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Can you imagine if Paulina was your mom? I would be a crying, stuttering mess.

Then, you have to seek solace in Ric Okasek?

Thanks again for a wonderful season, now go enjoy your weekends.



Thanks Rich for another great Cycle recap. I hope you're on Tyra's payroll because you're the only reason I watch each episode. Have a good summer!


P.S. Can we have another mix to listen to at work?


Are your recaps for other cycles available? I only found you for cycle 7. Since MTv reruns cycles every. weekend. I'd love to gorge on your recaps dealing with Jade and Gina.

Thanks Rich!

oi vey

you crack me up. have a great break rich! you earned it :]


whitney in that pink runway dress looks like preggers heidi klum

You are the best thing about ANTM!

elle b.

Saleisha can kick whitney's FAT OBESE HONKY WHITE WIGGER ass any day.

Saleisha is still #1, and if you are ignorant enough to not understand that, then I'll sure as hell be praying for your sorry pathetic asses.


Later Faggots!

Elle B.


Thanks for another great season of recaps. Sunblock & condoms for all!


my daughter and I had a drinking game for the finale of the show, with such guaranteed-shot topics as crying, "plus-size" wailing, Anya speaking Martian, Tyraisms, and Miss J catty remarks. The only one to fail us was Mr. Jay failing to roll his eyes! Yes, we were pie-eyed at the end.


Why does Sutan sound like Tim Gunn in that "juicy booty" clip?

Awww Rich! What will I do on Mondays now? Thanks for the wonderful recaps, and have a great summer!


YES! Dominique and Jerri Blank.
Would it have been to much to ask to hear Dom say, "Go with what you know!"


Hi, I just came across your blog. I love it! The Tyra faces made me laugh. I thought Whitney's first dress was awful for her, the color blended into her skin and it almost said "Look at me because I'm the different plus sized model." Power to her for winning, but come on Versace, pick something better.


thank you so much, you made this cycle more entertaining than it already was, i love the gremlins 2 reference too, it reminded me of the blogna and bean roll-ups


YES! Dominique and Jerri Blank.
Would it have been to much to ask to hear Dom say, "Go with what you know!"


well, some thirteen ANTM Cycle 10 episodes ago, i started reading. this is the article i've been awaiting since day one.

you did a great recap of everything & the '15 things that could've made this cycle better' was priceless.

i just don't know how Cycle 6 WASN'T your favorite. it was (& always will be mine).
Joanie kicked 'Dani's' but out of the park.

ps. i have this theory that Tyra is actually a little smarter than we know she is. i have never been happy with the winner from cycle 1 to today. i think even she realizes CG is kinda crappy make-up & won't really get you into the modeling world. thus, she picks the second to best girl as winner, allowing the other model to have a shot at becoming a successful model. make sense?
ex/ she picked Whitney. clearly Anyway should've won. Whitney is signed for crappy CG, allowing Anyway to find a great contract with another agency. TA DA! :D


rich! come to hawaii! i could then meet you and we could find anyway - she probably lives with her wolf parents in an old lava tube cave.


You rock!

As they say in Italy, "Brazilia!"


The 'smile with your eyes' gif is your best yet!!! And you know...she's right. This was fab, as always!

i think that in terms of photoshoot and commercial shoots, this cycle is definitely the worst. most of the photoshoot are not exciting and are pretty bland. the only worthy ones were the fuerza buerta shots and genres of music,

and the commercials? easily the worst ones in the history of ANTM, the dialogue were horrible, i think even dumb monkeys could come up with better ones, i mean lash blast? come on.....


This cycle was funny, but very anticlimactic. That whole Dominique thing, hilarious waste of time. Anya winning almost every possible thing and Fatima moping around and crying every elimination because it's obvious she doesn't know what she's doing.

The next cycle will be better, but hopefully there are less girls that trying out that were already rejected like 8 times. What the hell is that about? Are they running out of models or what? And Marjvita? Are you kidding me?


As if there's no Benny Ninja in the finale?!


Hmmm.. Tyra may be two scoops short, but her top certainly looks like the Raisin Bran box. Which I suppose give "two scoops" a whole other meaning.

(that meaning is her cans)


You're very blonde!

Meg (one g)

Thanks for all your hard work! You're a real trooper. Don't ever stop fighting "the camera loves you" and way to give Sutan the love he deserves. There's always a nice flash of him, like someone you could actually relate to who works on the show. The Fatima crying count bit made me laugh out loud, as well as the Paulina analysis. Hope you, BF and the kitties have a fabulous summer.

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