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March 12, 2008



Good god.


too funny.

my cats literally rip into bags of cat food, so it looks like i have rats. they also have figured out how to open tupperware containers by pushing them down a flight of stairs.


Oh the humanity!


Thanks Rich, I really needed a Winston post to brighten up my day today, and that one was AWESOME! I think its so cute how you guys give him a platform to help him - what good parents :)


Whatever brand you're giving him looks like vegetable soup and/or vomit on a plate. Have you tried serving it in a plastic bowl so he just noses the bowl around or do you think he'll flip that too? Jesus that was weird.


Rich - you have a heart of gold. That would drive ME insane in the membrane.


In case you were wondering, my cat was on my lap while I watched this video. He stared in wonderment for about two whole minutes, then got up and tried to touch Winston.

chet's momma

what a patient daddy you are. he is like a furry hoover. love to you all.


I routinely entertain my cat w/ Rudy&Winston vids, and she just sat staring at this on my 20" screen, licking her chops, then afterwards whined at me to feed her snacks.

Also, where'd you get Rudy's fetching (studded?) collar?


The most badass part is when he's all, "Fuck this" and flips over his platform. Do you have to clean his face, too. I heart your Garfield water bowl.


oh dear god. EVERY time you feed them? EVERY? You couldn't at least go for something less...moist?


I'm sitting here during lunch and laughing like a loon at a video of a cat eating. Everyone in my office now *knows* I'm certifiable. Thanks!


Hahaha, I totally "lolled". I love your kitty videos.


is there cocaine in that catfood? I mean? What? Why? What on earth?! Its disturbing. The flipping of the platform was over the top. Winston kind of scares me now.

Gayest Neil

Awww...I worked with a fat girl who was too obese to eat and breath. She'd get to scarfing down her Lean Cuisine or Jenny or whatever-it-was-that-week and her breathing would become incredibly labored. Always scared me.


I have two cats too and they dominate and control my life. For one thing: endless cat hair nightmare in the apartment and constant sheet-changes on the lint roller. It can be embarassing. For another thing, constant tearing-of-shit-up, despite the ridiculous three-level playground/scratch post thing.

Before these two (a fat lazy one that is eating me out of house and home, and a slim hyperactive one who constantly, *constantly* demands undivided attention), my roommate at the time had a cat that could only eat wet food because of some dental issues and would eat it with her hands like a person, and sling the shit EVERYWHERE. Sometimes high enough to baffle the human mind. So my cats now are banned from wet food for that reason.

Anyway, cats are awesome. Winston is a star! But whats-its-name is the wind beneath his wings, I bet.


I think some commenters have forgotten that Winston has intestinal issues and needs a special diet.


My GOD that was intense.


That was funny and I'd hate to have clean-up after either Winston or Rudy although it looks like they do a decent job of that themselves. They both eat like little pigs though. My cat ate from a bowl and rarely finished anything in one sitting unless it was freshly made chicken. I'm glad I finished my lunch before I saw this video though, lol.


What is it with sib cats who eat each others' food?
Ours do that too, sometimes neglecting their own, making us think it isn't actually hunger, but territory or emulation.

Hey, I never noticed Winnie's bowlegs! I bet you have to clean his face after, and his tag. And the floor.


Rich, vid's gone. What's up?


Never mind, it's back!


After watching the video and reading the comments I now know a)my own cats (George Mike and Mildred)have distant unknown cousins who mirror them to a T, and b)their crazy personas are not something I brought out in them-they were born nuts. PS-god bless you for feeding them what they need-(exorcist vomit). Fancy Feast and Fromm's leave a calling card, but no where near the one I just witnessed. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today!


Winston eats like a frat boy!


What is in that cat food?

My cats love their food more than anything, to the point of beating down the dog for being in the same room during dinnertime, but nothing near the sheer chaos of Winston and his food.

That was disgusting, cute, and totally awesome.

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