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Whitney does not represent plus size models she is such a fake! aughh !!

I was rooting for /anya the entire time but i must agree the season of the fat girl was predictable im not surprised by Tyra and her not so clever plan here that unfolded before the world hah!

beside Whitney wasnt as great as they made her seem like a ton of the other girls had waaaaaay better photos and did way better jobs WTF TYRA????

I say OVER WITH ANTM!!!!!!!!!! Oh YEA!!!!!!!




She was the prettiest girl on the show....
round and juicy or not. A real beauty


I really heated this season, no one, of the last four of the girls, were nearly Top Models, Anya had a terrible speech problem , Fatima didn't have any charisma to save her life , Dominique look like she was 40 years old (I always wonder that nobody at panel mention that) and Whitney looked ok (as the fat girl) but not great and nor deserving of winning.
I thought last season was horrible ( Chantal was clearly robbed of the tittle), but this one takes the cake. I don't know what is the thinking process of the creators of ANTM, but is always fuck up.

ok i love whitney...i dont know if this true or not , her being told to gain weight..who the hell would gain weight for a show.. COME ON!!! i dont care about the " popularity" ,, but whyyyy whyy whyy would u gain weight if u arnt making millions? whatever maybe its true they were taken a while ago, i donno.. but i really think he looks so much prettier with more weight..ah well

Sexy at any Size

So what if they are (INACCURATELY) calling a size 10 a ‘plus size’, the winner is still a beautiful woman who has the feminine appearance of a real woman rather than the almost androgynous look that a lot of fashion models sport. This is sending out a positive message that women are supposed to look like women, with curves and soft lines rather than be angular and bony.

This win sends out the positive message that Healthy is Sexy, Healthy is Beautiful!


I doubt there's any true reality shows anymore. They all have so many people behind them trying to make them interesting.


I've known Whitney for about 5 years now. She was a grade under me through out school. She has always been a talented person, she went to the top performing school for the arts, Douglas Anderson for Drama...She was alot skinnier before the show, and i know for a fact she has always modeled and always tried to lose weight to make it and could never quite do it. I have a lot of respect for Whitney. For a woman in our society...its hard to be big. and She did have to gain weight for the show. So Go Whitey for doing what most of us could not


First of all, while Whitney is a "full-figured" model, she's just like ANY Other Model who is a true misrepresentation of the demographics she's supposed to be representing. The average American woman is between a 12-14 (note I said American, since this is America's Next Top Model, not The World's Next Top Model)and Whitney's size 6-10 doesn't come close. Just be happy for the girl and deal with it.

P.S. - And if any of you believe that reality shows are not scripted ("fixed") in some way, then you're really naive. Realty shows are used to cheaply create TV content without writers. Producers "sketch out" scenarios with non-union, unrepresented "talent" and add in some type of measurement system (judges, audience/viewer voting, etc) to connect and move the action forward for 10-13 shows. As always with Hollywood, none of it is real, just another way to get people hook on the screen scene.

King of All Losers

I'm so happy Whitney won. I was rooting for her from Day 1. Once she got her makeover and became a blonde she was 10x hotter. She was already gorgeous before the makeover and looks absolutely stunning as a blonde. She's easily one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen. I look forward to seeing sexy pictures of her somewhere. Whitney totally changed the way I view women. I never found plus sized woman attractive before I saw her.

Marry me Whitney!


I watched the Tyra show on Monday, May 19th, and she did a show which included taking lie detector tests. She got in the hot seat and a guest asked her questions, more particularly "Do you feel that the girl who wins America's Top Model is deserving of the win?" She said, "yes", and the lie detector said that answer was "false". There was not elaboration, just on with the show. Just goes to show you, that its quite a possibility the show is fixed according to the "mood of the season".


who really cares how she got on the show.. she was into modelling already and if a talent scout can recognize her features.. go for it! its the chance of a life time.
i just want to state for the fact that whitney is not "plus size" she is curvey and drop dead beautiful.
tyra even said at the end of the show that she is a "full figure" model.. which means, hips, ass, thighs, boobs and curves. no more stick thin models that look like pre-pubessent boys.
i dont care if the show is fixed or not - she is a wonderful women with amazing looks and a bubbly personaility that other can now look up to.


