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April 15, 2008



Ugh, I love My So Called Life so much it hurts. Rayanne is the skankiest bf in hist.


You could never, ever, ever video us out.


I just finished all the extras of MSCL. I bought the DVD pre-release and have taken months to get through it all because I didn't want it to end. That was the best series hands down. I have one other for you to consider - Dead Like Me. It was on Showtime forever ago and I bought both season's DVD's last year and loved it. Another good insight into teen (after)life.


I read your ANTM blog religously, but you just became my favorite person in the world. Angela Chase is quite possibly my favorite character ever! MSCL was the best series to ever exist.

Thanks for the Youtube string of amazingness.

Brandon H

Dude, again, thanks. This trip down memory road was great.


Funny about the comparison. I really have always thought MSCL was SO overrated. I am of the generation that went apeshit for the show, but I was one of the few who just didn't get it at all. I didn't connect to Angela whatsoever and felt the show has always been vastly overrated. (That being said, I don't connect to Juno either and probably wouldn't have when I was a teen.)


Can we have a video of all Jordan now?


My god, I watched this show with apopleptic fervor whenever it was on (both the network broadcasts and when MTV reran it), but have not seen it since- now I realize why my devotion: Angela Chase's narration verbalized the endless feedback loop of existential angst running in my feverish 13-year-old mind, complete with "like"s...
Now I am consumed with sharp, sick-sweet anti-nostalgia for those terrible days...I'm sure the Germans have a word for this feeling. Thanks, Rich: awesome.


Am I the only one slightly annoyed by Angela. She's the equivalent to a female Jerry Seinfeld.
"Why is it that people, like, enjoy wine? Don't they know they're drinking, like fermented grape ooze? I mean really like who thought to, like, try it?"
I wanna scream shut up already, stop saying 'like' after every sentence and quit over analyzing every last thing.

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

Thanks for the transcript :) nice to be able to read everything at one's own pace. I was a bit younger when MSCL was screening here but it still struck a chord somehow. That bit about the Sunday night - and the last sentance repeating in your head - had to be written by someone who'd had an awkward time as a teen.


Thanks for that melange of Angela quotes. It's been a while since I've seen the show (I watched it the first time around) and it's just so smart and sweet and authentic and NO EFFING WONDER it got cancelled. It was too good.


I totally agree with you. Juno is an annoying snob of a movie character. Why is everyone in love with her?


"That bit about the Sunday night - and the last sentance repeating in your head - had to be written by someone who'd had an awkward time as a teen."

Wait. there were people who didn't have an awkward time as a teen?

Scott Free

Interesting. I'd like to see you do something like this more often (i.e. revisiting media from the past and comparing/contrasting it with its present-day counterpart).


I gave MSCL to my 11-year-old daughter for Christmas. It is great literature.

I love this!!! thanks Rich! MWAH!


I love this! totally made my day. My one of of my fave quotes aren't here though. From Episode one:

"I'm in love. His name is Jordan Catalano. He was left back, twice. Once I almost touched his shoulder in the middle of a pop quiz. He's always closing his eyes, like it hurts to look at things."

Then when it comes up again later in the same episode.

Rickie: If you were about to do it, okay, what would you want the other
person to say, like, right before.
Rayanne: `This won't take long.'
Rickie: No, seriously.
Rayanne: `Don't I know you?'
Rickie: No, for real, like, like, romantic.
Angela: `You're so beautiful, it hurts to look at you.'
Rayanne: `It hurts to look at you?'
Rickie: How'd you think of that?
Rayanne: Where would it hurt?
Rickie: I really like that.

I always though that would be an interesting thing to hear before the first time. Not so cliché as 'I love you' or 'I'm ready' or whatever.

I am going to be an Angela Mode for the next 4 hours. *sigh* Nostalgia.


And now I know what DVD choice I'll be making tonight. I can see the box set from here, collecting a slight layer of dust, begging to be watched. Thanks for the flashback and a reminder of how good TV really was before the CW came along and ruined everything.

Damned Gossip Girl...


I'll have to say that Jared Leto ruined it for me, but I really love that Juliana Hatfield is in there, and the soundtrack, even without any Sweet Sensation or The Cover Girls, is, like, rad.

Ha. I have all the episodes on my PC at my mum's home. I hope my 13 yrs old niece get the chance to watch them in between snooping for porn on the pc.

Juno, she is a very endearing character, I could really love this girl, who's so me and thousands of others, confused, clueless, but is still opinionated and smart, funny, stupid, all at the same time.


I never got to so MSCL on TV, so I'll have to rent it. But my 13 year old and her friend loved Juno because it seemed totally real to them: the smart-ass front.


Omg you are my hero.


Thank you for this. It's truly an amazing gift to all.


Hey thanks, you might have sealed the deal on me buying the DVD set. I hadn't heard of the show prior to yesterday (when I saw her face on the cover of the DVD set), but I am slightly obsessed with Claire Danes. Luckily for me, it sounds like the show might appeal to my nature.

ham samich!

sigh... remember how hot jared leto was in mscl? and now he wears silver crocs. didn't see that one coming.


MSCL is one of my favorite shows. I'm part of that crowd that was depressed when I heard that there wasn't going to be anymore episodes. I still wish they would bring it back, even though with out Claire Danes and Jared Leto it wouldn't be the same.....

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