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wow...we didn't experience 1/10th of rocky on the show which is so sad; and she did an "i love new york" reference?? i've died and gone to heaven.

i read your recaps on vh1, although i have to sift through a lot of shit on that site to get to your posts. they're worth it.

that yoshi clip actually made me laugh out loud. weird.


The site where that booklet came from= pure comedy.

Gay ones are the best. With adultery ones coming in second since one of them has an angel recording a man having sex.

and pics in that underwear? No? Yea, that was too pervy.

trick please

Rich, I love you like cooked food; however you gotta outgrow the pre-teen sheets.

You have underwear specifically for workouts? I guess that's kinda like the ones I have specifically for my monthly curse (tmi? yes?)

I love Yoshi man, who knew he could talk? I always knew he was a perv, letting Mario ride him like that.


Dan Johnson

It's just awesome that The Game is such a big Elaine Stritch fan. Seriously, check it out, he felt the need to get her name tattooed in giant letters across his stomach!! But yknow I felt exactly the same way after I saw her one-woman show. Fab.


The sight of your underwear makes my pants tight. :-)


Good luck topping that GIF. I am MESMERIZED.


Oh please oh PLEASE let Rocky be the special guest on Jezzie's Pot Psychology!

Btw, Rich, sounds like you're just as good an interviewer as you are a writer. I've been a bit disappointed with the journalistic skills of some bloggers that have stepped from behind the digi-veil and interviewed celebs. Granted, not like y'all came from J-Schools, but some they(the bloggers) either fall into one of two camps: famewhores or super fans, and neither makes for good listening. That seemingly (hopefully) is not the case with you.

God, someone give you and Tracie/Slut Machine a chat show! That'd be fricking AWESOME.



That is all.




Bourgeois Nerd

Is it gross to feel jealous of a cat with his paws around a man's gym underwear? Yes, but I don't care.


I love the photos you chose to go along with Rocky's interview. The placement is hysterical! Also, that is an awesome Chick tract find.


Ukranian?!?! WHo?!!??!

*drools* hahaha

I can so relate to Rudy myself :P


Too much to comment on in this post so I'll go right to the tampon string.

Is it just me or when you asked Rocky if she had situations where her tampon is showing, did her laugh sound a touch maniacial? And her explanation of what she was wearing was kind of like: It was a SKORT, stupid!

Oh god. Now she's crying.... gotta go...

I don't know but I do know I miss her on the show. Sigh.

Mana Roman

It looks more like Rudy captured them than snuggling with them. He was like 'MINE! You can't have them! :E' judging from those pictures. XD

...And that vagarm actually freaked me out. Seriously freaked me out. o.o


chick books!

i found this one perched on the toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom at work.

the cover provided me some giggles. i saved it, it did not save me.


Thank God for the illustrated description of vagarm...I could never figure it out until now. I must be getting too old or too dense.

Queen Lena

I actually watched that Yoshi video in its entirety. After about a minute and a half it starts to sound like music.



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