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One detail that sort of makes me think th e story is true is the way they treated the plus-size girl last season (What was her name ? Forgot already). She got booted because she got "too thin" ? I mean indeed she lost weight and she started to look like the other girl.
But she was "between a size 2 and a size 4 which is too big to compete as a real girl". Just like the producers told Whitney in the alleged story.


If Whitney is a six in those bikini photos I'll eat my hat (I don't normally wear hats)! As far as I'm aware, the "fit model" size for all fashion is typically a size six. Now, that doesn't mean the RUNWAY girls are a six, but that's what size the garments are fitted on when they are created. Her belly was skinnier back then, but her legs were still a bit thick. I like her either way though. Not the best model on the show, but Tyra did need to make her fat ass point.

Junior Samples

Whitney won because Tyra wanted the Next Top Model to be fat which justifies Tyra getting fat (who looked slim standing next to Whitney). Cycle 11's winner will be 35 years old. Anya should be happy: none of these Next Top Models ever went on to be anything outside marrying a D-list TV star from the 70s.


YEAH for Whitney!

Overall, I think Anya was a better model, but the specifics of this prize package (a Covergirl contract/commercials during the next season) meant that she didn't have a chance. With all the carping from the fans about how you couldn't understand Jaslene or Danielle, I can't imagine Covergirl wanting Anya to win -- they'd have to put subtitles in their commercials.

As for Whitney and the weight -- lots of "juicy" girls go through yo-yo weight periods, especially if they've had body image issues. Whitney's stories about being teased/whatnot about her weight especially make sense if she was trying to be a stick-skinny model but couldn't because she wasn't anorexic enough.

I have no problems if producers asked her to gain weight. After all, they did it all season last time with the girl who no longer looked plus-sized once she got her makeover. Whitney was just smart enough to realize that their suggestions would help her career -- AND she'd get to eat!

bazooka joe

Greg...don't feel bad, I totally screamed w/ joy when Whitney won as well!


I love Whitney and I'm really happy she won.

Rich, there is no way she is a 6 on the show. She is at least a 10. I'm tall and an 8, and she looks like she weighs about 20lbs more than I do.


See, this explains why Whitney was *constantly* eating during this cycle. You ever notice how she was always talking about food or making food or consuming food? I know lots of big girls, and none of them eat that much, they're just naturally curvy. It always seemed wrong to me that she was loading on calories like a bodybuilder. Now I get it. That's false weight. She'll be a size four before the ink on that Cover Girl contract is dry, just you wait.


I am waiting on Whitney to call out for "Sugar Pie" or ask "Do you like my bawww-deee?"

Btw, I love Paulina for calling out both of those heffas (Anya and Whitney for those terrible CG photos). Even if Fatima was just plain unlikeable, that picture this time was the best.

Boo on megalomaniac Tyra Banks!


alls i'm saying is why did this yamp have to be the first fattie to win? she's horrible.


Um I am pretty sure that after the Caridee season with the FAKEST runway ever between her and Melrose, I understood this show was a fake as Tyra's weave. I think Tyra had to big the "big"girl this time around. I also think since Tacora is the most famous of any ANTM contestants, she understood it. Paulina said it the best "Whitney is the girl dudes want to bang and Anya is the girl girls want to buy the dress from".

Tacora could have won if - Janice wasn't on panel and Tac pulled it together. The girl fell apart mid-season and if this lame ass version of modeling is getting you down, imagine what would happen if you were actuall in it.


I dont think it was fixed at all. I think that they probably wanted a plus size model to make it far, so they decided to cast someone who was extremely beautiful and had a lot of past modeling experience, and they made sure to give her one of the best makeovers.

From her past print work:

its pretty clear that she was always a little chunkier than the average model, so I think that realizing she'll never hang with the size 2 girls and gaining 40lbs (she had to be a 12, her body looked a lot like mine when I was that size) whether it was her idea or a producer's was genius.

Come on- Anya's runway walk was lifeless and terrible, whereas Whitney rocked it by channeling Tyra's Victorias Secret runway walk. Also Whitney's cover girl shot was better. She deserved it.


Anya totally should have won. Whitney was so fugly. Oh well it's probably better that she dind't win b/c now she might actually get jobs. I can't believe I'm going to have to hear Whitney's fake voice doing the My Life segments.

Shardetta Tenderoni

Whitney looked liked Anna Nicole meets Miss Piggy in that pink dress with her arms flailing wildly. They gave Anya shit she couldn't walk in. Both of their hair was fucked up. Why do we make Tyra Banks relevant... seriously?


