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Oh - and gizmo appearing on the bookcase in the background halfway through the recap was amazing!

pookie poo

what about catarzna? Did i miss her? where is she?

Sarah G

Loved it! Sorry I thought Paulina was Polish. Czech or not, she's still a bitch.
Does anyone know what kind of accent Anya has? Tyra said it was Hawaiian but I don't see how that's possible.


i love you.


LOVE IT! keep the videos coming ;)


Why does the stuffed animal change and not your shirt? I must know. Did you tape on two different days and wear the same shirt and not realize that the bookcase changed? Or did you get up and change plushies in the middle of taping?


Oh Rich, MARRY ME! I love your video posts, and this one was especially awesome!

Maybelline Jones

You are my reality TV god. I swear I'd quit watching half the junk I do if you didn't also recap it.

Thank you for making the world a better place.


"What's a clitorectomy? [[cut to Fatima]]"

*dies* Genius.


Thank you. I needed a good laugh today.

Please keep making videos. They are hilarious.

Kiss Winston and Rudy for me!


Uhm, yep--love this format! more please!


The fact that the sound clip sounded like "I'm your chicken lite" which I am sure it isnt, but I dont know what it really is, made me think of nothing but Chicken of the Sea, Lite tuna (packed in water, not oil!) the whole time, which somehow added greatly to my enjoyment of the video. And nicely underscored the Marvita portion :)

Love love love you!!!


That was the BEST. Loved your countdown! Need more videeee-ooooohs!


You pretty much rock.

So do your videos.

Easter Buffy

I'm forwarding this recap clip to my brother, who only ever talks of Jade. Perhaps now he'll get on the Dominique bandwagon.

I think this is your blog and you can do whatever you want with it. Either format is excellent. The writing is salient, the commentary one must view with no fluids in the mouth, and I still remember the video blog last cycle with your cardboard Chantal hair. Hilarious.

Individually Wrapped Slices

Rich, you can do no wrong. I fucking love you and all your recaps. :) ANTM would be NOTHING without you.


i want your milk rich!

and a bite of your samich!

and i love how the furby popped outta nowhere before anya's segment!!! its the little things that make me love you...


Loving your Gremlins shout-outs.


Are you kidding? Hearing the snark issue directly from your mouth is like distilling the funny down to its essential molten core of awesomeness. And having to wait all day until I can get home to a computer with speakers teaches me the virtue of Patience, or whatever.


This made my day, for reals. Hell, I didn't even watch the show last week because I knew your recap would be better. Keep on doing what you do!

Steve Abramson

Now I have to rewatch this to see this stuffed animal make its' appearance in the back behind you Rich LOL

I ALWAYS knew Fatima said general mutilation and thought it was hysterical then, and glad you picked up on that!

I probably shouldn't have watched the Dominique montage right before I was going to eat... the appetite disappeared

And good call on the final 10 - it took a minute to realize that you left out the 4 forgettable girls (thanks editing) Atalya, Stacy-Ann, Aimee and Neutrogena

That is all... you sucked out all my wittiness for the day and I'm out of things to say... except everytime I hear you say the word penis, my eyes don't go behind you at your bookcase but below you (damn... the steady camerawork)


Steve Abramson

P.S. Kudos to all the "chicken" references from the fans. Being half deaf isn't fun, but that's what I heard as well, so glad I'm not the only one who hears something completely different LOL


marry me?


hey, i love the videos so much more than the usual format. the usual format is probably good if someone wants one of your gifs for themselves, i guess. thanks for blogging!

oi vey

looooovvve video format!!!

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