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Johnny Boy K

Yes. Alex Mariotti.

I hope he's shipped in for future, minimal-clothing shoots as a muse of sorts.


"as talking to myself on a blog always makes me feel socially adequate"


ungh tyra was retardedly brutal to swallow this episode when she went down to the ground beside silver freak hair even he was like ENOUGH.


She-Ra! Oldie Hawn! Titney! Vamp! Clenched Fists! Kitty Clock!

I'm still in love.


Props to Kat for being one of the first actually educated people to make it this far. Unfortunately that, plus being a good person rarely allows you to stick around. As everyone said before me, great titney clock and ewoks are awesome. keep up the hilarity please. who knew ANTM could get even funnier than it already is.


omg i laughed so hard i SNORTED.

can you manufacture a titney clock, plz? i would buy a bajillion.


I thought Katarzhyna would beat Dom Deluise and Skintima. Bummer.


Disturbing Dominique music box and She-Ra Anyway for the win. <3


I use to find Tyra entertaining but now she has become unbarable. And now that Dominique is gone the show has become completely unclimactic. I love Titney, but the judges HATE her and Fatima is just really bad at everything so it's obvious Anya will win. I really feel like they had no talent this season so Tyra was like fuck this and let dominique stay and made everything ridiculous for pure ratings

Easter Buffy

I don't know. The fact that there have been no go-sees in Rome and no one has once told Whitney to shut her mouth for a photo (remember Mr. Jay harassing Heather in Cycle Two when they dangled them over a hole is a warehouse to scare the shit out of Catie) makes me think that it's in the bag for Whitney. I think Tyra knows that Whitney won't book any go-sees in Rome because the designers won't have clothes her size for her to wear and how can Tyra keep Whitney after she eliminated Heather for not booking any go -sees in China?

Oh, wait, she's Tyra, that's how. Expecting consistency is my bad.

Still, I'm 'spicious.

Man, only two more recaps from Rich and another four months of nothing to look forward to on Monday! Wah.


Does anyone else think that Whitney sort of looked like Conan the Barbarian? You know...with the headband and the sword and the fake hair and stuff??

And I mean that in the best possible way. I love Titney.


Whitney looks nothing like Xena's sidekick, lol. Besides being homely with white and blonde hair?


Meg, thanks to your post I just went back and moused over all the images and will probably do it in every post I read from now on. Thanks...I think...

Also, I know a bunch of people have said it already, but that Titney clock = WIN.


As is the name Titsy Flibnips. In fact, if you know the origin of it, it makes the cat clock even funnier. XD

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