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April 10, 2008



This is the best. thing. ever. The best line (besides fierce) is, "People are dying, we need guns!"
You are fierce, indeed!
House of Jules


holy shit. i nearly crapped my pants.


ohmygod. laughing so hard. seriously, that is indeed fierce. loved the end...thank you for the laugh this morning!


I so needed that this morning. Last night's Top Model highlight show was so irrelevant, it barely showed anything new, and what it did show was pretty lame, with the sole exception of StacyAnn, who managed to stash a whole bottle of Belevedere in her bra (I guess she borrowed Tyra's for the night) and I also loved it when she said to Marvita basically- can one day go by when I dont have to look at your vagina :) Just the look of sheer exasperation that her gaze leveled at Marvita's crotch was priceless.


Oh my god that looks terrible and how would those two races be able to mate?!?


AC, the Alien does not "mate" with other species. They lay eggs in a host body which then gestates their young. When the young is born, it rips through the body of the host (like what happend to the little boy in that clip) and then grows up rather quickly. The alien takes on traits of the host into its own. So therefore a Predator was implanted with an Alien and gave birth to the Predalien.

Miss Lisa

I know, deep in my heart, that if I had followed my dream for a career in the film industry, I would have ended up working on this. Not fierce.


HOLY FUCK! You've blown my mind. This if genius! My favorite things...Aliens, Predators, Hot Tranny Fierceness...a-ma-zing!


My favorite "fierces"?

The first (TyTy Baby), Tim Gunn, and Christian.

I love you, it's official.


Predalien is a hot tranny mess indeed. The movie itself was good for a laugh.

I'm thinking of doing a video where Nomi Malone Eats: A Character Study.


OH my god. i have seen this video on M a r r y M i l l i o n a i r e . C o m. it is just a celeb dating site but many hot girls and guys are very interested in it.



spearm spearm spearm spearm

Queen Lena

Fucking Fierce.

The ending had me in stitches.


No fair! The video is no longer available. Stupid YouTube!


Blackmatching.com? Someone here mentioned he joined the service a few weeks ago, it is an absolutely service for rich men to looking sexy women for extramarital relationships.. Then I can understand why his girlfriend is departing with him now!


the best was the child chest-burster, i can not wait to see this movie on dvd


p.s.- the video's still on there


Was this shit ever dark! I adjusted my monitor twice while watching AVP:R and I still couldn't make out what the fuck was going on. Especially the final throwdown.

It's beautiful that you hated it enough to mash it up for us, man.

Have you seen that French movie "À l'intérieur" yet? Oh Rich, that was the most gorgeously hardcore bloodfest I've ever seen! Dying for you to post a review (as if you're not busy enough).


I have to admit, apart from the initial "FIERRRCE" the thing that made me laugh the hardest was "Logic?"/"People are dying...*blank stare, pause*...we need guns." HAHAHAHA.


Well done. Bonus half-point for the LaWanda Page sample...flawless!


i tried so hard to get thru it and couldn't too bad they lost the love story element from the first one.


Gawd, I know it blows donkey ballz. I saw it on Xmas day and was so so disappointed. It makes AvP look like Alien.
And fuggin I Know Who Killed Me Won all the Razzies when this bitch sucked even moreso?


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This made me laugh a lot. I saw this in the theaters and wondered if I was the only one that saw it.

Thanks, Rich.


you are so fierce.

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