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May 06, 2008



Since we're sharing Sara sightings--I go to the same gym she and commenter Kevin go to. I try really, REALLY hard not to stare at her because I ALWAYS run into her in the locker room, but sometimes it's all I can do not to go batshit fangirl.


"if somebody comes a lot when theyr with me im like HELLYA!"


bless amis'soul... (and i love you)


so when are you going to write about gossip girl?


Ann Markley is in "Made of Honor" as one of Patrick Dempsey's conquests!!!



i love you so much more now after watching your other work (which i didn't think was possible, honestly).

and that slut machine is my new hero.

whoah ponies.




Who knew Amishole was THAT awesome!?


I pray for thou, Rich
be thy friend :D

Guy DeLuk

Amis, or should I say Amy. You. ROCK!!! I love the way you take things to the Nth Degree, have the best of life ;) Eric


I saw Lauren on the G train 2 nights ago. She is Mongo tall and super skinny. She looked cute in a busted way and had on a jean jacket with a CRASS patch. Bless her little heart.
I felt too stupid to go up to her, but my b-f made an undercover cameraphone video.


She exists (Natasha)!... and her husband is nowhere near as cool as Boris. She was strolling the tiny trendster section at a mall here in Dallas (and her tiny trendster was definitely wild at heart!... Natasha still looked elegant, if hopeless, chasing her red-head (cute?...ish?) kid.... But the girl was rockin the 4" heels even so. Loved her.


I still think Amis looks vaguely like Milla Jovovich, and that Tyra & co. were blind for not realizing how cool she was.


good post. i'm interested in finding out what this side thing you've got going on on youtube is. :P

a little bummed that this had nothing pertaining to Katarzyna - the reason I watch ANTM cycle 10.


haha. alright, my bad. i realized i didn't go to the right blog about Katarzyna. :P


Can you do a gif of nigel running down the stairs on the 5/7 episode? It looked hilariously feminine the first time. It will only get funnier on repeat.


I think Amis was the victim of a tragic makeover. I would have liked her more if I didn't hate her hair.


She posted this in one of her comments on her own profile too:

"and thanks rich . you totally got me exploded on the youtube circuit."



That's why I love Amis. She was really good natured, and she went before she should have. It's amazing how someone that went 4th is still one of my favorite girls this season. And I love her voice too, very crisp and clear.

And did Kat cry? I don't remember exactly.


WE WANT MORE AMIS!!! AMIS are you listening?


That's an understatement, jennifer. Chantal got a cover AND a six page spread. I'll notget into my ANTM sightings. We'll be here all day.


I love your recaps! They brighten up my Mondays. Have you ever thought covering the reality show "So You Think You Can Dance"? I think you could do wonders with it! (It starts May 22 on Fox)


you will NOT regret looking at this



EEEEK! wrong address...I mean THIS



i feel sorry for all those that don't know about the blocked portion of the comment. the other "work" has provided me months of joy.

"I know.. because i am her". killed me.



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ahY6MG If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

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