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I'm gonna miss these awesome recaps this summer..they make my Mondays!

They need to release more seasons on DVD and maybe you could do recaps on seasons 1-4 (I just hate the thought of you with nothing to do all summer besides sitting on the beach and shaving Winnie)

Happy Summer to you, Rudy, Winnie and your hot bf!


Love the recaps...(but isn't the right/wrong gif backwards?)


Loved the re-cap Rich! We'll miss you this summer!!

Ok, down to business. Even if it was rigged, it IS about time a "full figured" model won. Whitney is the best full figured model they've ever had (I'm sorry, but I don't liek Tocarra, never did.) so why not do it now? When the show is esablished and even though the fans cry fake, you know we'll all be watching (and reading) next cycle.

Plus, did anyone stop to think that perhaps Whitney WAS a plus size girl when she was younger, struggled with her weight through her teens(maybe lost some unsafely - around the time those bikini pictures were taken) until she did learn to love her curves?? When they went back and showed her first arrival at panel in the jeans and black tank top she said (along the lines of) "yes I have a booty and boobs, but I love my curves, and if you don't too bad." Just because she was skinny once (surprise surprise when she was taking her photos for her modeling book, and usually models are super skinny right???) doesn't mean she always was. I say GO WHITNEY! I'd rather watch her CG spots than Anya's.

When is the "reunion" on The Tyra Banks show? Or did they only do that once?



thanky you so much, thanky you thanky you thanky you

and here's hoping anyaways has a decent modeling career!


I think I'll miss you most of all, Rich. Damn summer.

Thanks Rich!

Anya's fuzzy hat reminded me of a mold spore.


love you rich, thank you soooo much for recapping the season and keeping me entertained!

Joe M

I still think Whitney is a fake-ass bith with nary a genuine bone in her body, but I'm happy she won. If anything, it puts to rest the season-long "Will the big girl finally win?" speculation and we can all move on to wondering if the girl with autism or no hot button is gonna take the crown. Not to be crude or anything. I'm certainly happy to see Saliesha go, but girl really does do a catwalk proud. STRUT! Congrats on another stellar season recapping, Rich - please consider returning to ProjRun.


I've been reading these since I started watching ANTM, which was years ago, and I want to thank you for always being up for a good laugh while also possessing a startling amount of empathy for the girls on the show. It's rare to find both, and you are the absolute tops! I agree with everything you said here, and hope next cycle is a dry one - crying-count speaking. Have a great summer!


The opening of this recap was way deep...props! It's so sad the recaps are ova...tear.

BTW Rich, post some pics of you and your boo. Ya'll so cute.


While I was disappointed that you did not make a gift out of the icky birthing noise (splat!) they gave to Tyra's birth of Whitney, the Darth Tater gif totally made up for it. If anyone ever saw the actual size of Darth Tater, you'd see why Whitney should be afraid of him and his light saber.

Thanks, again, Rich, for some wonderful commentary. Have a groovy summer. Looking forward to Cycle 11 ONLY because of you!


Does anyone else think Whitney's covergirl shot looks a bit like a young Barbra Streisand?


I never would have started watching these shows if it wasn't for your recaps. And ANTM has been a gateway drug to other reality TV shows. My view of humanity in general has suffered but the entertainment factor of my life has greatly improved.

Can not wait to see what you & Tyra have in store for us next season. Thanks for all the hard work! Especially those video recaps. Those were awesome.

Miss Lisa

Break out your stash of Lashblast volume blasting mascara. Blast a set of lush, volumized lashes! Patent-pending Lashblast brush out-maxes every lash for the ultimate Lashblast big lash look! Bigger, better brush of blasting lash busters! Comb your moustache! Trash your last busted mascara brush! Have a blast with Lashblast blasting plah, blah, daaahhhhh...

I could barely type this, much less say it for a commercial. Thank you CoverGirl copy writers and Rich for such an entertaining season. Now go relax at your summer houses and sip some sugared ice tea (real sugar to maintain our full figures).


Yeah... the finale was pretty anti-climactic. And I can't stand the winner... but there's always next cycle. And I can look forward to a summerful of post-show pic finding and Whit bashing.

Life is good.


Rich, I never post in comments because I'm a lurker, but your site is the shit and your ANTM recaps are what I live for. Well, that and pot psychology. But anyway, thanks for taking the time to create the wonderful recaps that let me know that I am not alone in my ANTM thoughts.


Thank you so much for the raisins.


it appears that "Anyway" is now in the supreme/vmag model search contest and is going by her russian surname now.


Tyra looked especially like Kesse during the finale. Good for Tyra!

Love it, can't wait for a new cycle. I'm not going to lie; you have a lot to do with that.


Rich, you are an inspiration. In fact, you're THE inspiration, Chicago style:-) Thanks for the recaps and for all the work you did! love jacob @


I literally let out a gay gasp when they said Versace runway show. I thought "there is NO WAY Donatella would stoop this low!" and I was right. Please, those gowns may have been Versace, but they haven't had a real runway show in ages. Pathetic. I like Whitney but Anyway is the better model. Also, those Covergirl shots were horrendous! Titney's mouth was stretched all weirdly on the side. Did that shot actually make it on a billboard? I want proof. Oh, and one more thing... what's with that weird photoshopped image of Tyra and Whitney on the ANTM page on the CW website? Could Tyra not even bother to show up and stand next to the girl who won her show? What's up with that?! Thanks again Rich for a wonderful cycle of recaps. I look forward to your genius next cycle and all the cool stuff you'll post between now and then!


You needn't LASH yourself for the BLAST of publicity your site got for LASHing out at the producers BLASTing a couple dozen pounds onto Whitney's body.


Anyway was robbed. Back to the Smurfs she goes...


Rich, I'm still weirded out by your pooh-poohing of the Whitney win. I'm glad you recognized how your post last week fueled the criticism of her outsider win, but I don't understand why you're still calling her a fat ass.

Whitney probably just lost some weight as a teenager (like a lot of bigger people do temporarily) so she could get some modeling work.

The hate for this winner is so intense... I don't understand it. Not all chubby people are lovable, non-threatening sidekicks like Toccara.


While I was reading your recap, I noticed that Tyra's eye-smiling RIGHT-WRONG gif was perfectly in sync with "Grace Kelly" on my headphones. Freaky.

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