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Aw, thank you for this.


Best dvd box set I own- and you are dead on with the comparison. I can say I have watched every episode enough times that I may know most episodes word for word.. true depiction of teen life in the 90's


I still love Jordan Catalano and always have. He's who I wish I had dated in high school. But then again, I grew up watching this show and thinking that is how my high school experience was going to be and it totally WASNT, except for the deeeeeep thoughts. haha. LOVE IT, now must go watch my DVDs of it!


*sigh* We've been reliving the glory that is MSCL ever since the DVD came out. *sighs again*


oooh, i disagree.
I think Angela and Juno are both very cool. I like them both. However.... Juno is much COOLER. Like, They are both very thoughtful and wise, but Juno is definitely the cool one.


Thank you sooooo much for the transcript. I'm at work and can't watch the video but since i've seen all of MSCL more than once, I still remember all those scenes. I'm with you Rich. Go Team Angela!


Hey that was pretty cool. I don't know why, but I never saw MSCL. I think cause it was on a channel I didn't get?? But it was a phenomenon amongst my friends. I really enjoyed the little clip show you just put together for us, Rich. Very cool. If I were, say, even 5 years younger, I might grab the DVDs and check it out. But I enjoyed seeing that little overview. Thanks.


I wanted to read all of that...but all the "likes" just made my head explode.


Eh, these quotes reminded me why i could never sit through an entire episode of that show. They're indicative of the apocryphal teenagespeak, heavily laden with "meaning," that too many writers like to put into a teenage character's mouth to smuggle gravitas into the story. And it never worked for me. (As if throwing the word "like" around authenticated the dialogue as adolescent). The non-stop assault of MSCL's didactic gamut of hot-button issues, (touched on in ony 19 episodes) also soundly removed it from a truly relatable realm for me. I just felt like I was constantly being force-fed an Afterschool Special type of lesson that I couldn't stomach.

It's always a mistake to let overexposure and hype in media coverage control one's view of any movie or tv show. You end up reviewing not the movie but the hype, and the analysis suffers for it. True, the obsessively knowing, self-important attitude of Juno's script did grate after a short while, but it was character-based and recognized as a self-defense mechanism for the heroine. I think it makes her a realistic teenager, not emblematic of all teenagers, but still honest. It matters little that she confuses Roman and Greek mythology, (especially since the Romans appropriated Greek mythology and called it their own). It does matter that she tells people what it means, however wrong or right she may be. Juno, the well-read girl who likes to tell everyone what she knows in snarky banter, felt more sincerely like a teenager than Claire Danes' Angela in MSCL. Also, this movie doesn't pull punches the way you think it would, a temptation MSCL rarely resisted and which most modern storytelling can't either.


I love you for this. Hands down, MSCL is one of the best shows ever. And I love Angela. She reminds me a lot of myself, both a good and bad thing, I guess.


I have yet to officially see/rent Juno yet (ever since practically standing in line to see Hard Candy, Ellen Page scares the everlovin' out of me, but I have seen copious vids and movie clips), and the characters of Juno (notably Juno herself) seems more like what my friends in high school were actually like: far overly articulate (care of theatre, speech, acting, debate, or a combination) and wanting desperately to get someone to realize that they need out of this place and to get into college so that they can be understood. Of course, no one told us that college would just be Unbearably Stupid 2: Electric Bugaloo.

But MSCL... oh, man. I had a severe obsession in the morning before school when I was in junior high. Like nearly every neon-coated sign to my queerness, I just happened to like Ricky *for some odd reason*. To this day, I can point to Angela Chase as being a) the only realistic teenager I have seen portrayed in media (I'm looking at you, Dawson's Creek) and b) the only person (outside of jest) to be able to use an interrogative tone in a statement. It's so fitting with her character - every statement is really just a question of, "did I just notice something? or not?"

Kinda creepy side note - my ex-girlfriend called me out of the blue one day last summer looking for a place to crash because she was following Jared Leto's band across the Midwest. No update on whether there was boiler room action, though.


my favorite MSCL moment:

Angela: Why are you like this?
Jordan: Like what?
Angela: Like how you are.

I love, love, LOVE this comparison. Funnily enough I broke down and bought the DVD set this weekend and canNOT tear myself away. It is everything I was in high school--the painfully nerdy girl with misfit friends and a crush who would never appreciate her.

Oh this takes me back.

Thanks for brightening up my morning.

