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May 28, 2008



you know, i've always recognized the beat, always liked most songs attached (and yes, sadly, i include Milli Vanilli, even if they haven't aged, um... well), but never knew it's origin. that's why i love this blog. come for the witty reality show takes, stay for the cultural education. kudos.


I just wanted to compliment you on your beautiful Tang Wei Header


Rich, this is perfection. Can you please do a mix of songs that sample ABC by the Jackson 5???


Ahh, this is probably my #2 favorite mix a la Rich! Paid In Full, I still know every word. That little break beat makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, memories of dancing all night, house parties. This morning while getting ready for work I was listening to my #1, I think you called it "Lovesfuckingcheap"? Thanks X 1000!

John R.

Wow! What a smokin set! I'm so used to hearing B-more remixes of everything that I haven't listened to a set to an old break like that in a while and kinda forgot how much energy good mixing can bring to a set like that. Luda/EMF gets _my_ vote for first jam of the summer!

Dork/dj question - do use Serato, or is your apartment overflowing with miscellaneous Milli Vanilli 12"? I'm not a Serato hater - just curious.

I'm going to put this on my iPod and bump it in the ride :)


First off.. you're a genious, but we already knew that. And I piddle my pants everytime I see a new post from you because I will not only get entertained but will probably get a good music tip or something worth giving an extra though to.

Second.. I've tried to download your mix twice and it timed out after a few mb's -am I the only one who has this problem?

Third.. I heart winston!


Love this! You left off Truth Hurts' "So Addictive" which I loved, too!


Raise your hand if Ashley's Roachclip just instantly became your new ringtone...

(raises hand)


... aw hell. i have to add that i forgot all about Michelle Visage's rhyme skills all over S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. Rich, you blowing up my domepiece, over here!


"come for the witty reality show takes, stay for the cultural education."

Truer words, my friend. Truer words.


This beat defined my middle school years! hilarious, and good call for a chill summer mix.


This makes me want a cassette player so I can listen to all my old college mix tapes. Love it.
House of Jules


this is so great. Thank you. You entertain me more eeeeeeeeeeevery day :)

I'm just sayin'...

I might be mistaken, but did the Stereo MC's sample this as well (Connected)? Maybe it just sounds similar...


Paid In Full By Duran Duran


Guess there's no possibility of "I'm That Chick" being this year's summer jam? Oh well, it's on all of my summer mixes anyway.

Great mix--I actually headed to iTunes and bought (!) that Color Me Badd song after one listen!


This beat defined my middle school years! hilarious, and good call for a chill summer mix.
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that setlist reminded me that there's a dj mash-up of the beatles 'come together' with duran duran's 'come undone' and eric b & rakim's 'paid in full'. it is AWESOME.

Matos W.K.

Dude, where the fuck is "Freedom '90"?

Just kidding. Thanks for this! And yes, the Lloyd is absolutely the best record of the year so far.

Matos W.K.

Oh fucking duh--that's "Funky Drummer." I'm an idiot.


Yesssss another mix. Heart!


for some reason, when I heard this song on the radio the other day, I was immediately reminded of 112's "Dance With Me." Now that I've compared both songs, I'm not quite sure why. I think it's the beat, but I'm not sure. Maybe someone can help?



Oh, and thanks Rich for another mix! I missed your mixes, I don't think you've done one for a while...

And thanks for the beat info, I never knew what this beat was!

Can you explain the name of your blog, FourFour? Is it something to do with the time signature...sorry if been explained before, but I didn't see it if so.

finally: Are you going to do a review of Ashanti's new album? I think some of it is innovative, eg the last track (The Declaration)...I'd love to hear your take on her album.

im stupid


dj tony from spain

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