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April 17, 2008





i havent purchased it, but i listened to a few of the tracks, and they all sound radio-ready. "bye bye" is seriously laugh (or cringe) inducing. you always get mariah right on. not sure this is the mariah album for me, though. i am sure this is going to sell well, if not extremely well.


IMO, "Breakdown" is possibly the best track of Mariah's career, single or otherwise (I'm also partial to that "Fantasy" mix just before the final track on Daydream). Props to you for giving it props. :-)

That said, it was the very omnipresence of the "plastic boom-tick" --- and let me thank you for giving me a way to describe that --- that steered me away from this album upon sampling it. I remember thinking "Emancipation" was too safe and calculated sounding, and I feel this album is worse. The lyrics may not be as dull, but the music itself seriously sounds like one instrumental done 11 times with new lyrics placed overtop.

I'm glad she's pulled off the comeback, but the fear of failing again seems to be more than a bit stultifying.


I just can't get past those (newer and smaller) tits of her.

But, you're spot on with everything else. From the fragile crackle of her voice to the endless repetitive series of 4-beat rhymes, it's all there.

I do miss her Tommy Mottola years, though. At least her songs (and voice) were more distinctive.

Haven't we all sung Vision of Love in front of our mirrors once in a our life?


I have been bouncing in anticipation of your analysis of this album since I "acquired" it. I listened to the entire album and I'm that chick has become my theme song for 2008. How can you hate the lines, "I do's it naturally, hypontize like Biggie, but you ain't havin' dreams" Or better yet, "Got flavor like ice cream"
I love it and want it on a tshirt! I think I am now an official Mariah stan *sigh*. Hello my name is Nettypooh, I'm blankty blank years old and I stan for Mariah!


great review. i actually have loved this album since i got a copy a few weeks ago, and even "bye bye" has grown on me. i don't think it SHOULD be a single but apparently people are feeling it. i will never get "the masses," i guess.
Anyway i love "Side effects" and after listening to for probably the 100th time in a row i realized it would make a GREAT (dance) remix!
and i also noticed the 4 or 5 songs taken from the "we belong together/don't forget about us" template, but i really don't mind!
Actually "I stay in love" is my favorite of that group. Also loving "O.O.C" and "I'm that chick!" There are just so many potential singles here!!
PS - she looks thin again - loved her on Idol!!


And technically, she only squared the 'Carey'. Otherwise, it'd have to be E=(MC)2. Because! She's that wonderfully dense.


Holy shit, "Side Effects" is my JAAAAAAAAAAAAM. "Forgive but don't forget/every day I deal with this" --- yes girl, YES!!!

I love the album.


I love the album! Or should I say the compilation of radio-friendly hits? Obviously the record's tittle suggest she's being formulaic in a way. A lot of the songs grow on you if they don't necessarily attract you on the first listen. She pulled in some top hip hop and pop producers to make this record great and completely up to date with what's out there now. She puts her own spin on it and it works! She's a pioneer and essentialy will always be a hit maker, no matter how much she stresses that "she doesn't know the exact numbers she sold..." because we all know she's all over those numbers. I love her voice and her attitude of not giving a damn, she's not taking herself seriously, it's all fun ad games and #1 hits....

I LOVE I Wish You Well and I'm That Chick. I Wish You Well is remeniscent of Vanishing in the simplicity and the vocals, which she shines on. I'm That Chick is a feel good, catchy, roller skating, ice cream cone licking track. It's four four bliss.


I have such a love/hate relationship with Mariah, because no matter how pop she was, it never felt contrived. Even with calculated collaborations (Puff, ODB, Boyz II Men, etc), the music still felt genuine. And any diva that recognizes the power of the club and re-records vocals to kick out an effin' power jam like the remix of "Anytime You Need a Friend" deserves much love.

"Emancipation", while an obvious power move to really sink her teeth into the pop and R&B charts before the decade passed her by, still felt like a woman who knew where she was, and was just reflecting that. "E" feels like a woman who is looking back at the peak of her life, and trying to cling to it at any cost. While there's no way I can hate on jams like "I'm That Chick" and "I'll Be Lovin' U", most of this feels like retreads that have been road-tested five too many times.


Like others, I've been anxiously awaiting your review. You made my day.


All I have to say is that I'm tired of seeing her skweedely-bopping-jazz scatting face everytime a show ends on MTV.
House of Jules


idk, maybe Mariah's a lot smarter than she gets credit for; perhaps the title of the album is meant to signify how formulaic the majority of the tracks are.


hating a Pollack? i thought you were anti-hate, Rich. why would you bring up hatred of Polish people?


hey Rhino....I think he meant Pollock, not Pollack. Typo.


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Sarah G

Did anyone see her on American Idol?
"As a songwriter..." Did she attend the same school of songwriting as Beyonce?
Although hearing all the songs made me remember how much I love MC.


I'm so embarrassed that I LOVE this cd - oh Mariah, I love that you just do what you do best!

And "Side Effects" - she needs to release that one ASAP - I'm predicting 19th #1 - such an awesome song!


I love Mariah's new record, I don't think BYE BYE is as bad a song as people are saying compared to what top 40 radio plays nowadays..then again there are so many better songs in this album specially I'LL BE LOVIN U LONG TIME.Good review!

Bears are Fat

Brilliant as usual. 'BYE BYE' is a single because it works perfectly with high school graduation and school year end sentiments (oddly, since it's about actual death)... but the whole 'it is hard to say bye bye' thing is a top seller for year end adolescents I predict, look for lots of seniors to dedicate this song to their BFFs...

The album is packed with hits. It's huge. I mean, I predict at least one more number 1 and probably two more even three... I don't know. She's unstoppable at making inane top 40 songs.

But the thing I am wondering is: What is UP with her hands (Oprah, AI) and the bandaid and weird rings? What is going on there?


Bought the album on Tues.... I like it, but I still think "Emancipation" was the far better album. As some have already said, this one is a little too formulaic and plastic sounding. Most of the tracks have that "haven't I already heard this?" feel to them.
It's a cute album though, and I will be bumping it in the car all summer long :)


Excellent review, but I think you missed (or just didn't mention because it's so obvious) an important point about 'Cruise Control.' The whole 'Jamaican' fantasia is a swipe at Rihanna. Do we really think (tink) MC would have thought to offer up this kind of minstrelsy if there weren't a Caribbean female popstar getting some of her fan dollars? Frankly I'm surprised Mimi hasn't recorded any salsa yet, just to cover all the bases.


Pot's a drug?


Rich, I have been waiting to see your review. I was a little disappointed with E=MC2, as it's not filled with heavy hitters and decent vocals like the last album.

But, "For the Record" has been on repeat 24-7 since Tuesday.

Mariah's lyrics are getting a tad bit too faddish and juvenile, but I appreciate her consistency.


I have been listening to the album pretty non stop. The more I hear it the more I love "For the Record." I was looking at the lyrics and realized something cool. She references 5 of her own songs within "For the Record." I blogged about it here ...

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