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I just wanted to let you know that I think this review of her album is dead on and I tell people the same exact stuff when I'm describing it to non-'lambs', if you will. I have always been a huge Mariah fan, and Emancipation was extremely addictive in it's own right (minus fillers like Joyride and the vocally inspiring Stay the Night). E has become my second fav Mariah album of all time, next to Butterfly. Headin' to work, put on Cruise Control... On the way to the club, we're blazing up to That Chick and then on the way home, it's time to Migrate. The nice folks love this album, even if you dislike Mariah just because she's Mariah. Many people do but this album has regained her a lot of respect in the industry, and I'm sure she's dealing with the Side Effects of it. :) It's all about having fun and making great music for the nice lambs. Lots of singles of this one, lots of them. I hear they're planning to release at least 4. Touch My Body, in my opinion, should not have been on the album. It's a great pop song, and there's no way it would be a filler, as it's too commercial NOT to be released. I think Heat or 4real4real, the bonus tracks from the foreign copies are great songs and would have done better on the album, releasing either That Chick or Migrate as the premier single. Whatever, we still love it. :)


Obviously a Mariah fan will always defends her by justifying. I love her as an artist, the vocal layering thing she does is amazing. But here are a few songs thatI dont feel guilty liking on this album.
1)O.O.C coz the fun there sounds genuine, like she's actually laughing with it. Is Mariah trying to create her own O.P.P? Ha ha. Go on then woman
2)I also like That Chick coz it reminds me of Mariah's Sent From Up Above..and the track is sassy + confident but girly. So Mariah. .

3)I Stay In Love is ridiculous, but its totally catchy and radio ready. I liked this much better than Bye Bye which is as Corny as Fantasia's Baby Mama. I dont hate it even if its a carbon copy of We Belong Together. E=MC2 indeed.

4)I'll Be Lovin U Long Time. Hate the title, but its totally Mariah bein cute and sexy, by using a catchphrase often associated with Thai prostitutes. But her asian fans might not find this funny. The song is not bad tho but hello, Kanye Good Life?

5)I WISH U WELL. I love it when she pushes herself above all the whispering and the Bone Thungs speed stop speed stop phrasing.

Bring back the singing Mimi.
I wish you well.


What a total w**ker you are! complaining that an album has too many good songs on it!

what is she supposed to release an album like madonna does and put a couple of good singles on and the rest of the album is fillers?!

Mariah rocks, this is her best album yet, and sh*ts all over TEOM!


Since the beggining of Mariah's career, she has been the artist that some critics love to put down.Why? Very simple Mariah is a huge success no matter what she sings or writes. Of course with someone so famous like Mariah shes gonna have her share of "HATERS" and of course those who love her. Mariah is herself no matter what the rest of slow contemporary lovers love to listen to. I personally love E=MC2..and yes im a true fan..from vision of love to Migrate..


this album is DOPE!
so freaking awesome!


My utmost respect for you and your prodigious review. You really amaze me. An impressive writing craftmanship... WOW, really, what an orgasm reading you man. Kudos to a professional, a writer and a n artist of the expression.

Mariah Carey

I don't know what the fuck are you trying to say about the album!!! Please make your points clearer! Nobody would want to read such a piece of crap! Some parts of your review were sounding as if you are very sophisticated but actually I don't think you are!

By the way, if you want to say Mariah sucks, just say it!


Well, Rich wrote a crafty & awesome review for an amazing album.
Just one major discord - "I Stay In Love" is my favorite track & I think it's got TRUE SOUL in it - so hmmmm

marc cruz

can i say that no matter how much i liked what teom did for mariah, many songs there were also reworkings of the songs in those albums, like copycat housing.

the difference between tracks like side effects and the fun pop fluff of ooc should have been noted in so far as the teom tracks do not display this difference.

i love the review though and thought you shouldve done it for slant, not sal.


For me all her albums have some gems on them. Even Glitter's soundtrack had some good stuff (actually its pretty good). I didnt say that this album is not good. But the best? U must be kidding. Emancipation (E=MC1?) was definitely much better. Mariah's first and 2nd album was also (IMHO) much greater than this. But is this album awful? No. Its fun and current sounding. It will sell by the truckloads. Migrate is a big club hit waiting to happen. But she doesnt do much new things to make us more impressed. She's satisfied with just being cute. The whole album is totaly an exercise of making hits from simple things when you know as an artist she is talented and brilliant (Underneath The Stars, Mine Again, Whenever You Call,.etc etc). But this is too easy. She might as well cover Souljah Boy. Imagine MC doing the Superman in her Miss Sixty jeans and her lotion skin. Suupperrman....


wow. that was literally the best review of this album i've heard. you hit it right on the nose~ i fucking love this record.


