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May 19, 2008



I've been waiting for this all day. Awesome! thanks for all your recaps, it has really made my mondays.


I LIKE Whitney.
But I like fourfour too.

Conflict. Sad


I can't wait until the fall.

Please tell me you saw the Fiercee awards last Wednesday and will post about it.


Anya wuz robbed


Yay...all's well that ends well


Not schocked Whitney won even if I think she sucks as a model in general and her postshow interviews make me like her even less than I did on the show. She is perfect for CG which is what this show is about. She'll be able to read the copy like a pro and Tyra did say she was directable.

Loved the faux runway show. Both girls walks were bad but Anya looked terrified and as Nigel said, Whitney's second walk saved her although she was winning anyway you sliced it. Now Anya can have an actual career.

Bring on cycle 11 and for all that is good I wish they would dump CG/17 so we could get, you know, an actual model!

More Paulina please. Heck, Tyra should let her take over this show since Tyra is obviously loopy doing this show and her talkshow and next fall, she'll have two more reality shows to work on. Paulina at least acts sane.

Enjoy the summer and thank for the recaps Rich.


Thanks Rich!

Dandy Darkly

More Sutan plz.


Awesome. Thanks for all the work you did this season. I love this show.


Best cycle ever, minus the winner! Also, I can't believe they gave Shitney the crown, even though they called her a fake ass bitch just half an hour before that (in TEEVEE TIME!).


Anya could not be allowed to win--they apparently learned their lesson from Jaslene's tortuous "My Life As a Cover Girl" spots, and are now only selecting spokesmodels who can actually. . . you know. . .speak. In the English.


sunblock and condoms... you really do care, rich!


Hilarious as always, Rich! Those two scoops of raisins are going to keep my summer sweet.

In a way, ANTM has already given us a hint of a Facts of Life theme. Two seasons past- Australia. The Facts of Life Down Under? Yes. I think it's going to keep happening.


Oh, Rich... What am I supposed to do on mondays now?!


Fantastic as always. I'll miss my weekly ANTM recaps though. :( What wackiness can they dream up for us over the summer?


angela chase? fo reelz?
i love you! and i loved this. it really was the best review of all.


Thanks for another awesome recap!

The next cycle should be ANTM All-Stars where all the previous winners come back to compete for ridiculous prizes.

I wonder if anyone's thought of that already.


This weekend while I was at a bar some dude was giving me shit for not smiling. I almost told him I was smiling...with my eyes.

Maybe I'm just a bitch?

Anyway (sweet segue) I was really happy with the final two. Much better then last season.

And I'm on board with the Facts of Life theme. I watch with my mom and she's shitty with names and could never remember Juicy Booty's. So she calls her Britney one time and I'm all "There is no Britney" and then she called her Blair. Hilarious.


I would have been slightly surprised before the episode aired that Whitney won. The shit is a setup indeed but I thought Anyway's Cover girl picture was quite lovely.

I quibble when this has been a great cycle that totally made up for the last one (and, btw, that gif of Saleisha with paleolithic bugs coming out of her mouth is easily the most interesting shot of her ever.) I will disagree and say I loved Cycle 7 tho; sniffle, it's lonely being the world's only Caridee fan.

Only thing better than this cycle as usual is your recaps.

LOVE the Saran Wrap gif. BEST EVER.


Whitney will always look like she's a sequined panty away from porn. To whomever said CG/17, you hit the nail in the head. Her Cover Girl commercials will be rated CG-17, she'll probably be showing innovative and not quite ready for prime time ways of using your tube of black lash blast bash backlash eyeliner.

And I'll be watching.


yeah, that was definitely the most anticlimactic fashion show yet, i really expected more drama from Versace. i knew you'd soundbite Paulina's mockery of Fatima, that shit was priceless!! before they got Paulina i was hoping for somebody like Lauren Hutton to come along, but seeing her on a recent nip/tuck episode made me realize she'd make Tyrone look really dumb, and we can't have that. i'm all for Paulina taking over. and that Whitney "never met a potato i didn't like" is a hilarious Will Rogers update. thanks Rich, i'll miss these mondays


I've been reading your blog for a LONG time, and I don't know if you realize that I only watch this show because of you. I can't be the only one! Tyra owes you BIG.
House of Jules


Did anyone notice Tyra's comment about acting like a MODEL not an ACTRESS for CoverGirl and the next commercial was an ACTRESS (Drew Barrymore)acting like a MODEL for (cough) CoverGirl?
Thanks for your recaps. SO much better than the actual show.


I'm going to miss these recaps so much. But yay that you get a life again.

Question: Do you put the sunblock on first and then the condom, or condom first and then sunblock?

That's a dilemma....

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