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April 21, 2008



"And don't worry -- I'm not in it." What?! I LOVE it when you are in your videos.


OMG! I'm so glad I wasn't the only one that noticed how many times abroad was said this episode!

I was wondering.. where did you get that Stacy Ann picture in your banner? I've never seen it.


Okay, they said something about her papers (fatty's) being lost in Atlanta. Airport mishap? Shuffled around in the move? Whatever, I am sure she was trying to get the paper situation fixed and TPTB knew about it - these people love the drama.

As for going abroad, I kept thinking, Dominique's an OLDbroad, not abroad...


I agree with Jules that your Rock of Love Reunion backstage recap (wait-does this mean YOU have touched Bret's backstage pass?) and your interview with Heather more than made up for this. Not that, you know, I won't be checking every hour tomorrow.


AHAHAHAHAHAA!!! you're brilliant!

Baby Daniel

You've been tagged!


It was really annoying me the entire episode that they were using "abroad" over and over. How brilliant are you to come up with the Pee Wee playhouse secret word of the day...GENIUS!! And never apologize for being in your re-caps. I think it's an extra treat. Thanks for putting a smile on my face each week.


I love you.


Wait... So what you're trying to say is that they are going abroad?


I was peeved for about 5 seconds, before I pressed play. Thanks!

New series of both Britain's AND Australia's next top model starting this week, double yayz

oh, rich! just the brief glimpse of dirty dog, cool cat and chicky baby (the puppet band) is enough for today. thank you for always knowing how to make me either think...or smile...or do both!

B Star

Wasn't Fats talking to the producer of the show on the phone?


Are you sure you're gay? I mean really really sure? You're sure I can't marry you and live in your world forever? I would totally bear all of your children.

Well, technically I don't need to marry you for that, but. Dude. Love ya.


That was just all kinds of awesome!


You're a genius! I'm so excited for your recap (no pressure).



maria r

I think the 'travel documents' count was WAY higher.


What - no Jambi?


PeeWee's Playhouse and ANTM! I think I now know the meaning to life.


Is it tomorrow yet?

I have to say, no episode of ANTM is complete without your recap! =D


Don't you think Anya and Katarzyna were just the cutest in their simultaneous confessional, Rich? It kind of made me want to melt up into a little puddle and die.


Yeah I thought like many other people that the secret word was "travel documents", but at least I got to see PeeWee again.


The best part is "the abroad location". WTF?>!?! That's not even Engrish. That's nothing. That is made-up Tyra-speak, and it's poisoning the minds of children everywhere.

Miss Lisa

Abroad--I haven't heard that term used since my last reading of Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women."

"Little Models Go Abroad" SCREAM! Ahh, Pee Wee--he made Saturday morning worth living. Did you know that Magic Screen and Magic Johnson are cousins?

thank you

thank you so much Rich

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