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If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

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If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.


This movie is a real piece of shit.

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Great insights! Also remind me to be a discerning reader.

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Well deserved EP! This was a fascinating post. I used to hook rugs and remember how much fun it was.

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Wow. Great piece. Not sure if you are trying to make a statement about guns or not. Either way, what a sad tragedy.

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This post was a clear reminder of the evil acts that lurk and may jump out in the most unpredictable ways. Evil acts that could be called "something big." A sobering moment of pain. I am sorry that you lost a friend this way.

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uch random deadly evil is shocking especially when you are a mere degree away from it and knew the victims. Who knows what would've happened had your friend been armed, but I suspect the outcome would've been quite different...

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This is such a horribly sad story, but I love the way you told it. Thanks for not dragging us into a guns-or-no-guns debate and just allowing us to enjoy your wonderful writing.


Yes, he is. Isn't it funny when you go back and watch shows with older male characters that you didn't look at twice when you were yuonger? Suddenly they're just so much more appealing. Like Giles in Buffy. RAWRI'd Hit That: Retro Dad/Father Figure EditionLike or Dislike: 0


HOW FUN!!!1.Reading . . . escaping to naethor world is entertaining and soooo relaxing.2.O I love everything about it! And since I don't get to watch the show as much as I use to, it gives me a slice of what I love so much about the show.3.Crate and Barrel4.Denzel Washington cause he's just an awesome actor!5.Floppies, aka, flip flops. Which is why I just moved to FL lol6.Back to Greece, but this time with my hubby! I love the culture, the food, the climate, and the overall genuine-ness of the people! The country is just gorgeous!7.Coke, not to be confused with Pepsi, or any other cola, cause well, Coke is coke. But I do my darnedest not to drink loads of soda, just as a caffiene boost or Friday night movie night treat.8.Pretty much all catalogs. I'm extremely bad at coveting what I don't have, and LOVE to decorate and re-decorate lol. I almost never buy from catalogs, but will dog ear tons of pages with great intentions.9. I Will Follow You by Chris Tomlin. Which definately speaks to where I am RIGHT now. I love this song.10. Mints. I like to chew them lol. Thanks for the fun get to know you game : ) Neat idea for an icebreaker. I love Forever 21, mostly because of there random-ness, but the prices are prett stellar as well : )8.

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And your friends over here on the west edge are the happy recipients of your cross-country cookbook-writing adventure. Reinvention is your gig, Patricia. Writing about that will one day happen, I have no doubt at all. Terrific post, woman.

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So well put, and so inspiring! Bravo to you and I wish you continued success! Thanks for sharing your story with us!


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