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I think all women should be a size 8. Whitney is a straight up cutie.


To be fair, she looks a lot younger in those pictures. Women gain weight with age, especially going from highschool age to early twenties, ya know?


I have to say that this was the best ANTM finale, well, probably EVER. Instead of some theatrical crap, they had an actual FASHION SHOW modeled designer gowns that were just beautiful. Even Saleisha looked decent!

However, I'm wondering if this show is somewhat fixed because they criticized Anya for her walk in the silver gown (she looked STUNNING in it, btw), but that gown was so tight around her ankles that they almost looked taped together! I was expecting there to be problems with Whitney's fitting but I was relieved that ANTM didn't bring up that drama again. Besides, Whitney isn't really "plus-sized". She doesn't really look much bigger than C9's Sarah, come to think of it.
Not that I'm disappointed in Whitney winning the competition. I thought it was time for a plus size (I use the term loosely) to take it. My original favorite was Katarzyna, because she had stunning facial features and wasn't the house bitch because of it.
Whitney had a lot of personality, though, phony as it might have seemed. And she took some darn good pictures. I mean, think back to C8. Diana showed promise in the beginning, but she killed her chances when Mr. Jay asked her why she wanted to be a model and she answered "Just 'cause." Whitney (C8) had a cool personality but she COULDN'T TAKE A DECENT PICTURE TO SAVE HER FRIGGIN LIFE.


This story is highly likely. I remember -- I think last season, when one of the "plus" girls started losing weight and she was scolded by the judges for doing so.

Also, there was another girl who was NOT super skinny, nor was she near "plus sized". Tyra and her crew advised the girl that she needed to gain some weight to be able to fit the plus size role.

So, I completely believe this story is legit - I could be wrong, but I have been watching this show from day 1 and it is obvious how they mold it all to fit.

It's so easy to figure out who is going to win this show each season. They are so blatantly obvious. The judges (and probably producers) decide which girl will be their charity case and have her win to vindicate themselves.. Fugly ho's like Eva Pigford and Naimi ----- Eva is 5'6" -- entirely too short to be a model... and Naimi is straight up FUG!

This show is going downhill fast!


Obviously it was fixed.

Anya won every challenge and always got high praise.

Whitney was always in the bottom 2.

How can the winner be the one that was almost voted off every week?


You can speculate on sizes (was she a 4? was she a 6? she's definitely an 8 now! no, 10! no, 16!!!), but what the eff does it matter what number size someone is?!

Depending on the brand/designer/label, I can wear pants anywhere from a size 8 to a size 16, quite literally. And depending on the cut of the garment, I can wear two different sizes in the same brand! Shocker!

Clothing manufacturers' sizes are widely disparate. There's no universal number "size," so it's an absolute waste of time to argue about what "size" Whitney is. In fact, I am annoyed with myself for even taking the time to mention this.

The point here is that Tyra & co wanted someone who wasn't super skinny, and Whitney was the slimmest and most marketable (for CoverGirl, Seventeen) of the non-skinny ladies they've had. Anya didn't win because they already had a skinny white girl who was high fashion.

We all know it's a farce, so let's all just laugh at it and enjoy Rich's recaps.


I totally believe it!! I've also seen pics of Whitney being skinnier from a forum, possibly twop. I didnt think of as being ridged like that, I thought she just gained weight by herself. I thought it was funny when at the end Whitney talks about being fat her whole life but I saw those skinnier pics. I joked with my brother saying she wasnt fat her whole life, unless she was being anorexic/bulimic during those skinny years.

I definitely didnt think whitney deserved to win. I thought Anya should have won but they
let Whitney win cause she was plus size. So I thought it was a little fixed but not that extreme with many skinny girl going fat.


Did anyone else catch Tyrant calling Whitney "Britney" during the first elimination round?

I also agree that Whitney's arm-flailing walk was absolutely ridiculous. She walked like Tyra's demonstrations of bad walks in previous cycles.


That swimsuit Whitney is wearing is a Brazilian cut bikini bottom... it fits lower on the hips and is cut TINY in the back (made by Salinas). She needs to pull it up though! Yes it's designed to be lower on the hips, but it's still designed to be raised on the sides and not straight across like how Whitney has clearly placed it. All this does is make her torso look ten miles long (and not in a good way) and her hips and waist the same size. If she had pulled it up on the sides a bit her legs would look longer, her torso more normal sized and her waist smaller than her hips.

I.e. I hate the styling in these pics!

Tamara ModernGear TV

Seems like a case of trying hard to stay relevant and have the appearance of being open to larger, more healthy models, after Italy banned models with an unhealthy BMI. I'd applaud the effort so much more if this story and the photos hadn't come to light...

Ms. G

Nope, no thanks Ty-Ty. Easter Buffy said it all earlier - FIX!!! No go-sees in ITALY?? And we all know why. Whitney is a cute girl and all, but she wins with that same damn open mouth that they gave her shit about?

Toccara Elaine Jones and her full grown dogs forever!!!

Luv you Rich!


I just watched the finale again and I realize Fatima's exit speech (which I never caught last night because I was screaming with happiness that Whitney was still in the game) sounds a lot like Jade's...talking about how this face will be hard to forget...I just wish she would have also given a little spoken word poetry...maybe "Leftover Labia"

oi vey

YEAY--anya can have a real career now! which she totally deserves!
we were rooting for whitney since she is done for after the show anyway. let her have her 7.5 minutes...
i don't really care that there is one more fake thing about antm. it will be good for all the 'real size' girls out there who still believe in the fantasy of tv ;]

btw, my friends and i are totally done with the show (but not with your re-cap) until paulina kicks tyty to the curb!!!


