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April 22, 2008



Thank you!!!


The thing I didn't understand with Fatima's whole "travel document" thing, is she said she has a green card. A green card IS a travel document. Once issued a green card, you no longer need special permission to re-enter the country...unless she lost it. Or lost her passport. In either case, it shows what a twit she is.


Thank you. I can move on with my week now. You have ruined ANTM for me btw. Now I only enjoy your recaps, and watch the show just to see what is coming up on FourFour.


holy crap. . . you've referenced Fulci, Russ Meyers, and NOW Klaus Nomi on this blog (not to mention Evil Dead in the same recap)? Have you wormed your way into my brain?


Always awesome!

Now about that gag reflex...


Limes or Laymones? Classic.

the beeper queen

i cannot decide which image is scarier in that first gif . . . wait, that's a lie, it's totally dominique


That first gif was both horrifying and mesmerizing. Is that Winston buried in there?


Uuuuughhhhhh.... Dominque just won't die!!! I don't know how they think she's going to be good enough to be on ANY mag cover that doesn't cater to trannies or women over 50!
I know they're only keeping her for ratings but damn.. I'm going to cheer like there is no tomorrow when she's gone.


i love you, rich.

regarding fatima's "travels documents" i have a feeling this was really a visa issue to leave the country and she applied for it when she was accepted into the house. this only would've been weeks beforehand and with the government taking fucking forever to anything like passports for our own citizens, i'm not surprised that her visa would be arranged in time. however, the ANTM producers are smart enough to realize that a.) it would take too long to get models to understand the visa process and just called it a "green card issue" and b.) it causes more drama if it looks like a happenstance thing all of a sudden. i mean, why and how else would the antm producers be able to keep the "abroad location" a secret if fatima had to know what country to get a visa for?
either way, tyra's still a cunt.


Stacy Q. Ahhh my love for you keeps growing. When we're together we're like hot coals in a fire. Hot baby!

Tyra will never be mistaken for a caring soul but does she seem especially nasty this cycle? Despite that, I do think-unless my memory is failing me as a result of corroding my brain for the last 9 cycles-that 7Up ad is one of the best prizes they ever gave away. And mock Anyway as much as you will, she looked FABULOUS in that picture.

Finally, thank you for commenting on the Jay Giorgio dress. Jade lives again. Happiness.


I watch this shit on Youtube and I just fast forwarded all of the Fatima bullshit. Who gave a fuck? Plus the tears make her skin look all ashy and shit. Take care of your business Fatima.


I'm pretty sure that the first gif will haunt my dreams forever. Thanks for that. :p


Claymation Patti? $10,000 blowjobface? You're killing me Rich.

And that first gif: Who/what is that after black-hole Winston? It looks like a Skeksie from The Dark Crystal.


Kudos on the Stacy Q reference, kudos.

You are the Tootie to my Cinnamon, Rich.


Saleisha now looks like a used version of Tia and Tamara Mowry from Sister, Sister.


Nigel+lips= funniest fooking thing, ever.

I love you and your gag/gif reflex.

Washington Cube

I don't know for certain when I truly lost it, but I think it was around "Klaus Nomi." You just give, and give and GIVE...don't you?


I just wanted to say that I thought this week's photo shoot was actually kind of cute and/or classy. But I guess that's the reason you didn't comment much on it--no dizzying insanity levels to become mesmerized by.


Anyway's becoming the one to beat, huh? I thought I would hate her at first and now I find her oddly endearing. And I thought I would be down with Fats at first and now I wish she would robocop-walk out of my life forever. If there's one thing I hate its a girl who's a bitch AND a dumbass.


Tyra was a super-bitchy-bitch this week! And personally, the $10,000 would be the best prize yet... but there have been substantially valued jewelery prizes in the past. (Mikimoto pearls, some diamonds, etc.)


HAHA! Love the Nigel/lips!


why did mr. jay say that fatima was just now bringing up the "travels document" issue? obviously not, since the show's producer has been in talks with fatima's lawyer already. that puzzled me.


I'm the only person that likes Fatima now despite her intelligence? :(


Thanks for the recap Rich.

The travel document drama was bullshit. Sure the producers including Tyra had no clue about Fats' travel docs problem during the entire interview/vetting process before she even got into the house because you know, it's actually on the application to be on the show. No manipulation there.

Buhbye Stacy Ann. You overstayed your welcome. Whitney is getting the pageant/bitchy edit meaning she may not win after all. Anya who has smelled like runner-up, is now looking like a winner. Poor Kat apparently didn't laugh at one of Nigel's jokes and is now on his list as well as Tyra's. I don't have HD but Fats skin looks horrible on analog.

Can't wait for the self-destruction that will probably be Lauren speaking Italian in CG commercial. Good times.

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