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May 05, 2008




Can I just say that this show is getting so BS. If I were Katarzyna I would've walked off yelling at Tyra to get my f*ing name right and learn some respect. But that's just me.



Oh, and can we please make sure Tyra never gets behind the lens again? Her first time using studio lights??? Really??? I couldn't tell from the crappiness of it all. If I were these girls that shot would be coming out of my portfolio.


Nooo! Jon Stewart is actually attractive! :D

I love your recaps, Rich!

Man, you know this show is getting horrible when you don't enjoy Rich's recaps as much as you used to. Tyra has crossed the line from kinda crazy to completely annoying. And I don't think I can look at these faces for another week.

Thank god you blog about other things...like 90's dance and R&B (more mixes please!!).

little dictator

anyway princess of power is genius. genius!

(oh, and you're not alone in loving the ewoks, but i'll deny it if asked.)


The most glaring thing about this episode was its title: "We Are Spartans." And this part of the show is being filmed in Rome. It's stupid begetting stupid begetting Tyra as a vampire.

Joe M

That close-up of Dominique in the gladiator gear is the ONLY time I've thought she was even remotely attractive. Mainly because, as you have pointed out, Rich, she keeps her spazzed-out face perfectly still. If you removed Dominique's personality, you'd have a pretty girl... That panel intro where Tyra switched accents 15 times in 10 seconds was hands-down the most bizarre she has ever been and the girl has been plenty bizarre. At that point, Paulina was seriously second guessing her decision to hop on the ANTM train.


Rich! Awesome, but you're wrong!!!

Dominique definitely cried. Here's a screenshot.

And maybe Fatima?

Miss Lisa

My Wed. night class ended and I finally caught an episode last week. (Looking around brightly) What'd I miss? What'd I miss? Apparently--not too much. Random thoughtlets: Marvelous GIFs. The cat clock--have mercy--that's one for the ages. I always thought I could see the zippers in the backs of the Ewok costumes. Does that count as "fashion"? I can't believe the gladiators didn't bring up images of my favorite Brigitte Nielsen film, "Red Sonja." WHAT a badass. There's nothing in this show that couldn't be fixed with more Paulina and a frontal lobotomy.


Thank you for finally calling the bitch out on her insane accent devolution. Seriously why does she always go Jamaican?

Also, I loved that she "parlez'ed italiano"

That just sums it up doesn't it?


The Whitney Kit-Cat Clock. Brilliant!
Thanks for the recap!


in the constipation picture of Orange Jay, are you sure he's trying to force something out...or force something in?


Oh, also, when Paulina offered to take over hosting the show, our group (with whom you are intimately familiar dear Rich) definitely yelled "Yes! Please!!"

Because we're ALL in love with Paulina, espcially Noah.


I agree, this show this season is like.... sometimes I stare at my TV in complete disbelief... Tyra is becoming such a wench

great recap as always. i was suprised though you did not mention about tyra's self absorbness when everyone mention how wonderful her photo is, eventhough the judges where commenting on the girl in the photo, not who captured the photo?


I know that it is far better career-wise for Katarzyna that she was sent home but still--bitter. Why is Dominique still there? Why is she wearing a sweater and leggings like it's 1984 and we're back in my high school breezeway sneaking a smoke before First Period? Why is her shameless (and yet I feel heartfelt and sincere) Tyra worship allowing her to remain? And bless you for calling out that jive about Miss Jay and Katarzyna's gladiatrix poses.

Mmmm...these grapes are sour. Altho seeing the fierce chochkes you conjured up (Dom's burping box and the Titney clock) almost made all that worth it. If Anyway and Fatima are not the top 2 at any rate, I am so done with ANTM. Until, you know, the fall.


Could we also please talk about the endless sucking up to Tyra at panel? The way that Paulina, Niles, and the rest went on about Tyra's photos made me sick to my stomach.


I could pretty much watch that last Tyra gif for eternity and never get bored. And the vampiric "and myself, Tyra!" will haunt my dreams forever. Thanks, Rich!


Loved it Rich, but you failed to mention THE BEST MOMENT of the show when Jay said "Where's she going?" in a completly different voice than normal in response to Tyra's slithering that came right after that last gif. Oh, and Angela (second comment down) I was praying for that too!! But she just walked off...perfect example of her lack of personality? I think so...


This was the best:
Who are you, Titney? Is your best friend Italian? Huh? Huh?

As for that guy in the tight shirt (I guess it was cold out) Make me think dont blame him for wearing that, he's Titalian!


Loved the Catcher in the Rye reference!!
And, the Dominique-music box was PRICELESS. I just about died. (:




VAMP! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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