Personally I think those photos make her look skinnier by the way she's posing. She is hiding her butt and thighs in both. And I wonder if they're doctored because the model's head looks a lot smaller and out of proportion with her body. I never noticed that on ANTM.

Anyhoo, I don't care. I'm still glad she won. The show's fixed anyway like all reality shows.

Anyone who knows the industry would realize that Elite Models, Cover Girl and Seventeen Magazine choose the winner early in the competition. The judges may have some input but they aren't the ones sponsoring the show.


This season is such bullshit. Tyra is not even trying anymore. She should hand the show over to someone who cares a little more. And if they were going to choose a plus size girl, Toccara for the motherfuckin win
Every season they dangle potentially great models in front of us, and then they send them away leaving America's Next Top Tyrabot standing.
Quit playing with my heart Tyra!

I suggest we all jump off the ANTM bandwagon, and onto AusNTM or GNTM


this is the first time i was okay with any outcome. i am happy whitney won, but sad that anya didnt. even though both of the girls were swinging their arms like crazy down the runway, i did actually think whitney served it more, anya looked like a stunning corpse. but maybe thats more fashion?? oh well, i actually thought anya would win at one point since she won two major challenges. at least she made all that 7-up money. i realized yesterday that anya is the bastard child of gwen stefani and elmo.

now, regarding those pictures on ONTD:

1. lauren's armpit bush made me dryheave
2. jaspeen's pictures are pretty fierce
3. it was cute seeing janet and mollie sue side by side since they always reminded me of each other
4. and damn, anchal has tiggo bitties!

oh, and i agree with those who discredit the conspiracy theories, i mean, it aint like whitney is down on saleisha's level, maybe you guys give tyra too much credit...


i do question why anya, who had been hailed as a classic beauty all season, suddenly became the embodiment of 'ugly beautiful' during the last panel.

but i question out of love and in vain -- this i realize as that combo has kept my interest in top model piqued through all these cycles.


I think it is funny how people don't realize their opinions are subjective. For everyone who hates Whitney someone out there loves her.

I agree she isn't the best model, but she is adequate, and when has the best model actually won?

I think people are giving ANTM too much credit for the level of conspiracy theories going around. The show could have focused on Whitney eating, because you know, she ate. We never saw her consume massive quantities of food. Foraging throughout the day is actually the healthiest, I got the impression that is what she did.

As for all the Toccara love, that girl had the biggest breasts ever that were WAY out of proportion to her body. I think that caused the clothing issues more than anything else.

okay, for the record, i worked with a fashion designer once, and she preferred size 4 girls

I too went to high school with Whitney. She was actually the mean girl in high school who looked down on everyone else, despite what she said in the finale. She was probably a size two throughout high school, and was never called fat or anything because she never was. Makes you wonder...


Rich, who is in your banner this week?

I'm sorry but whats up with the haters. Why can't she be a plus size model and win the show. She looks good. She was heavy throughout the entire show. Remember the Go Sees. Lets be real people. She has amazing pictures. She took over that cat walk.

Why as Americans we promote celebrities, praise them for everything. But as soon as they fuck up. We try to bring them down and destroy them. Like seriously. Grow up people. Dont judge anyone about there issues when your backyard isn't so fresh so clean


I thought the most fascinating thing about the finale was how Paulina was totally trying to take over the panel (and the show). I mean, girl showed up with a tiara on. It was beautiful. And Tyra seems blissfully unaware...I smell a coup!

Steve G

Ugh. Who knows if the thing was so deliberately staged... It doesn't even matter. It seemed like Tyra was dying to make a statement, ready crown a plus-sized model sooner or later. I'm just disappointed Whitney was it. Could you have picked a more boring-looking girl, one with a disagreeable personality to boot.

I had a secret spot in my heart for Dominique (being a Columbus girl and all), but of course she never would have won. When that ship sailed, I was ready for Anya to win. She had a great personality, and took some of the most stunning photos in the show. Plus, she looked abso-freakin'-amazing in the brown Versace dress.

I couldn't care less about Whitney.


Sorry. I don't care what anyone says, I still love Whitney. I would've been happy with Whitney *or* Anya [best top two EVER!]; but let's face it -- Anya is Vogue/Mac and Whitney is Seventeen/Cover Girl. Since this contest is about Seventeen and Cover Girl, they picked the right girl for what they're doing.

Personally, I think she looks much better now than in the size-4 pics. Then again, most women *do* look better with boobs and butt (no matter how thin or thick you are, real women have curves). Thinner didn't look natural on her (look at her ribs).

The fact that she gained weight doesn't necessarily make it a conspiracy. I myself have been everything between a 00 and a 14. And I know plenty of women who also fit that bill. There's no way she could have gained weight quickly enough to make the ANTM deadline if she hadn't already been packing on the pounds -- her stomach is too tight. Also, if you pay attention to the end of the show, they showed a lot of old pictures of Whitney. She was chubbier in some of them [not that I'd classify her as "chubby" now].

Call her chubby, call her thick, call her plus-size, call it fixed, whatever. I just call her "Juicy Booty." Yay for the Juicy Booty women!!!

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