Joe M

This is the favorite tv show of quite a few of my friends. I don't know why, but I never quite cared for it or Angela Chase in general. Frankly, she exhausts me and reminds me of those girls in high school who overthought everything and turned the slightest bad day into a life-crushing drama. Which, I fully admit, is EVERY girl in high school and quite a few boys, but jesus. Lighten up, just ever-so slightly, darlin'. I don't know, I always end up feeling genuinly bad for her parents because raising such a depressive, especially one that is intelligent, must really be tiring after awhile.


When MSCL came out, I was just one year older than the characters. I must say, they did an excellent job of portraying what it was like to be a teenager at that time ... especially when you consider that 90201 was still on the air. What made Angela so great is the fact that she was so average and normal - nothing extraordinary, yet extraordinary all the same.

The part of this show that got me more than anything was the tension between Angela and Sharon, her old best friend. That hit really really close to home.


Aw I love this video. I <3 "Can't people just cheer on their own? To themselves?"

I agree with every point you make about Juno's character based on the script. But I do think that Ellen acted beyond those limitations, that she gives Juno a subtle emotional depth that doesn't come through in the dialogue. She'll say something dumb and flippant and tough but her eyes have that bone-dry-but-could-cry-any-second-but-won't look. That kind of thing.


I do own it on DVD and I was Angela in HS. Seriously, when that show came on the air I was a freshman in HS. Everyone else was watching this new show called Friends. I love Friends, but when MSCL came on, I had to be in front of the TV to try to figure myself out. The line about Sunday nights and 60 minutes is so freaking true. Sunday nights were the worst. Angela was a lot like me in the sense that we were both so grown up for our age. Being able to look at yourself and other and analyze is such a great thing to do, but when you are 15...or just even when you are in HS it can be such a curse. You want to just not care and be fun and stupid but you can't be. You see the bigger picture and you see how everything correlates. I have to say that I liked Juno, but I agree that she is a know it all. Her lingo was cutesy and fun, but annoying at times. She had courage to handle her teen pregnancy in that way, but honestly no one I knew in HS would have been that brave or articulate about what she was going through. So when I saw that movie, I didn't really connect or relate. I did cry at the end because she made a very heartbreaking and important choice for her life that would follow her forever. that was real and that was sad. Maybe the most real part of the whole film. Angela is WAY cooler than Juno and I was a Brian Krakow girl. Jordan Catalano was hot and sang great songs but Brian Krakow KNEW Angela and loved her no matter what.


"You know how sometimes the last sentence you said, like, echoes in your brain and it just keeps sounding stupider?"

This quote has stuck with me since i watch MSCL in middle/high school. I think it makes my stupid comments echo even louder and longer.

like now.

Maybelline Jones

That was the best 8 minutes and 38 seconds of my day. I love Angela Chase too. We should start a fan club or something ...

... or not.

Let's not forget Lindsey Weir!!


What about Felicity? Isn't Felicity basically Angela Chase goes to college? This is in support of how great Felicity is and is also overlooked. I think of it as MSCL without the omni-annoying Patty and gay chef husband.


Thank you Thank you Thank you. SlutMachine directed us towards this on Jez and I have to say a big ol' thanks. As a grunge obsessed, awkward red head, who grew up in the 90's, there has never been a major character that I have identified with more. Yeah, maybe her shit was over exaggerated, but thats the crazy way you talk and think when you live inside your 15 year-old head. I loved the fact her friends weren't perfect, her family wasn't perfect and honesty wasn't everywhere. I loved the fact she wanted to leave the "geeky" lifestyle for a more interesting friendship with Rayann (I mean who doesn't have that friend). We all had a Jordan, a Ricky a Rayanne. Thank god this was my show over "Dawson's Creek", which was so obviously written by adults it hurt to watch it.

While Juno was cute, it was so overly written, I couldn't feel connected to these people. Angela Chase will go down as truly one of the most real characters ever and yeah she might have gotten annoying, but the bitch was supposed to be. We all were. Just ask your moms! Thanks for the great post and the spot on editorial. I'm gonna link to it for an upcoming post on The Spielster.


since nobody has said this yet, i will give you a big thank you for the transcript of all the dialogue.


It was great to be able to actually 100% understand one of your videos and enjoy it to the fullest. I loved MSCL when I was in middle school and now I understand why I loved it because I couldn't remember much of it until now...


I had such a girl crush on Angela Chase--and, by extension, on Claire Danes. I simultaneously wanted to be her and actually was her. Such a great show!


::sigh:: Jordan Catalano...

I heart me some Rich today.

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