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April 07, 2008







I couldn't believe Claire was voted off the Island. I totally thought she would win!

Rich - this post was a little bland-o-rama. You feeling okay?

(Loved the Winston post though.)



Love the Stacy-Ann .gifs.

And Dominique wishes she looked as young and fierce as Jerri Blank.


OMG this was adorable. Especially all of the Muppets references. I think I'm going to have that Animal voice stuck in my head all day.

Rich I hope you know how much all of us appreciate you. You bring so much happiness and laughter into my life. <3



Wasn't Samantha missing a tooth in Cycle 8? I think Ms. J said she could stick a butter bean up there to fill the gap.


great post!
The Lauren how-to guide was my favorite (: (:


"I think she was practicing because her ultimate goal is to become a butterfly, whether or not the modeling thing works out."

I know! I love Anya - she's such a freak. Between her and Stacy Ann, I'm not sure which one is more adorable. Awww.


thank you for pointing out dominque's t-rex grill!!



Besides Whit and Lauren, I think Kat is now becoming the front darkhorse.

You know Dom is going to make it far and then be eliminated for looking to mature .... but its okay they won't take away her pretty


This made me so happy.

Which reminds me: in addition to I Know My Kid's A Star, what other shows do you recap for VH1? I can't seem to find who writes which recaps on the website.


This is the best recap in a LONG time.

<3 <3


"Who's that Girl and Where are Her Teeth?" Hi-larious. Hey, is Dom getting a trip to the dentist this Cycle? Will we see her in the chair for 12 hours of agony? Will we see her stoicism at the end of it all? Probably not.

I think you missed a great opportunity to tie in the end of cat-fight comment Whitney made to Dominique several episodes back when she snapped, "Where's the Saran Wrap?" Duh, FuerzaBruta had stolen it! Obviously!

OMG! Katarzyna spoke, like, an entire sentence this episode! What is it with this show that I know far more about Stacy Ann at this point than Katarzyna?

It's too bad Lauren let Fatima push her buttons, and not in a good way. It's not looking good for Lauren right now, especially with the self-mutilation coming up (finger chopping off alluded to incident this Wednesday), but, if she shows up at panel and isn't completely deformed, she should make it to the overseas destination.

Thanks for pointing out what a jerk Pamela de Vos was, but why no kudos for Shoshannah's comments as to Whitney's obvious sexiness?

Great post. I think I laughed loudest during this one, but, then again, my boss is in Mexico this week, so he can't hear me from here.

White Chocolate

Brilliance! I DID like how you snuck in the pretty party.


Whitney mentions Saran Wrap every episode. Remember her classic "WHERE'S THE SARAN WRAP??" as a closing argument against being called racist (still don't know why she said this). My friends and I all quote that now when we're faux-angry. I think the final runway show SHOULD involve Saran Wrap, once and for all, so that Ms. Whitney can take the big prize.


Don't even listen to the bland-o-rama comments, ive been waiting since wednesday to see the toofless dominique pics, amazing recap as always, thank you


I was SO hoping you'd talk about the tooth (or lack thereof). So wrong!!


I'm so glad I'm not alone in liking Lauren (although I'm afraid she'll kick my ass) and Stacy Ann (because she's precious).

I want more of the Dominique "Wisdom (Hold the Teeth)" segments--it's not "Imagine That!" with Jade but it'll do.

And I thought Zob would be so fierce that she wouldn't look like she had a shenis. I'm disappointed. ;)

Sarah G

Isn't it perfect that Hov & B were married on 4/4? The pop universe is colliding into you!

I thought Paulina's use of "Eastern European tackiness" was kind of offensive. Or is Paulina allowed to make that comment because she's Polish and her best friend is Eastern European?


Oh, the tooth. Or lack thereof, anyway. As soon as she opened her mouth I thought, "Can't wait to see that on fourfour." Seriously, though. HOW have we never seen this before??


I love how whenever something amusing/interesting/weird/WTF-worthy happens or shows on this show the first thing I think of is "Rich is totally going to say something about that!"

And I was definitely right when it came to Dominique's missing tooth. I wasn't sure if I saw what I saw, but I saw it and damn it was freaky.

Storm Keas

Love ya Rich! Thank you for acknowledging the Jeri Blank similarity in Dominique, I knew you'd see the light!

OK kids, it's kat-are-JEN-nuh
not kat-ARE-jen-nuh, really not that difficult, is it? (Ya Know?)


You think of "Anyway" when thinking of Anya, I think of Annyong.

I am so tired of dominiqe! There is always that one girl every cycle that makes you aak"why?" I guess they are just reminding us not to take this show to seriously.

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