I've struggled with an eating disorder for a long time and whether people think it's fat or not fat, I'm 5'4 and a size 12...a healthy size 12 with no laxatives, binging, purging, starving, or excessive exercise. I thought Whitney's walk was fun (reminded me of the 90's with Cindy Crawford and the like) and it made me feel tons better to see someone with my boobs and butt and legs look fucking hot. Just for myself, I'm going to bask in the fact that Whitney won even if the whole thing was staged in the first place. I hate the color pink and I thought the way she moved in that dress was great.

Side note: Did anyone see how huge Anchal's boobs were in the ONTD pics?!


As soon as Fatima was gone, I said "Oh I feel so bad for Anya" because I knew she did not have a chance. "Plus sized" girl had to win if she made it to the top 2. Not to get into the whole "what is plus sized" question (Toccara yes, Whitney not at all). I think you at least need to have some rolls (love handles)to be plus sized. Whitney never did take one single picture with her mouth shut. Close your mouth Whit! I can;t even get into the whole go-sees not in Rome, etc. What a bunch of horrible tripe this season was....seriously thinking about hanging up my ANTM hat (if I can make it through the withdrwals). Just for the record I am plus sized (truly I am 5'10" and weigh 200 lbs.) and a photographer and I still wanted Anya to win. If Whitney had a portfolio that had some variety in it, I may feel differently.

SO DOES VERSACE DESIGN FOR THE PLUS SIZE NOW??? OR WAS THAT WAS JUST A STUNT? I Was really expecting the whole "dress doesn't fit" thing but it never happened.

At least Anya has a chance of a real career.


Missed opportunity to say how do you like them apple bottoms?


I love that Paulina said "when I see Anya, I see high fashion model; when I see Whitney, I see ham..."

And then when Whitney won, she said "this should not be called plus size, this should be called beautiful..."

So... Ham is Beautiful. I totally agree, Paulina... I totally agree.

Plush girl

WOW. I cannot get over the amount of HATE being aimed at Whitney all because of her body shape and size!
Listen to your selves; if you replace "fat" or some of the other charming descriptives you've used with "black" or "hispanic" or even the "n" word, you all would be called out for the haters you truly are!

How long is it going to take to get past this last road block of acceptable hate?

Would it have made a difference to you jerks if Whitney was a size 0? Then perhaps her perceived "fakeness" would have been embraced as being "Fierce".

God, you people sicken me.


I'd love to be as 'plus-sized' as Whitney. LOVE. Even with her struggles for acceptance as such a fat fatty mcfattenstuffed. *rolls eyes*

Alexis Karlin

Don't you guys think she looked like Anna Nicole stomping down the run way for one of her diet commercials?


Whitney isn't a bad model because of her size. She's just a bad model. She's not an ideal shape for a plus as she's shaped like a pear and not hourglass. In NY, you're considered plus if your size 8. That's my only problem with her winning. That and her personality is too much like Tootie's. They've really only ever had two plus girls with the right proportions and that was C5 Diane and C8 Diana. C5 Diana is currently signed with Wilhelmina who along with Ford have lare plus divisions unlike Elite which only has them in Chicago and Atlanta. Tyra wanted a plus to win and she probably wanted to deflect from C9. Whitney is fine for CG/17. Anya will have the opportunity now to have an actual modeling career. The only decent CG photo was Fatima. All of the commercials sucked (I guess they blew the budget paying Badgley Mischka and Versace). Whitney was saved on the runway by her second walk. Anya looked scared both passes. Even if you give her a break on her more restrictive dresses and ding Whitney for jiggly and waving her arms, Whitney did better. This is not about find a real model because that ship sailed in C1. It's about Tyra. She's got her plus girl now and she's going to milk it for all it's worth. I want Paulina to take over this show.


When Pauline called Whitney a "ham," she meant that Whitney was hamming it up on the runway. Which was totally true. Anyway looked so high fashion it was ridiculous, and her mesmerizing paparazzi shot was one of the best ANTM photos hands down. But, fine, let Whitney have it. I hope Anyway has the kind of success Elise from Cycle 1 has. Sure, Elise never totally blew up as a model on a global level, but she gets work constantly in foreign markets, which is a success on many measures.


Wow, that photo on the left is the first one I've ever seen of Whitney with her mouth closed.

Rachel D.

Eh...ANTM is largely fictional, anyway; I think Whitney's "plus-sized girl overcoming adversity" character was in perfect sync with the show's penchant towards the manufactured and the scripted, and - personally - won't hold any exaggerations against her.

As far as I'm concerned, her skinny past is irrelevant; the fact remains that she entered the "competition" as a girl with curves. It's nice to see a more relatable body type in the media.


I just love that she's got the Bitchface working, pre- and post-ANTM.

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