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April 18, 2008



I'd snuggle with your work out underwears, but I am totally into that sort of thing. Overshare?

Is it wrong that I was slightly aroused by the sight of your underwear? Yeah, I thought so.

Too bad those VH1 videos are only available in the US.


I'm happy you liked interviewing Rocky--the people who wrote comments on the VH1 blog (that weren't pro-Rocky) must still be worried about you and your sanity. I'll miss Rocky--she was the only reason to watch I Know My Kid's A Star. Now that she's gone I can't bear to watch the other personality-free mothers and children on the show.


OH MY GOD. The tampon question is the best question in the history of interviews!



I love your VH1 blogs (only reason I go to that site) but often feel bad because then I see the comments (and thus commenters) and think maybe your audience doesn't get your sense of humor.


Man, that vagina arm thing seemed REALLY graphic for a sec, and then it just became hilarious. I told my hubby the other day he was getting a case of vagina arms, he paused, thought for a second and then cracked up, he said it's the funniest thing he's heard. The next day he started working out. Thanks, Rich for giving me a "gentle" way to mention that he's been having a few too many trips to McDonald's lately.

Just Some Guy

re: Rocky

I'm sure Nordstrom is incredibly happy to have hit such a high point in new media brand positioning. You know a brand really has cultural resonance when it is used in comparison to the normal, everyday trials and tribulations of Nordstrom's target female customer, the typical suburban Stunt Woman/Actress/Rocker/Stage Mom.

Rich, if you haven't done so already, please PLEASE suggest to Rocky that she sign up for Rock of Love III.


I would soooo sniff your gym shorts.


"I love your VH1 blogs (only reason I go to that site) but often feel bad because then I see the comments (and thus commenters) and think maybe your audience doesn't get your sense of humor."

Ditto and ditto.

Stupid VH1 videos are only viewable in the US. BOOOOOOOOOO! And here I got all excited. Humph....


rich, remember that dating show change of hearts? well, our sensitive gangster friend the game was on...

this is a must see:


you can thank me later


I love that she brought up the Miley Cyrus performance.She definitely grinded the floor just like Britney in the flesh tone outfit...

also I like the cowboy bedsheets,and find it slightly erotic seeing your underwear...and again it seems I'm not the only one.


Wow, you think she's a smoker?


Rudy is clearly intoxicated by your musk.
Look at that 'come hither' pose. Feahce! Nice front leg extension, too.

Would porting that Rocky video over to YouTube be a big no-no in VH1's eyes?

mighty undies

You knew everybody would drool over your underwear.
I know I did.


Yoshi yay!

Doh, I can never watch the VH1 videos cuz I'm in Canada... But I needs to see it!


you might enjoy this:


I dont have eudora so I couldnt email you.. /find your email around here. but please Rich, on your next blog for ANTM, could you please adress Tyra's crazy and sickening promotion of "only the judges fly first class, enjoy coach" ideas... Wasnt she just promoting a greener more sustainable lifestyle last season? or was that just a trend? Because private air travel accounts for a dramatic increase in our collective global footprint.. thanks Rich, I love everything about you..
viva la winston


Rocky is from a high position indeed...

I love you, Rich

t kitty

is that STUBBLE in the vagarm? i just threw up in my mouth, but i can't. look. away.


I'm another one who goes to the "Celebreality" Blog just to read your posts. I loved the interview with Rocky, but I really cannot wait to read your recap of the Rock of Love II Reunion Show (and see all the candid pics). And while your bed sheets are great, I can't say that I have any sympathy for the The Game. I agree that the different tears from each eye thing was pretty hilarious, though.


i'm saddened that i can't see those videos just because i'm in Canada! It makes no sense... thanks Rich though for your witty insights, you make my eyes smile..hahaha


I collect Chick Tracks. The older they are, the more absurd.


i really hope video comes out from rocky's "not porn" video, it sounds awesome, also wasnt sure if you had a rocky's greatest moments video on vh1 or here, she was eliminated way too early from that show

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