day (especially watching you and SM - I'd be smoking like a fiend if I were there). Oddly, smoking is the only thing I can do not like a junkie.


YAY for us reformed chain-smokers! My fave aunt is slowly dying of emphysema. It breaks my heart.

Rudy, your pimp-daddy will get you a nice pussy, I am sure. Happy Birthday, kitty-cat!!!


Spitzer is a total asshole. I mean, really? WTF was he thinking?


Congratulations! At some point you'll even forget how long it's been since you quit. Only after enjoying a really good meal would I sometimes want one, but I can't have just one, so I don't.

Joe M

5 years for me, kid, and I when I was in the thick of that addiction, I never thought I could possibly live a life without cigs. Even as my father died slowly from Lung Cancer after a lifetime of smoking, I didn't quit. That's some heavy addiction, yo! I quit one October day back in 2003 and never looked back and my life has never been better. Illinois recently banned smoking in public areas, so it's easier.


congrats rich. strangely enough, a friend of mine is going to celebrate 5 years smoke free next month, so feeling celebratory/excuse to have a party is not a bad thing.


Congratulations Rich! I lived with two smokers who eventually gave it up because they both had health scares. One, my Mom who was taking some medication that had a nasty interaction to the nicotine, gave her chest pains, and scared the crap out of her. The other, my asthmatic brother, the fire fighter (yeah, not a good combo). Happy, Happy Birthday to Rudy! But I'd only get him a whore if he really wants one.


Oh, Rich! Congratulations! That's so great!


Congrats Rich!

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