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Once I got down to the brown cloaks, I knew the Ewoks were coming!

I gotta say, the the jewelry box ballerina, She-Ra and the clock were genius.

Over ANTM? No. Great recap Rich! I love the Dominic belch box and accent-confused vampire tyra.


As weird as this may sound, didn't Dominique cry when Kata was eliminated??

B Star

Tyra is Toonces and ANTM is the car.


Well I can't recall if Val wore a cloak in Willow but I thought of Grace Jones in Conan when I first saw Fats.

Oh and Dom looks like one of the Sand People from Star Wars in hers.


doMANique cried when Katarzybra was eliminated! you missed that! great recap as always


go clenched fists! go clenched fists!
titney looks like kristy swanson in deadly friend. she's still around, i need a win ok. of the 6 cycles i've seen i'm 2/6. i need this. does anyone else pick there winner early? i do it after makeover. + size better bring it home. awesome recap as usual, amazing gifs. happy cinco de mayo.


The Whitney cat clock = completely brilliant and hilarious!


Glamazon Hunteresses?


Yeah, Dominic cried when Katarara got axed.


this was one of your best!!


when i got to the domi-stink jewelry box i laughed so hard i was suddenly overcome with an overwhelming wish to have been your gay 2nd-grade best friend. we would have sewn barbie clothes while fighting over who was going to be steve trevor or wonder woman.

Steve Abramson

OMG - the two people that pointed out Jay's "I love you" in the last gif are geniuses!!!

Not only does he look like he's saying it, but the eye contact he's giving her... really adds NEW meaning to his constipated photo up higher (maybe Tyra's fisting him and that's why he loves her)...

Excuse me, must puke at that thought...

Good job as always Rich


You're not the only one who loved ewoks. They kicked some serious ass and they had a creepy witchdoctor! But, seriously, that scene when the one ewok dies in battle and his friend tries to shake him awake while that damn innocent flute music plays - I have to leave the room. It's too fucking sad.

"Hang up and try your call again, She-Naw."
I am going to say this all week.


I was really hoping you'd make a gif of the part where Tyra sinks to the floor during her and Jay's interview. I figured you could doctor it to make it look like she was 'going down ' on Mr. Jay.

btw, The Whitney Cat Clock gif is genius!


Oh, that clock is the best! damn.


I love your recaps! You should include more videos.

And for some reason I just think the Katarzywok picture is really cute. You combined two things I love. haha

Miss Kizzy

Titney & Oldie Hawn.

And I'm spent!


Check out "Kat's" legs in the first group gladiator shot. They look thinner than matchsticks! How can she walk on those??


I'm glad my name managed to weasel its way into the recap with the aggressive stupidity theme! And did I mention you always have ridiculous names for your images? I enjoy hovering my mouse over the pic's to wait for the impending joy it will bring to my life

Loretta Swit

Truly inspired recap this week! Dom is growing on me like a fungus... and I blame your constant visual assault!


hey! this one was actually friggin' HIIII larious, where your last few recaps were merely funny. good on you, rich!

Dominique doesn't resemble Cruella de Vil nearly so much as Phyllis Diller.


You really need to send the She-Ra Movie idea somewhere cause Anya would rock as the Princess!


I'm so glad Whitney has made it this far. But it's inevitable that she's not gonna win because this season's theme is "High Fashion". Which means that they need skinny and tall. Like Fatima or Anyway.


hahaha, hilarious recap as always!
Still though I was looking for the GIF where Tyra just dips below and disappears! That's one of the best things that happened! :D

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