Finally, your review! Was expecting you'd do the review for SLANT. I'm a Mariah fan, and objectively speaking, she is for me the best diva there is. (duh!)

But Eric Henderson's review is just so disappointing. He doesn't get it. Mariah isn't an artist. She doesn't have to be. She's already a diva!

PS. Luv ur BUTTERFLY review. Everytime I feel the need to justify my love for Mimi, I read it! (Hahaha) Do blog more aboutm E=MC2 pls!


Now, I'm new to this blog, but I must say I'll be back for more good reading. I do love this album - probably more than you, Rich! I agree with most of what you said about every song, with the exception of 'I Stay In Love'. Yes, I can see how you'd group it in with the other 'We Belong Together' template-songs. However, like you said yourself, she has a "knack for melody and harmony that's only getting stronger as she gets older" and I must say that your statement is exemplified in 'I Stay'. How can I resist her gorgeous low register in the first couple of choruses, then the stunning beauty of her high belting voice harmonizing with herself in the final chorus? Makes me want to blaze up and taste something!
'I'm That Chick' and "I'll Be Loving U Long Time' are exactly as you said ("sonic euphoria..."). 'Side Effects'? Genius. 'Cruise Control'? You got that one right too. 'I Wish You Well' has too many layered vocals that are distracting, but it is another stunning display of beautiful melody and harmony. Not to mention a great message.
Finally, don't be too hard on 'Bye Bye'. She means well, and it's a pretty melody.


Wow! Great review. Straight up though, I absolutely love this album!!!! From the beginning to the end! Why critisize Mariah Carey for writing songs that the masses enjoy? So what if it is formulamatic? Don't most POP stars come out with formulamatic albums. Most of Janet Jacakson's, Mary J Blige's, and all if Alicia Keys album sound the same, but Mariah seems to be the artist that generates the negativity. Damn, I guess that how it goes when your the biggest Diva of them all. Mimi, do your thang.

Bourgeois Nerd

I know nothing about music (certainly when compared to you, Rich, and many of the lovely people here); I'm just a white boy who sees "4/4 beat" and my head tilts like a cocker spaniel contemplating a dog barking on the TV. I also haven't heard more than whatever's on the radio of this new album. So all I want to say is, though I know we gays are supposed to love Mariah for her utterly ridiculous divadom (she is undoubtedly ridiculous and a diva), but I just can't warm to her. Maybe it's some PTSD from watching Glitter, but I think it's because I truly believe the woman is mentally ill. The infantilism, the skintight everything (seriously, Mariah, even straight boys must be tired of looking at it by now), the it just screams "I have ISSUES!" to me, and it makes me uncomfortable. Also, I love a diva bitch, but, to appropriate from ANTM, she doesn't seem like a fun diva bitch, but a bitchy diva bitch, and that turns me off.

I know none of you care, but I just needed to get that off my chest.


I knew MC had to be into pot. So much of her music is perfect for getting high to--the hip hop remixes to Always Be My Baby, I Still Believe, My All, Heartbreaker, Underneath the Stars (faded indeed) and of course, the whole Butterfly album. Love her, and I think her new album is a perfect fit for what's on the radio today. I just happen to hate what's on the radio. Side Effects is alright though. Needs less Jeezy.



SAY WORD!!!!! You read my WHOLE mind with this review.


I have a lot of respect for Mariah Carey and I think she's a very talented singer! If you are a huge fan too, watch the exclusive video premiere of Mariah Carey's new single, "Bye Bye." Exclusively on at midnight this Friday, 4/25/08!


Breakdown is one of my all time faves. "Side Effects" is the gem on this album

Rob Enderle

I heard this airhead talk:
NO WAY did she know what E=MC² meant.

Not even if it was sprinkled with chocolate and cocaine.

Rob Enderle

> How can you hate the lines, "I do's > it naturally, hypontize like
> Biggie, but you ain't havin'
> dreams"

I know that 50% of the adult population of Detroit is illiterate (just google it) but how bad is it in the rest of the country?

Rollin it up

Yeah! I think she's smokin something. You got to be high to marry Nick Cannon. Wake up the next mornin talkin abot what u talkin about Mariah like Gary Coleman.


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