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May 02, 2008



I guess the smile is similar, but I just can't see it in the rest of the face! If you'd have said she was far-righty I'd have believed it.

Having said that, if there was one thing swan knew how to do it was mugging for the camera, so i'll mark this under 'probable'.

THANK YOU for bringing Living Dolls into my life!


I think a side by side comparison is in order!

(Side note: Loved seeing you and Winston over on Jezebel earlier)


Upper right. I'd bet my life on it. It's all in the chin.


Pretty chin, that is! That was not a negative comment.


I can't believe I researched this, buuut...

The newspaper has labled the names wrong- The blonde girl who looks like swan (far-righty) is labelled as "Olivia Bowen" but here is a pic of the real Olivia


Brunette! and definately the tall brunette in the middle.

That blonde girl on the far right is sooooo Swan Brooner


The girl on the right is what I imagine Swan would be like today. Hot and bitchy.


For the love of God, I really wish they would release Living Dolls on DVD...especially if it had a 3 hour "where are they now?" bonus feature. I watched Living Dolls every single time it was on HBO, and I always worried that Swan would end up having a difficult life. I also want to know what happened to Leslie and her two dads. Ugh, these mysteries are going to haunt me for life!


This. Is. Amazing.
House of Jules


thank you so much for putting up a swan brooner update, i fell in love with living dolls when i read about it in ew and recorded it on tivo, but she has to be the chick on the far right, i love bitchy hot chicks

miss girl

It's stupid, but I sincerely hope she doesn't (didn't) turn out bitchy.


Look at the size of young Swans forehead (or fivehead as Ms. Banks would put it), it is definitely the chick second from the right. She's giving us her best pageant smile and was suppressing a finger wave to the photographer.


Ya'll FOUND her?! Holy crap, you found her??!!!!

I'm so geeked to see her again, it kinda made me teary eyed. Whichever one she is. I hope she's happy up there. And I hope one day, you get to interview her, too. Rich, somebody needs to let that little girl know she has a legion of fans out there. Okay, maybe fans is a little strong... people that want to know she's okay and happy. :)


The guy standing next to the flag is totally Nicholas from Eight is Enough.

Say, Rich - did you ever read that book "Swan's Song"? It's a bit like "The Stand", but the heroine is a young blonde girl from a broken home.


Could you send a Four Four link to the newspaper that printed the photograph? Maybe they will follow up.

Or should she just be left alone to finish her childhood out of the spotlight?

Crazy Lizzy

If that is Swan, good for her. Hopefully she sees there are better things to be recognized for than being a living doll.
Seriously though, I loved her in the movie. I hope she's grown to be pretty well adjusted.


I bet my mother the scowler on the far right is Swan!

Can we get a copy of the essay????

Cam, I admire your research skills.


The girl on the far right does kind of look like Swan's mother. And the other girl kind of looks like Swan's older sister (I'm not remembering her name right now but it was something weird and I liked it). Either of those girls could be Swan, but I think it's the second one to the right. What was that sister's name??

her older sister was silva, right? i thought that too, gillian!


The girl on the right looks like the most recent pic of Swan I've seen. Smiling girl, my ass rich. You know Swan's gonna be the prettiest, scowliest one.


I'm votin' with the peanut gallery and saying Swan's all the way on the far right. Regardless of the smile she has the same shaped face, although I was dismayed to see the plain blonde locks. Was hoping for essence of pageant hair in there somewhere.

I hope she doesn't stumble on this website and think we're freaks. Swan, it's cause we care that we talk about you!!!

Rich, now you just need to find out what happened to the two gay makeup guys, although I know from my own research (pathetic I know) they've separated and now do hair/makeup separately.


Please, please, please put back up the Swan Brooner banner!!!! I need it!


For some reason I feel that neither of them is Swan and that instead, Swan is the girl with long hair in the front row looking off to the side and laughing.


So, I just did some stalker research of my own. Apparently Swan's BFF Mariah has a youtube account. Here's the link:


Maybe you could get in contact with Swan through her? Or would that be too creepy?


eyebrows UP!


Rich, you need to check her Myspace page. www.myspace.com/swanbrooner.

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