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May 29, 2008





Oh the pretend monies I would pay for a picture of that scene.


I've been told by 2 people (they didn't know each other) that I remind them of the actress Meg Tilly. 3 other people (who also did not know each other) have told me that I look just like a friend of theirs, right down to the mannerisms and the sound of my voice. So I must be the lost sister of quadruplets and one of them is Meg Tilly.

Haven't had anyone mistake me for someone else yet, but I'm patiently waiting for that Meg Tilly fan to come up and ask for my autograph.

Matt M

Aw how fun! Now if you guys ever get into trouble you have someone to blame: Stefan and Sinja!


you SHOULD'VE taken a pic!!!


So, did you guys argue over who gets to be called Sinja from here on out?
House of Jules


i am such a sucker for stories when believed-to-be crazies are redeemed.

a quick share of a story that's 10% of this one. i was at a kinda fancy-ish restaurant in chicago when i thought i spotted oprah's chef (art smith) from a close view (~15 feet). after much hushed and heated discussion at our table regarding whether or not it was art smith, the realdeal art smith sat down at a different table two away from the fakeout version. but, given where we were seated, looking at one meant looking at them both so post-mindblow, slackjawed staring occupied our table the rest of the meal.

i know that this is not relevant to the post, but I thought you would appreciate this armpit vagina, or armpit hole? I don't what it is

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So how are the eats there?


Rich, i adore your writing skills; there's a wave of panache and general good mojo attached to whatever your write. But this line: "It wasn't fair! Candy Waver deserved better than fish for one. Everybody does." simply melted my heart. How true, how true.


JOhn Taylor

you guys have to show us how stefan and sinja look, haha, thats so funny you guys were confused for an internet hook-up


You guys missed out on some seriously kinky fat sex, which I think would have went well with the sushi.


I mean it with all of my heart when I say that I am happy for Candy Waver, too.


Best. Story. Ever.
Maybe it's because I identify with Candy Waver. Maybe it's because I really, really want to hang out with you and SM.
I don't know.

Also, I'm pretty sure A. Lorber was in the audience for the Tyra show today. If she has dyed her hair.


BTW, I'm sure you already know this, but NYT magazine is doing spread on non-other than Tyra Banks! The opening line is perfect:

"Tyra Banks has 275 smiles. Like a star athlete who has perfected a jump shot or a curveball, Banks has studied, honed and mastered the smile. In her arsenal are the “surprise smile,” the “angry but still smiling” smile, the “flirting with boyfriend” smile and the “commercial” smile, which, like the rest of Tyra’s smiles, was designed and perfected when Banks, who is now 34, began modeling at 15"


This is why bloggers must sometimes leave the internets. For the purposes of fetching stories like this one. Beautiful execution. Perfect dismount. Candy Waver is such a John Waters heroine. Luv it.

p.s. Did you see Mariah throw the first pitch at that baseball game? Her outfit was str8 Heartbreaker.


That's nice that you were going to the lady's table to check up and/or keep her company. Sweet. We need more compassion in the world. Although I wish you wouldn't have let her not so attractive, shall we say unusual appearance brandish her a crazy person. I've found the real crazies are smart enough to hide it behind seemingly "normal", put together appearances.


Awwww Candy Waver has friends! Yay!

Back in winter break of my senior year of high school, my friend and I went to Lyon's (kind of like Denny's only you don't have to be drunk to eat there) on Christmas Eve for some cigarettes and pie and to bitch about our families (tells you how long ago I graduated from high school - you could smoke indoors). It was evening and there weren't that many people there. Most were like us, on the way to other places (both of us had to go home right after to join the festivities, go to midnight mass, etc.) and just stopped by for coffee and a break. So this guy comes in and gets seated near our table. He's alone, nerdy looking and he orders the Christmas special. :( My friend and I looked at each other and just felt so sad for the guy. However over the course of finishing up the chocolate cream pie we were sharing, every. single. waitress in the restaurant came by Wayne's table (I don't remember his name, he just seemed like a Wayne) to wish him a Happy Christmas and some even gave him hugs. Wayne warmly thanked each and every one of the gals and for what it's worth, the guy seemed happy holding court at Lyon's. Maybe he was alone on Christmas, but he was the King of Lyons that night and hopefully maybe even got some diner waitress love later on that night.


I <3 this post. Thanks for writing it!

Torrin Paige

I just love happy endings. As always, many thanks to you, Rich. You lead an interesting life so I don't have to!


If you were straight you and Tracie would make a very good looking hipster couple.

P.S. You look high in that picture.


Rich looks high in that pic because he IS high. Jezebel.com every Friday at (of course) 4:20 pm.


There are 20 pages of Sinjas on mySpace. None in NYC, though. Very few Synjas and Cynjas.


@houseofjules: Well, obviously Tracie is Sinja, since Stefan is a dude's name. But I'd fight over Sinja too.


Did you know, there is a cat on that bed?

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