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April 28, 2008



OMG First....love you Rich


ps. Go ANYWAY you rule. Also does anyone have away of reaching through the TV and telling Whitney to take at least one picture with her mouth closed. Although the blowjob faces are priceless!


It irks the MESS out of me that nobody says Kartarzyna correctly. I hope she wins so that she can scream, "I am America's Next Top Model! ME! "Ka-tar-ZHEEEEEEEEEEEENA! Get it right, bitches!"


I've always been an avid lover of animated gifs, but you make it into an art. An art I tell yezzzz!


"Brazilia!" was the highlight of this episode for me, too! I think it was Dominique for "bellezza."

i am sick today and your post has make my day, bravo!


Did anyone else notice that Dominique's face was like ten shades whiter than the rest of her face during the commercial shoot?


You have really, truly outdone yourself with this one. I can't stop laughing.


Whitney! I know she won't make it all the way, but damn I love that bitcherina. I could watch that gif of Anyway doing the face plant all day. Thanks Rich!


This was one of those episodes where I was anticipating Rich's reactions. Especially to Anya's face-plant. Priceless hilarity. And Rich's gif is golden. Thank you and bless you for your own hilarity, rich.


Dominique's commerical totally reminded me of Pink Flamingos when Divine eats the poo.


Can't stop watching Anyway falling down...it's hypnotic!

Nikita Tinypaws

Did anyone else notice how HORRIBLE their makeup was for the commercial? Fatima looked purple and Dominique looked gray. Covergirl is so bad even professionals can't get it to look good.


Loved this recap! "Rock out with your tooth out" is my new motto. By the way, did you notice that Dominique bears an uncanny resemblance to the Grinch in the shot right above the "Rock out" one?


Still reading, but I just had to interject that during the whole Katarzyna thing. I said why doesn't she just go by Kat.


ooh, i wish you had included the Tyraism of my life: as Tyra says "Thanks Katarzyna" or whatever, and pronounces it wrong, K-zyna says "Who?" and Tyra's like "whatever bitch this show is about me not you, go away."

Also the muppet trick is keeping the eyes still and moving the bottom part. You're reversed!


Based on Lauren's body language I'm guessing her Italian translated said: The Kidnappers say you must put a plain paper bag full of money in the trash can outside of the Piazza di Spagna at exactly 12 o'clock...


Why did Fatima look gray in her commercial and Dominique's foundation also did not match. Guess Rome don't know how to make- up the coloreds on board.


Why DID she say "BRAZILIIA!" anyway? I mean, I didn't hear it in anyone else's commercial...

anna c.

I now officially refuse to buy any Cover Girl make-up after seeing what they did to Dominique's face!


I'm sad that that Sarah Polley look-alike had to go. Also, you know if Katarzniyaia wins, she'll be known as Kat when she does her "My Life as a Cover Girl" spots. Obvs. But Anyway will win, so whatever.


I really was expecting Dominique to twirl around and say "that felt fabulous!" I feel like she is becoming Jade more and more and soon we'll see her in the top 3 as well.

Individually Wrapped Slices

I'm so happy right now I could cry. But I won't because it'll run my mascara. :) I'm so not model, I suppose.

Rich, my maiden name has a "z" in it and I feel your pain. I had to school everyone I met about the pronounciation. I got to the point where if they were close I just accepted it and thought "eh"...

Anywho, thanks for always making my Mondays worth waking up for. :)

Maybelline Jones

I think that the best part of this episode is that we no longer have to deal with the models reading each Tyra-mail in unison. I was about to stick something sharp in each of my ears if I had to deal with that scrolling screen they had at the NYC space.



Best one in a while rich! thx :)

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