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March 11, 2008



"I also didn't have the patience for the similar embarrassed-grin preciousness of Amélie -- go 'head, hate me now"

Not at all. I really didn't like Amelie. Embarrassed grin is an excellent description for it. All involved were too sweet.


I dont know about u but i loved the season premeire last sunday. Keeping Up With The Kardashians are always hella funny. Theres no way im going to miss any episode. I got the season pass on tivo babe. Heres those link you wanted.





If you are on a DJ tour and people are paying to see you "DJ" there is no excuse for not bringing records and mixing. I don't care if they are coming all the way from Sweden. Artists have gotten so lazy and so has the public accepting cd's, ipod's, and laptops as dj-ing.
DJ'ing is a art, meant to done with vinyl.


awkward much? why are they even on a stage?
im confused, whatevs.


this is really disappointing to hear. I love Disco Romance and have recommended it to tons of people.

I was rooting for her! We were all rooting for her!


Not only is that boring, but it is fucking embarrassing! As mentioned already, why are they even on a stage? There is certainly nothing worth seeing there.


i am creazy for his music.I saw him a couple of weeks ago via webcam. I was contacted by him first on a celeb site called 'SearchingMillionaire.com"! I also got several of his pix.

Brandon H

They were paid to do that? On stage? You know, if they were off to the side, just dj-ing regularly- I wouldn't have minded. But headlining like that? Gimme a break.


but you make a valid point.
i still like 'he keeps me alive'
but i don't think i'd even want to see her/them live--djing or otherwise.
their music is so small that headphones feel like the only way to digest it. it feels almost obscene coming thru speakers.
anyway . . . i know you don't care for the junior boys, even though you liked the geist track w/ greenspan's vocals. and i know that at one point in time you liked get physical . . . so--what's your take on body language vol. 6?
(for me, chateau flight's installment is the best since #2)


A lot of people have been saying that Sally Shapiro is fake and doesnt exist and it's just Agebjörn hiring an anonymous studio singer to lay down the tracks, and then getting a different girl to be the dewy public "super-shy" face of Sally. I mean, real or not, Agebjörn is the actual talent behind making this sound, and it's probably hard getting a singer that both has that glassy airy voice and a dewy airy image. So... he hires one girl with a gorgeous voice and a different girl to take the pretty pictures of the shy Swedish blond girl. Now that the Shapiro project is so popular, though, he feels he has to do something live with her, so what does he do? Hire the picture girl to come along to "concerts" where she claims to be too shy to sing in public. I love what he's doing though, and he seems to be a very nice guy, so I don't care to look behind the curtain too much.


Boring, embarrassing, and confusing. Did you have to PAY MONEY to get into this show? Sad.
House of Jules


Anyone who hate Amelie will always be a friend of mine.


Thanks for the review b/c I almost went to this on Friday, but my bf convinced me to go see Alice Smith at the Highline Ballroom instead and she put on a pretty good (but short) show, so I'm glad I didn't miss anything.

And I felt the same way about Amelie - "if that chick looks at the camera one more time with that gamine expression on her face, I'm out of here." Then I had to feel like a cynical loser b/c everyone else loved it.

Johan Agebjörn and Sally Shapiro

Well I guess you are right. We came over the Atlantic because many people wanted it, so many people asked, and we decided to do it in the form of DJ gigs since we didn't want to perform live. We chose to simply play our own tracks and tracks that had inspired us. We are not going to apologize though, we don't think anyone could have expected a spectacular show after all that has been written about Sally's shyness. Actually we didn't even expect to stand on stage like this, we thought we were going to stand in a DJ booth or so, and that people would be dancing rather than looking at us... Also, those who stayed until the end actually seemed to enjoy it, but maybe those were the few ones who came just for the music...

However, you are right that two people playing tracks from CDs without mixing them is not that interesting in the long run, it's not what people want in the end (even if they are supportive and friendly all the way through), and honestly it also felt pretty awkward to stand there...so we won't do it again. Though Johan will probably keep doing his solo DJ gigs which are more mixed (and a higher vinyl percentage, ha ha).

...and if it makes you feel better, we actually made no money on this tour. ;)


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I was at this show. The crowd was hot and the music was great, I didn't care what was happening on the stage. Sally should probably just stay in her bedroom. I do actually think Johan Agebjörn is quite talented in a derive-everything-from-Giorgio-Moroder way.


Hahaha!! It was all a prank on the paparazzi!! Its that new show on E! Pop Fiction. Its freakn awsome. The celebrities play pranks on the pap. What a genies idea. Paris Hiltons one was great all the pap bit right into it. Shes not religious come on people. I love this show. Heres the link you wanted.





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