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May 14, 2008



I SO thought my cats were the only ones who did that. I luuuuurves me some Winston.


Isn't it fun finding all those little discarded nails around the house?


i don't think i've ever loved a cat as much as i love winston, not even the cats i actually had as pets.


If he's actually biting his nails, they might need to be trimmed. If he's just licking and cleaning his paw pads, my cat does that all the time too!


Oh thank god. I thought I was the ONLY ONE chewing and licking my paw obsessively in anticipation.


I don't know what it is about Winston, but I just can't help myself from watching every ridiculous video you post of him. I just spent two minutes watching him lick his paws. I knew it was ridiculous and I couldn't even stop myself on the thought of, "But what if I miss something?"


Hahaha. I love eccentric little animals - they are so lovable. You are lucky to have Winston - he's precious.


Do you ever feel like maybe your cat isn't a real cat but some droid planted by aliens?


I just watched your cat give himself a pedicure for 2 minutes. In the words of Sue Simmons (my new hero), "...the Fuck am I doing?"

Seriously though, I'm not even a cat person and I love Winston. Obviously.

House of Jules


I have always hated cats. But Winston has opened my eyes to a whole new world of cuties. Thanks Rich


Lol! Your cat is so weird. It's a good weird, but weird nonetheless. ;)


Winston is so team Fatty.


Winston is 'beautifying' for the finale...we all prepare in our own ways =)

I find it odd that after the video finished all the 'other' Youtube videos that scroll accross the bottom were for exotic dancers. Winnie is a lot of things but I just don't see dancer there.


"I find it odd that after the video finished all the 'other' Youtube videos that scroll accross the bottom were for exotic dancers."

I didn't even notice that. Hilarious! If you check out the video's tags it makes a little sense.


It seemed painful but I couldn't tear myself away, lol. I'm bracing myself for the inevitable crowning of Bitchney as C10 ANTM. It'll be something new for Tyra and even Tootie will be there which just makes it all the more probable since she and Whitney are pretty much the same person.

ellen Thompson



It's probably a random bit of Iams stuck between his toes. I've seen what he does with food.


OMG, my blue point (Siamese) does the exact same thing. I thought she was the only weirdo cat in the world. HA! Winston is one giant ball of cute. LOVE HIM.


It is a real nail-biter.


Heh, if Winston wants a pretty party so badly, you should run him a "makeover" bath.

If he starts crying, play the guilt card and say "Do you know how many other kitties would kill to be in your shoes?"


It looks like he's going off on a big furry cock.


God, Winston can brighten any day.

Rich, I hope beyond hope that you're watching Tyra right now--it's the "Fiercees." And oh shit, Jade's there.

Driver B

My kitties do this even when they don't need their nails trimmed. . .I like to think of it as some emery board action.


winston is adoooooooooorable
I don't even like cats but I want to hug him so much :D

Washington Cube

I know I'm supposed to say something pithy and terribly clever here, but it's Winston, and I adore him. That is common kitty behavior. They are very tidy creatures (despite stepping into their food dishes) and are constantly grooming.

Postscript: For those of you who feel bad sitting watching You Tube of Winston grooming, not only do I watch it, but then I email it to friends to alert them that there's a new Winston post up.

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