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May 02, 2008



I just love that you hooked into this. I too fell hard for this show when I first saw it, mostly I think because I just adore the fact of Adam. (Not to mention that poor bedraggled faculty adviser?) Just wow...


when i opened up fourfour and saw the gif wall of amanda, i felt like my heart skipped a beat. someone else loves this show as much as me!!

for real, amanda is adorably dorky. when she started singing eye of the tiger while working out, i knew i was hooked.


The best show. The best. Show.


I LOVE THIS SHOW, TOO!!! I've been telling my sister to DVR it, because it's exactly like what high school was-- you're just lucky to get out alive. Amanda Lorber is insufferably ADORABLE. I love her.
House of Jules

Joe R

It's seriously the greatest show on TV. So glad to see it getting some play here.


Once again Rich, we agree completely. I read about this show on Dan Renzi's blog (linked from yours) and was instantly hooked when I started watching. I WAS Amanda in high school! I was Senior Yearbook Editor (see how I made it important with capital letters?) and probably got just as much flak as her. I simultaneously hate her and feel really badly for her only because I see myself in her. I do hope, however, that they explore Adam a bit more. I assume he's gay but since it hasn't been said yet, I just wonder what will happen.



I really like this show but i can't watch it. I hate everyone except Amanda. Just wake me when the instructor finally word bitch slaps that little asshole Trevor. And hopefully, Amanda will wake up and see that Alex is a complete douchey spineless bastard.

I like the show but I stopped watching after the second episode. I just couldn't take it. It was so squeamishly annoying. I really wanted to jump through the screen and smack the privileged annoying shit out of most of the people on the screen. And it really bothered me that the instructor for the class wasn't stepping in. I mean Trevor announced during class that he wasn't going to work with Amanda. Well, then you won't be on The Paper. Plain and simple.

Maybe I can watch it when they do the endless loop of marathons but yeah...it is a great show!




She sounds like Tracy Flick with a conscious! Just reading this, and not having seen the show, totally reminds me of how cruel high school can be to those that don't "fit the mold". I may have to watch this intently.

Jennifer Demeter

I love Amanda because she is the Imelda Marcos of trendy frames and has a pair to go with every emotion. She is Katie from "The Way We Were" for today's youth, with 50% less Marxism and no Hubbell.


I love Amanda too if for nothing more than her resilience to stand up against those little bastards on her staff...

Totally agree Steph. If you don't want to work with someone, it's plain and simple: Get the hell off the staff. It seems like a pretty big school and I’m sure the counselor can find you another elective to take.

It's all about common courtesy and respect. They don't have to like each other but they don't have to be total queens about the shit either *side eye to Adam*.

White Chocolate

That chick is baby Bette M. in her glamor shot.


I really liked this post. Very thoughtful & honest. I think I will have to check this show out. I actually enjoy the teen-reality shows on MTV like Made, True Life & Fat Camp. Plus, if you recommend it, then it must be awesome!


Oh, I love you for spreading the word about this show! It's like watching a bizarro version of how my senior year of high school would have gone if I'd gotten editor-in-chief my high school paper.

Amanda reminds me so much of myself when I was in high school, except more oblivious and with better hair. The "better hair" part isn't that hard, but the "more oblivious" part is.

I can't stand either Adam or Alex, though. Ugh.


I too love this show and I agree that, like True Life, it's one of MTV's better efforts at actually reflecting a teenager's experience (at least, my recollection of that experience). But I have to wonder whether being on this show was really a good choice for Amanda, as the show shows over and over again how much she's not liked. And the idea that her peers like her in their own secret ways or at least begrudgingly respect her does seem to be important to her; she doesn't have that "fuck them!" thick skin that other teenagers adopt in a similar situation. So when I watch the show, in the back of my mind I can't help but wonder how devestating it is to Amanda to be watching the episode too. I mean, it's one thing to know your "friends" are all going to a party that you're not, but it's another thing to actually see that, you know?


Good call on the Valerie Cherish connection! I also get a strong Tracky Flick vibe from Amanda.

Glad to see you are obsessed with this too. Excellent post as always Richie. :)


I do just love her! LOVE HER!! My 11 year old thinks she just the most awesome thing ever and she loves when shit the mean kids do tends to bite them in the ass.


Sweet recap-py goodness! I'm so glad you're as into the Lorber as I am! I'm just wondering when Proactiv will get hep to it and sponsor the whole damn show! Cuz really....


i have to say rich, i truly appreciate you posting this.

i went to the mtv site and watched all three episodes this afternoon and have to say that on a day like today when i hate my job i can at least take comfort in the fact that i am no longer in high school.

i do agree with ihaveneverinmylife... and cringe a lot thinking about poor amanda watching the episodes.

hopefully she realizes that in ten years these twatty bitches will have no bearing on her life when she's running for president.

yay amanda!! :)


So I'm going to assume that is is a "reality" show and thus entails a camera crew in the newsroom of a high school newspaper. Clearly I haven't seen it. But do we as a society really think it's a good idea to let a TV show be produced in a school? I think school was akward and painful enough without all the humiliation involved being broadcast on cable.
Personally, if I were the principal and MTV approached me about this I would have laughed them out of my office. If I had kids that were attending a school that allowed a TV crew inside on a permanent basis (I think some kind of one off deal like Made or whatever would be OK) I'd have my kid out of there before it got started. I'd have a whole truckload of choice verbiage for the staff that allowed it as well.
If I somehow missed the point and the show is actually fictional than cheers to MTV for finally getting some good programming,


rich this was a great post. i came upon the show through jezebel.com and absolutely fell in love with it. for once i'm glad that i'm older and have developed more of an appreciation for who people are, including these kids. i do love amanda for all her confidence but feel sorry for how unaware she is. i hope she develops that and the ability to see the other side of the argument. i do like the other characters as well, despite how snarky they are. we can't forget that these people are teenagers. not all teenagers are like that i know. hopefully these kids will learn to be more compassionate. all in due time i guess.


Thank for this. I was a total amanda, still am, and it's so heartbreaking to see her. she's not at ALL liked by them, and yeah, she's a bit annoying at times, but she almost always means well! she's so awkward and honest, and it is refreshing to see someone like this on TV. she's the most real reality person I think I've ever seen.


Can we talk about her singing House of the Rising Sun please?


I am so happy to see you love this show as much as I do. Ahhh...Amanda darling, stay strong, I was you in HS, and you know what, look at me now...yeah, ok, so I am a somewhat unknown blogger...nothing too exciting, BUT I have my quirky wit, and that is as good as gold around these parts:)


I am so happy that there are so many people that like this show! This show is one of my greatest guilty pleasures ever, if only because I'm ashamed to admit I watch anything on MTV. I love Amanda! I feel like she's one of those people who is not appreciated at all by people her own age, but many people over 21 probably think she is awesomely odd. I also love her curly haired friend who plays guitar. On the MTV website they sing a song about facebook. I also have a love/hate for Alex who is so easily manipulated but is also super scrawny and reminds me of my first weird high school boyfriend who probably was awkward enough to ask someone out via text but thankfully did not... as Alex did. Oh please write more recaps of this show, if only for more Lorber gif walls!

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