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April 03, 2008



Hi Rich!

Have you seen and heard THIS:


I dig! And I dig you.



closer is pure gold. I'm a house head through and through and that track gives me the goosebumps i get when i hear really good house.

long live 4/4


Really liking "Check Your Coat". That and Mariah Carey will definitely be in my collection.


NOOOOOOOOOOOO. 'All I See' is basically the worst song on X--it sticks out like a sore, R&B thumb in a hand of electronica and dance. How can you not fall in love with 'In My Arms'? It's so fun and summer-y and the beat is just insane!


Poor Cheri Dennis. Her album was held back forever. I loved "Portrait of Love". It felt like a Shalamar song to me. I saw that O'Neal McKnight video on MTV Jams and I nearly fell out of my chair when Greg Nice started his verse. I got a warm and fuzzy 1992 feeling. Ya know, sometimes he rhymes slow, sometimes he rhymes quick.


hey rich -

god that breakdown and bridge in "Im That Chick" is the best thing Mariah has ever done (well apart from "The Roof" a personal classic).

Have you been feeling any of the new leaked Michelle Williams? it's heavily influenced by disco and even has some 4/4 moments. you should check it out, you might like it. nice change of pace for her.


I don't kno if you noticed, but "American Boy" sounds a lot like Kelis's "Til the Wheels Fall Off".


Omg, makes me long to hear Zhane's old stuff.

Reed Fischer

Thanks for the shout, Rich!

Is that really Christopher "Flux-Capacitor" Lloyd in the "Check Your Coat" clip?!


You would think that I've been coming 'round here long enough to not be lovin' you more every time you put up a post, but damnit, I can't help it. I love you more every. damn. time.

Closer is the one that I'm least likely able to sit still to, even if I was tied up. Not that I'm ever tied up...
House of Jules

America's next top best friend

So I'm a big Mariah fan from way back and I've gotta say, whenever she verges on disco or early 80s pop, it's like a total wet dream for me. Her cover of Cherelle off of Glitter is still on my regular iPod rotation.

I'm excited for the new album, but at this point, all the #1s and platinum records don't matter for me. She got a ton of flack for Glitter, and I agree with you, Rich, that she's at a spot in her career now where she can make fun music without worrying about being ridiculed. Mariah has a great sense of what is popular; she's paid her dues - we all know she can tear down the house with a ballad or gospel song, now she should just make what she knows is good, fun music.

And btw, I was looking at one of your older posts about an article by Sasha Frere-Jones on Mariah in which you extolled the cross-over sensibility of Breakdown. Well, for my money, Ms Carey has never sounded better than on the Missy Elliott-produced Babydoll, also off of Butterfly.

loves kylie

Yeah, "All I See" is one of the weaker songs on X. You need to love "In My Arms," "Wow," "Stars," and most of all, "Speakerphone," which is bliss.

Do appreciate the reference to one of Kylie's underrated camp classics though!


Good lord. I'm liking Mariah, quite alot at the moment. Hmmm. That's new. And she's got those same damn backup singers from back in the unplugged days? That's cool.

I really need to see Glitter all the way through. I think I missed something.

Honey B Fly

I likes, I likes. I could swear that they sued someone and heavily denied that chorus you pointed out was not a part of a Mariah track and hmm, here it is. Naw, LA ain't letting nobody cut into his already diminishing paycheck. Waiting for Mimi to cut a deal with Live Nation like Madonna and Jay Z.

Honey B Fly

One last thing - Rich, funny that you bring up Estelle. I was searching the UK version of iTunes last week and heard some of the Soulseekers remix version of American Boy. I think you'll like it as well. Can't remember what site I heard the whole remix - might be floating around on YouTube (aka The Video Crackhouse)


"Touch Your Body" is Mariah's 18th #1 single by the way, heard that on the radio today. Only the Beatles have more (20).

Looking forward to her album and thanks for the stuff you've highlighted here, I like it all cept the Kylie track.


Snoop Sexual Eruption!


"how amazing is “Flashing Lights”?"

SO amazing. This instrumental version like, makes my life.


i'd reconsider your opinion on estelle ... girl's no r&b drop in the bucket. she rhymes & produces as well. check tracks "1980" (laid-back, feel-good) and "dance bitch" (funny hip pop track) and "just a touch" (catchy as hell). she's my new favorite thing.


RE: Closer

at the opening, am i the only person who thought "Robert Owens?" the track goes way more anthemic than anything Owens ever made, but the imprint is undeniable.


Love the mix! When do we get a Winston/Mimi collabo?


Also you can really get a good soul clap going with "I'm That Chick"


i hate all of that!!! the only thing that i like it keeping up witht the kardashians!! whos with me? http://www.eonline.com/on/shows/kardashians/index.jsp?sid=nav-shows


Estelle is reminding me very much of Pizzicato 5 at the moment, and I'm not sure if that's because of "American Boy" or just her hairstyle. Either way, she's lovable.

Glad you mentioned Kylie's "All I See" -- was totally not into on first listen, but eventually gave it a chance and discovered it's inherent prettiness. I wish it would be a hit for her, but, oh well.


i love the colin munroe version of flashin lights

are you goin to the bigga 4/4 event? i mean theyr ganking your number

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