since when is being a size 6 or 8 make you plus size? if this is the stadard being set it is no wonder young girls feel bad about themselves. Maybe they should put real plus size models on the show and show the world that women really are beautiful in bigger sizes.

she sure was ugly before, explains how her stomach was so flat though


i just have to say that i think whitney is a really beautiful girl. and not for being any certain way, that's just my taste.
and the modeling world is horrific. i was a size 6 when i was 17 years old, and i concerned myself to be a skinny little thing at that age. most of my friends were bigger as well, that was not the norm. i weighed something like 110. it makes me sick to think of the huge percentage of models that are killing themselves to try to be thin enough to be a model. i feel so bad for these girls


whether or not I agree with the point of view, that was as funny as hell! rofl


From Lizzie's link (, it looks like Whitney has jo-joed over the years. That's just as bad as the uber-skinny models if you are talking about role models.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that Whitney won (fixed or no); she's more representative of the vast majority of us ladies out there.

I just wish they would stop calling he "plus sized" or "full figured"! Size 10-12 is actually closer to average for women today!! That's the reason that all that's left on the sales wrack is "0-4", because there aren't as many people looking to buy this size!


The last time i was this disappointed with a Top Model finale was when Nicole beat out Nik.
I love ANTM but i think this season does it for me. I never even thought about it being a conspiracy but after reading all the posts, it's starting to look all too possible.
I'll start off by saying I'm into modeling and I'm a size 8 and I've always wanted to see a plus-size girl win, but it SHOULD NOT have been Whitney. Anya should have won HANDS DOWN.
She was NEVER on the chopping block.
Took STUNNING pictures.
Vibrant and upbeat personality.
High fashion look.
Whitney was ALWAYS on the chopping block.
Acted fake, sounded fake, fake laugh, the judges frickin said she was fake.
She looks like a typical blonde you'd see at the mall or somewhere, NEVER in a high fashion runway show or magazine.
Her pictures weren't even that great, or even great at all for that matter, and I really dont know what the judges saw in that paparazzi picture.
And don't get me started on the runway show. Haha another poster said this already but I'd also like to know when Versace started making plus-sized dresses? Lol. And when Tocarra was doing the lingerie photo shoot, they could barely find underwear in her size? And how fair was it that Anya had to to wear dresses where she was practically binded at the ankles? Kinda hard to have a fierce walk when you can barely walk period, don't you think?
Whitney's walk was atrocious. She was trying too hard and it wasn't high fashion AT ALL. What a shame that they do a Versace fashion show in the worst ANTM season to date.
I'm not even worried about Anya though. Let Whitney have that little Covergirl contract. Funny how Covergirl has never renewed their contracts with Top model winners except for CariDee and Jaslene i believe.
Anya deserves a lot better than that. With that look and talent she has her whole career ahead of her and a much more promising one than Whitney. Let Whitney fade into nothingness along with the other nine "top models".
I just had a thought though. Are we really surprised Whitney won when the cast was so bad that someone like Dominique made top four?
LOL. I mean really though.


And another thing...I'm tired of seeing comments like "since when is size 8 plus size?"

OF COURSE size 8 isn't plus size in the real world but in the MODELING WORLD it is.

Take the NBA for example. In the real world, if you're 6'0", you're fairly tall. But in the NBA that's considered short.

The reason models have to be so skinny is because in runway shows, they model SAMPLE GARMENTS. If you were a designer would you want to waste time making SAMPLES in all sizes?

I'm not saying the modeling industry is perfect but what industry is? And this is coming from a size 8 aspiring model so don't get it twisted. Accept it the down side of the industry or find another line of work.


Whitney's interview is bullshit. Being a 6-8 in the above photos, which she claims were done when she was in high school, doesn't jibe at all with her "teased for being fat" sob stories in Cycle 10. Besides, since when is being a size 6 in high school considered fat by even the worst of the mean girls?


y'all need to stop hatin' !
get over it
and im glad she did
shes gorgeous!
and theres nothing you can do about it
go ahead complain
why in the world would producers ask a size 4 model to gain weight?when they can just go out and find a plus size. im a size 12-14(depending on brand) yes whitneys not a size 14. SHE NEVER SAID SHE WAS! watch this interview
she even says shes a size 10! and as i said i range from a 12-14 the same goes for sizes 8-10 depending on brand.

y'all sit there saying "oh im plus" and all that bs. and sure maybe you are but have some respect for the girl! shes trying her best to change an industry that frowns upon our sizes. shes doing it not just for herself but us too! i quote whitney saying "i'm not modeling to better my career-it's about changing the industry.i won't stop until it's changed!" so get over yourselves! and show some respect!


