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May 14, 2008



honestly, I am a 5'7' size 12 chick.
I have been as large as a plus sized 26, and the smallest I've been was a juniors 9.
I would been happy as hell to see a plus sized girl win this time.
But I was trully not feeling Whitney.
She is very average looking.
She is cutish. And I am not mad that she won. But I just felt that Anya was the best model out the entire group.
It felt too set up that finally a plus sized girl should win.
And Tocarra is gorgeous. she should have been the first plus sized model.
I was dissapointed last night.
there is nothing speacial about Whitney at all.


Ok can someone answer me PLEASE?? Who is that Asian lady that Rich put in the banner this week? Does anyone know??


Seriously......WHERES THE SARAN WRAP?!?!


Yeah, when they showed Whitney's old pictures after she was named the winner, all of the pics showed her looking much skinnier than she was right now. It was weird, because she kept talking about how she was made fun of, but the pics told an opposite story.



"Ok can someone answer me PLEASE?? Who is that Asian lady that Rich put in the banner this week? Does anyone know??"

Pretty sure that's the main girl from "Lust Caution"


I can't really tell what size Whitney is in those swimsuit pics...she looks about a 4/6, but I'M a 4, and maybe smaller than that? I can't really determine it, I kind of have BDD, heh. Most people think I'm a 2/4.

Anyway, if she was a 4/6 before she gained weight, that is definitely not too big to be a "mainstream" model. It may be too big for high fashion (where they supposedly prefer 2's), but it's fine for commercial and catalog stuff, and girls about that size have won ANTM before. If she gained the weight just for the show, I don't really understand why she did that.


I really think thism photo looks photoshopped but that is just my opinion. And I dont know many girls who would gain that much weight on purpose.


>>I really think thism photo looks photoshopped but that is just my opinion. And I dont know many girls who would gain that much weight on purpose

They made Jennifer Hudson gain weight for Dreamgirls.


Way to promote healthy eating habits by convincing someone to GAIN WEIGHT for a show, Tyra. Gaining weight puts her in bad health, although she DID look great, weight gain ain't healthy.
this is shameless promotion of Tyra and her fat ass.


awww, maybe she's just a little older. a shot of me at 17 versus a shot of me at 23? yeah, bodies change. and sometimes we put on weight. i went from a 0-2 to a 6. which is cool by me, but it's probably a similar to difference to whitney.
regardless, her body looks hot both ways. lol.


plan or no plan, i predicted her, mainly on the basis of the tyra bikini pictures and nows about the right time that the antm rebutle would come out. saleisha was already in the works right? that puts me at 3 correct of the 7 cycles i've seen. i'm rooting for spontaneous this round!!! bring it. thanks Rich!


I actually dont watch the show (but feel like I do because I check each week for updates) and am a bit disgusted that they consider a size 8 "plus size."


For all of you who dont understand--Whitney is a plus sized model. In the Industry, Plus sized is a 6. If being 110 at 5'9 makes you too big to be a model, and its thin, Then you should expect that a plus size will be smaller too. The clothes still hafta look good, you cant have a damned cow marching down the runway.

And her walk was phenomenal


Whitney was an excellent model with ten times the personality of Anya. The dress they gave her was probably the only Versace dress in her size!

I flipped when she won, shes been my favorite since the beginning.


You know, it is actually possible for her to have been a size four in the ONTD pictures, and chubby at other times in her life. I'm her height and have been everywhere from a 4 to a 14. These fluctuations just happen, and it doesn't have to be part of some grand conspiracy.


EPIC Fail.


i think i lost interest in this cycle and this show around the time they did something similar to go-sees early on in nyc. that they specifically found designers who'd have clothes to fit whitney was the biggest clue of where this was heading. that they never bothered to mention her open-mouthed fish look in every photo was another. after the saleisha thing, this was pretty predictable. and yeah i'd seen some of whitney's old work and she does look better thinner. (shrug) i had heard the spoilers confirm that she was going to win, so i skipped the finale - only to hear she had actually had clothes that not only fit, but was flowy (seriously, what normal runway show has sample sizes for plus-sized girls anyway?) while model-sized anya got the constricting dresses that'd be hard for any new model to work with. and i heard there was no criticism of whitney's bouncy walk - the kind they chewed nik out for a few seasons back. so no shock. no shock.

my only thing is that if they were so determined that a plus-sized model should win this cycle, was it so hard to find a good one? geez... this one didn't even have a likeable personality to make up for the lack of modeling ability. oh well.


I think she looks better thin, but that girl has some weird proportions. Her torso seems so long..


oh and about what someone said above, plus sized is *not* a size 6 in the fashion industry. lol

the range for plus-sized models is usually between 12 to 18. from what i know, the preferred size is a 14 with a height of about 5'10" and the models should still be somewhat toned and in proportion.


I'm sorry but I don't buy this conspiracy theory. There are quite a few reasons as to why she could be bigger now than she was then. Even going so far as to think that possibly she was being very unhealthy to stay that size and decided to just be happy and healthy with her body.

I think there are just enough people that don't like Whitney that controversy will be surrounding her for a good long time. Because you know, if there is no drama, create some!

All 4 years of high school she was thin. It's not that I don't think she is a good model, I think she is beautiful on the outside, but I don't think it is fair to America, especially younger girls, to be lied to. Whitney was TOTALLY fake. In high school, her arts area (arts highschool) was drama. So she knows how to play. The fact that she said she was always made fun of for being fat and stuff is a flat out lie because she was actually the one making fun of the bigger girls and starting rumors. I just think ANTM should have someone more honest and a better role model, thats all.


All I'm going to say is that Whitney was the first 'plus-size' contestant that didn't break down during the competition. I know Tocarra has a lot of personality (and let's be honest, she's just as bitchy as Whitney) but she broke down when her boobies couldn't fit in any designer clothes.

And Whitney is plus-size? Give me a break!

And OMG regarding Anchal! Did she get implants or have a baby?


i HATE whitney...she was such a bitch on the show & definitely a fake. plus her ugly mouth never photographed well. anya had a busted up nose, but it totally worked for her...my guess is that anya (i adored her quirkiness) was too edgy for covergirl & they wanted more of a classic/traditional pretty bitch faced model. i think anya's innocence with the modern/edgy look would have been a better route for covergirl to take in this day & age.


I was thinking that isn't it a coincidence that Whitney won! I was happy she did, since not many women are as tiny as most models. Perhaps Tyra was trying to make a point about the modelling world. I think that she should, indeed, have a "plus size" modeling competion. If Whitney is plus size, then the rest of the world is more than plus size.


Wow... I may be repeating (too many comments to remember!), but isn't it just possible that Whitney used to be heavier, and lost weight to fit the model mold? As some have said, perhaps she was going about her weight control the wrong way, and realized that it was unhealthy. Just because she is now "plus sized" and was recently "thin" doesn't speak to her entire life experience. I know I'm being completely speculative, but honestly, it's no less realistic than Tyra always rigging seasons or whatever some people seem to believe is happening.

In the end, the show is for entertainment value. I'm taking it too seriously if I get really upset.

And lastly, Rich's blogs and videos are WAY better than the show, hands-down!

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