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You are truly a delight! Have some of my wine!


you need your own TV show NOW.


I LIKE THE NEW VIDEO FORMAT! How come you are so clear and your talking matches your lip movement, because all those youtube videos are out of sync, blurry, and the voices emitted don't match the mouth movement? Can anyone tell me why youtube music videos or videos anywhere are so bad. It's like mummenshantz.(sp)In the good old days, I could download mariah carey's heartbreaker video from kazaa and it was PERFECT W/EXCELLENT RESOLUTION. And movies too.

Guy DeLuk

Wow that recap is awesome- love your t-shirt, it's so FIERCE. And by the way: Damn, you're hot... Keep on giving recaps like these!

Bonne journée! ;)


Rich, you've lost weight. Now what kinda message are you sending to team chunk when an avid admirer, such as yourself, is meandering towards the slim side of life?
Great Recap BTW!


I just realized how much you remind me of Stephen Dorff.

Sarah G.

Thanks Scott Free. I've never heard that accent before and I wouldn't put it past Tyra to totally mangle cultural identities.


hey, i can't see the video! i live for winston all the way over here in iraq... boooo!!! it says its no longer available, you must've gotten kicked off again.

Naughty Monkey

I don't watch this show- but I sure love to watch you recap it. This was worth waiting for! Fantastic post!


do your vids nakey... yous hot! we'd make steamyweenie love...


That was totally Lauren on The Hills, you can see her backstage too, plus there is a shot of the lil posterboard with the polaroids that says "Lauren." She clearly worked on her runway walk, or maybe (probably) she is overexagerating the awkward thing on ANTM.


stacey-ann reminds me SO MUCH of a chimpanzee.


how could you leave out Stacy Ann's vodka?? haha amazing recap tho


I have to say, although (of course) the video was high-larious, I was mucho dissapointed that Dominique gushing about the bidet was not made a bigger deal of. I was really looking forward to what you would have to say about it - oh well. Thanks so much - I was excited it was a video recap this time!

sophie mop

i love it. i love it love it love it love it. that is all. love it!


Don't halt the videos, I really like them.


Like, OMG, who knew Rich was so cute??!


Rich ok let me get this off my chest 1.your fucking hot!2.your hotter then hot!3.i love your videos keep em comeing



How can you expect us to enjoy your videos when you INSIST upon including your hotness?



I could stare into your eyes forever


Mm, mm, mm, would you just put it in already?


OMG it was love at first read! I am now a stalker! Love this blog!



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If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

plastic holder

Yay! I'm in the same place life-wise. It's exciting to see that you've been so successful. By the way... is your FL house for rent? ;)

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