It's not that we are hating that a plus size girl winning the competition. But the point is, does the girl really entered the competition fairly and deserves to win?

Throughout the whole show, most people (even the other girls that got eliminated) agreed that Anya is the better model, she never been in the bottom two, got more praises, won more challenges and she also has the look of a high fashion model.

People said Whitney rocked the runway? I don't think so. I love fashion and I watch a lot of fashion shows. I don't see real models (except for a few brand like Victoria's Secret and Sonia Rykiel) like Whitney did. If you watch past seasons, you can watch that Tyra and Miss J gave an example of what you shouldn't do while walking on the runway, and Whitney's walk is one of those runway don'ts. The dresses are chosen by Donatella Versace, correct? If Donatella were the one to chose the winner, I bet that she would pick Anya immediately. Watch Versace fashion shows, the models for Versace don't walk like Whitney.

About the whole models have to speak clear, no weird accent bla bla blah, watch cycle 1 when the person from Wilhemina Models (I think his name is Pink) said something close to "don't be afraid to show if you have accent. it is well liked". This is America's Next Top Model, not America's Next Top Spokeperson or Beauty pageant. In fact, youtube Snejana Onopka, Vlada Roslyakova or Sasha Pivovarova. Their English are horrendous, but they are the current "It girls" of the fashion industry.

Whitney to me, just screams fake and beauty pageant-ish instead of a model.

I am a naturally thin girl who is actually trying to gain weight so I can have bigger boobs and ass. I find Whitney's winning comment a bit offensive to my taste. This is her comment: Do you think Tyra might have cut you some slack because she really wanted a plus-size model to win this time around?
Whitney: Definitely not! I worked my butt off every single week. One thing that separates me from other plus-size models who have been in earlier cycles is that I’m saying, “I’m not emaciated, I’m not starving myself and yet I’m considered plus-size. Why is that? Why is a healthy size considered too big?” So I have this message that I’m trying to carry with me. It was incredibly difficult, but I kept thinking, “If I don’t make it, then who is going to be a role model for my 13-year-old cousin? Who are the first-graders that I teach in elementary school going to look up to? Are they going to be a completely lost generation because all of their role models are in rehab or have eating disorders?” I told myself that failure was not an option and pushed through.

and another great quote from Miss Whitney:
"rather than skin and bones, which is disgusting and sends a bad message to people everywhere."

My take on her comments:
She worked her butt off every single week? Every girl in the competition worked their butt off, not just her.
And seriously, she thought every skinny models have eating disorder? Every skinny person is a bad role model? It is like she is putting down every skinny person because she wants to feel better about herself. She thought she is the last hope of young girls because every other "role models" are in rehab or have eating disorder? Wow. Just wow.


In her elite management profile, it says that she fluctuates between an 8/10 size, and was an 8-10 on the show. I believe that those pics were prob from high school, especially since she had dark brown hair before the show. I think all of you who are like "The show is rigged, blah blah fake fake" just need to relax and stop being sooo dramatic. Not everything in life needs to be a scandal, rigged, or fake. I think Whitney did a great job, and think about it, its not like Anya won't have any modeling agencies hire her! Look at the rest of the girls who didn't make it to win... I see Kim on MTv all the time, Molly Sue was signed onto elite models, Joanie has been doing modeling, its not the end of the world for the girl who doesn't win. And they end up with a great experience, portfolio, and exposure. Get over yourselves.


Hi.. i am 16 and if u don't think that the photos could be retouched look at what i did in 10 mins to one of Whitney's photos!! its not that hard with the right programs!! and the is a 90% chance that the background in the "skinny" photos above is just a greenscreen! yall need to stop trying to cut her down because she is curvy! THANKS TO ALL THAT SUPPORTED HER!!

Prada Sunglasses

No matter what, but i am happy for Whitney. She did everything that a winner should do to win and to be at the top.

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