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dammit, maybe anya was robbed

check out these pictures


Rich, I think Tyra needs to have you on her talk show as being the guy who single-handedly made sure ANTM survived this long. How many of us watch just to come here to fully appreciate your beautifully-written, artfully-snide recaps?

Thank YOU for a great cycle.


Model like you have centipedes in your vagina


Totally off topic here, but did anyone else see Winston eating everything in site on Yahoo's homepage? It was on top in their funny videos section. Winston is now getting worldwide attention (as if his head wasn't big enough). :)


"It sucks that so often in life, when someone an "other," no matter how defined, their success is so often questioned and qualified." WORD. That's why it baffles me so that you did it.


oh, that centipede....awesome!

Great cycle! You rock!


Did anyone else notice that in Saliesha's final "My Life of Shame" video, when she is talking about the fabulousness of her new life and is shown struttin' her stuff down the runway, that she is struttin' to AN EMPTY ROOM?!!!!!!! What the hell? I can strut down an empty runway! Show me something a successful model does! Sad.

Cycle six remains my all time favorite cycle, but I have to say that cycle ten was pretty good. Not cycle six good, but definitely better than the awful cycles 7 and 9, and maybe even a bit better than 8?


Whoops I take it back! Cycle 8 had Natasha and Wholihay, so cycle 8 is clearly better - I stand self-corrected. But 10 was def a vast improvement over the lackluster 9.


No crying table? I love that.....


I was surprised to read your comments about Whitney. My impression from your previous recaps was that you liked her, or at least didn't hate her (or really strongly dislike her.) And I've noticed a lot of the comments about Whitney floating around on the interwebz are about how these people don't like her because she's "full-figured." And a lot of these people are moaning about how ANTM is rigged... Well duh, it's rigged! You didn't know that? *headdesk*
Moving on... I like Whitney, I'm glad she won, maybe she's not as great as Anya, but she is good, and to tell you the truth, people say she's catty or fake, but she seems about as catty or fake as a normal person would be... We all have those moments, you know? She seems real, and like someone I'd like to meet. :-)

BAM's always lurkin'

When they said Versace runway show, I was praying that Donatella would actually show up. Now that would injected some much needed crazy into this blah finale. Oh well.

Rich- Thanks for another fantastic cycle of recaps. They truly do make the show worth watching. I appreciate all of your hard work very much. Have a fantastic summer!


i especially liked the anncr during the break at 8:12 saying, "tune in to (someone's show i can't remember) live at 11 to see the winner of antm, whitney." wtf was up with that? fixed much?


I am so over people calling Whitney fake and pageanty. If the girl is always like that then it is really isn't fake, is it? It is just her. What do people even mean by fake other than "I don't like this girl." It's as specific as "The camera lovers her."

murry kate

i love how having a "butt" and "boobs" somehow makes you full-figured/plus sized/fat. seriously...give me a damn break. having a tubby stomach, thunder thighs, and arm flab makes you all of those things.

whitney straight up had a stank look on her face all the time, which seriously distorted her beauty. it's too much of something and it isn't good. are you with me or against me?

and as much as i'm for having more normal-sized people in the media, come on...about time a plus-sized girl won? contests are not about filling quotas and pleasing people, they are about the best person winning. period.


To the unnamed person above whose comment about Whitney's (at first I typed "Shitney's") CG-17 performance included this phrase:

"tube of black lash blast bash backlash eyeliner"

You are to be worshipped as a genius!


To the unnamed person above whose comment about Whitney's (at first I typed "Shitney's") CG-17 performance included this phrase:

"tube of black lash blast bash backlash eyeliner"

You are to be worshipped as a genius!


Glad to see your jumping on to my Facts of Life Conspiracy train.

Jack Mehoff

so use condoms.. and sunblock for lube???


Great job this cycle, you account for half of enjoyment i derive from this show, without ya i'd probably stop watching. thank you.
Anyway's hair made her look weird and i wouldn't have picked over a few of the girls at first glance. she was kinda awkward.
Whitney's win just prooves this to be a stageplay we all tease it to be, we are 8 months behind the mind of Tyra, 8 monthes ago she was complaining about being a juicy booty. so now what, be Spontaneous?, I think they should. either way Tyra is the man behind the curtain and I guess is the real focus of the show. you should start checking the photos on the wall at the models place, in case there are moving eyes behind the photos. I guess tyra's vote was a given, so who else voted for her, do all the guest voters get to vote? is there even a vote? does it all bend to the will of the great and Powerful oz?


LOL!! This was the funniest recap all season, Rich! My 2 fave parts: 1) "Perhaps it will grant you with two scoops of raisins in return of your pleasantness" and 2) Darth Vader potato head, ROFLMAO!!!! I love you man! Thanks for taking all that time to do these wonderful recaps all season. I have looked forward to them every Monday!


This show is a bigger joke than your blogs.
Now, awaits cycle 11.


awww, what do I have to look forward to on Mondays now? I will miss you! Have a great summer, see you next year!


I love you for many things, but among them is recognizing the greatness which is SUTAN.

The show would be nowhere without this kind and talented person.

BTW, my husband wants me to confess that sometimes I laugh so hard, reading these recaps, that my glasses fog up and my nose starts to run.


So does this mean Jo will be winning next cycle? That'd be like the lesbian winning, right? What about a Natalie? We need a Natalie.

Me, I need the summer to forget this cycle!

As always, Rich, a great job!


Rich, as always, you reign. I'd wish you a festive and enjoyable summer, but that would be silly, since I read your non-ANTM posts, too.

A few things I noticed:

1. Anyway's CoverGirl photo? Gwen Stefani, dreaming up new projects involving HP printers.

2. I'm surprised you didn't mention how each judge walked the runway at the ersatz Versace show. And how Miss J. was the worst walker.

3. Whitney's photos would look so much better if she'd close her mouth occasionally.

4. I sincerely hope that Tyra doesn't hand the reins over to Paulina, at least not for a while. I want to see more of Paulina being the resident bitch and calling Tyra on her bullshit. I was delighted that Paulina disagreed with Tyra without seeming dismissably crazy like Janice, and without caving into Tyra's Larger Goals, like every other judge ever.

5. If ANTM is just a casting call for a behind-the-scenes Lifetime movie about The Facts of Life, then they'll need to bring Cycle 3's Anne back to fill the Jo slot.

And Nole Marin can be a fresh, ethnic take on Natalie.

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