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I want to say - thank you for this!


This is very late, but I went to middle and high school with Whitney, and to make a long story short:

No, she was never 'curvaceous' before the show. She was just as thin as everyone else, and no one in their right mind would have teased her about her weight. No reason to. She was normal. Not too small, not too big.

(This is coming from a girl who WAS bigger in school, and at arts schools, no one teases anyone about petty crap like that.)

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Truth be told, many women have this same fantasy. Many more have even “busted a move” for their lover. Sound like fun? It sure is! Plus, the Romantic Striptease is an awesome way to show your big ass just how sexy you’re feeling. And take it from me, he will agree with you 100%.

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Does anyone know where I can find cute dresses online? not like long ones but more summery ones?
i tried kohls and delias already.
thanks for all your help! =)

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Looking for cute short dress for winter formal. any ideasssss? : ) looking for...

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i like this part of the post:"Every cycle since Tyra demanded that we kiss her fat ass, I've predicted that the plus-sized girl (fuck the nouveau lingo) will take it." is very good

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who cares. its only a show and its escapism from real life. stop taking it so seriously. if you all hate the show so much, don't watch it and don't talk about it!

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America's Next Top Model, let's face it, it's a show that entertains everybody. But my only issue with it is Tyra Banks. That girl speaks like singing. Have you noticed that?

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So sexey!A fair death honors the whole life.

Account Deleted

Hi admin.
These are amazing photos you've posted. I feel like watching this movie now. Nice shots.


Poor Nancy you still don't get it! Krista won because she had the most tanelt they were all beautiful. Actually beauty is from within so just work on your attitude & that will improve your looks. And as far as you thinking you're ugly, just do what most white people do in order to have Black & Hispanic's natural beauty: tan all the time & pump chemicals in your lips, cheeks & butt! lol!


i can't beleive that she won, i think she looks like a man!!!! Raina was a good eamxple of what alot of women really look like, not super skinny, i may not watch this program again if super skinny girls that looks like guys are going to win!! horrible role models for the teens of today, they already have enough pressure from movie stars, i thought tyra was trying to change that look of super skinny models, guess i was wrong.


My problem to acecpt decision choose Krista as super model' has nothing to do with color.I do not like hypocrisy of Tyra that she allows choose someone with such attributes as-Obviously anorexic-Poor and nasty attitude mixed with profanity during show-Very poor memory skills and presenting herself but she is only good as drama queenEverything that Tyra suppose to stand against in any girls regardless of the color.

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