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May 06, 2008



Loves it! Who'da thunk Amis would be so self-aware?


P.S. I had a real life, human being encounter with Sara, Plain and Plain the other day. She's literally, like, 6'4". And gorgeous. She handled my unreasonable stalking well. She's no longer modeling and is at a firm or back in law school or something. Get it girl!


Edna's Edibles is burning!!!!
House of Jules


did you say porn? ok just send a link

Steve Abramson

I only have three words to say.


I also have a few more words

I couldn't find that post anywhere on your profile or videos LOL (I'm now dying to see what you blacked out).

After getting to "know" Amis a little better from the recap episode, she really did come off as just a fun girl - and to be able to read YOUR recaps and pay you a compliment - that's not only a testiment to your witticisms, but to her strength in character.

Amis, if you're reading this - you just earned my complete and total respect and I wish you nothing but the best of life and happiness!!!

Steve :)

Easter Buffy

Wow! This is such greatness!! She's pretty cool after all (though, girl, please invest in new bras. I'm just saying - we all saw it, so hey). Good on both of you!


OMG I totally would buy a porn movie with Rick and his bf in it. As long as the Winston cameo comes AFTER the pop shots, it is all good.


Chantal had a magazine cover in San Francisco! She looked pretty good, though you might want to redraw a non-droopy eye somewhere...

the pics are here:


um... here's the link:


Tall-ass Sarah is indeed going back to law school. She was definitely accepted to Boalt, at Cal(one of my friends was at the accepted students orientation thingy a few weeks ago with her. Alas, she chose another, non-ANTM school.)


Amis is definitely the only girl from Cycle 10 I'd want to hang out with. Not that that's such a distinctive honor.

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

Ooh, well done you. I'd be insanely excited if someone I namechecked got in touch with me...of course you wield considerably more clout than I :)


Yay, Amis!


I see a great future for Amishole on this blog...a ANTM guest blogging issue, where Amis blogs about ANTM. YES!


For the people that cant find the comment, its not on any of the video comments, its actually on rich's youtube page comments. So just go to the richfofo page and scroll down to the bottom.

Shocking!! If I understand correctly what that means! How did she even find that, so very weird!!


Ann is still like THE best past contestant of ANTM, ok maybe not as messed up as jade or as 'unique' as Heather but come on! =)

You'd be the awesomest guest on the Tyra Banks show...someone with some 'clout' get on that!


Laketa, I saw Sara, Plain and Plain a few weeks ago! (near Farragut Square) - she was so tall, I had to scamper a bit to keep up with her - luckily she didn't freak out by my stalking, but was merely polite about it.

Jaslene though, was the best, I met her in NY - she was horrifically thin and corpse-like, but very sweet and talkative. Hmm.


I know you probably get ANTM sightings all the time, but I always see Sarah the Non-Lesbian at my gym. We often elliptical next to each other. Whenever there's a marathon on I watch it at the gym and give her dirty looks because I can just see the shame in her eyes. We've never spoken, but we've smelled each others sweat in a totally non-creepy stalker kind of way so I feel like she and I are close.


This is awesome! Now if only Natasha or Hoolihay would find FourFour...

Amishole had one of the most gracious exit interviews when she got kicked off, which definitely demonstrated that she's a cool chick who didn't take the ANTM Monster Machine too seriously.


So I went to check out what the blacked out portion of that comment was referring to, and thanks to that I just spent the last hour laughing my ass off. Thanks!


she's so fucking annoying.


BTW, your "other" work is pretty awesome.


You could just tell Amis was really cool. Love her.


people are still watching and talking about this show... because I am so over it... I havent watched it in forever


Oooh, I saw Sara, Plain and Plain and Tall and Tall in Whole Foods Tenley. She's all over town, apparently!

Seriously, where's Natasha? (Brain = hot dogs joke goes here.) I miss her! Best ANTM contestant ever!

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