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May 06, 2008



I'm officially mad jealous. That's awesome! WE LOVE YOU AMANDA!


Yay! Amanda rules. She's the best.


How awesome!!!! I'm way jealous!


Amanda's awesome! The Paper's my newest guilty pleasure.


It's a red-letter day!

I work at a small Midwestern newspaper where we ALWAYS watch "The Paper." One of my colleagues got me into it a few weeks ago, and now we make it a point to have it on in the newsroom for the evening staff.

Amanda, you're such a sweet girl. And it's so refreshing to see your admirable grasp of the English language-- it will set you apart from your peers, if it hasn't already. It can be a difficult field, but it's also very rewarding. Don't give up.


Let me sing the praises of both you and Amanda.

Rich, i totally agree with what Amanda said about your thoughtful posts, i find that you are able to see through the "characters" as they are portrayed on reality TV and see the humanity in these people (and schandenfruede). This is why i have been an avid reader of your blog (and later VH1 bog) since season 5 of ANTM. I also think you are f-ing hilarious.

Amanda, I feel like i was you in High School, though a science-nerd, not a journalist. You are the kind of person who will get out there in the real world and find out that people who are able to work hard like you are the ones who will do well in life. Anyway, keep up the good work.


that's pretty fuckin' cool. i came for the antm ridicule, but wanted to look out for this show after reading your former post.

lorber gifs?


I tried to write something profound but whatever. Amanda, you rule. Rich, you also rule. This blog is the rulingest.


You're still breathing, right? Right?


YAY!! I am totally going to write a post about her on my blog now. I need a personal e-mail from Amanda Lorber! Loves!
House of Jules

Kristin Wolke

i sent that email to her newspaper adviser with a link to your site!!!!!

i told her about you & your great re-caps and love for amanda -- HOPE THAT YOU KEEP WRITING ABOUT HER!!!!!!!! i loves me some amanda.

Heather B.

I have such a girl crush on her.


That's awesome! I'm watching The Paper right now (only because of your articulate post a few days ago) and I'm hooked. Thanks, as always, for a fantastic blog, Rich!



Aww, that's so fantastic! And to Amanda, something it took me a long time to learn: fuck the haters.


I still haven't seen the show but thanks to your praise, I am definitely going to tune in.
I just discovered Pot Psychology and wow you are looking great and I'm sad I didn't do this first. Once again amazed at your humor and heart.


oh my god, amazing! and partying with musical theater buddies? basically the best thing ever. & usually the best parties.


LORBER LOVE! Amanda, from a fellow journo, I also adore you and think your classmates are acting fairly juvenile...y. Yes, juvenily, totally a word, now. SING IT GIRL.

Matt M

I love her. She is absolutely fantastic. And now I am completely jealous of you! T.M.T.H!


that is just awesome beyond words. amanda is the queen of the world. and that is perfectly fine by me. it's a little sad that i plan my monday nights around the show, but it's totally worth it.

and rich, you're awesome too!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up. this blog just overflows with awesomeness!


Congrats to the both of you! Amanda, keep your chin up...being a reality star will give you a head start on navigating the b-s that is college. It's the devoted kids like you who do well on the collegiate news floor (says one who remembers his days fondly).

Rich, you are the man. But you know I <3 your gifts. I am not jealous, but revel in your blessings today.


Amanda, keep it up honey.


Junkfood Genius

This is so many shades of awesome. Optimism has legally changed it's name to Amanda Lorber and I am drinking that Kool-Aid.


Rich, I think you are as excited to hear from Amis and Lorber today as I was once when you replied to an e-mail I sent you. good karma! :)

Jack Mehoff

omg... I wanna have ice cream social with Ms. Lorber and Mr. Juzwiak.


You so fancy.

But we already knew that.

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