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May 13, 2008


Driver B

I am so thoroughly, entirely, completely jealous. How could people not love her? She is amazing. I play Mama's Gun on a regular basis.


I was there too!
Epic performer
Fave part was Other Side of the Game and Soldier
oh and "Work Bitch! Um, Thank you??"


I can't wait to see her in Chicago at the end of the month.


OH damn boy, that review's got me so hyped to see her in Oakland next month. I don't know how flexible her setlist is from show-to-show, but I'd love to see her do "Green Eyes" live. Thanks for the review!


she's coming to memphis the end of this month and i plan on being there! i can't wait.


Awww this warms my heart. sometimes i feel like im the only one that likes her this much.



I saw her last week down here in DC. She didn't even keep the hat on for us. She took it half during the WAY before she came back for Green Eyes *laugh*. I just love seeing her in concert, though.

I think she had about four big yoga balls here, but only sang to two of them, then kicked one out into the audience. I just wish I had gotten as much footage as you did. She came down into the audience singing Bag Lady and had a few people sing some of it as she walked around. Then she cut the music and welcomed everyone to the "Erykah Badu Show" saying, "On today's show we'll be talking about big breasted background singers in tight grey skirts" *LAUGH*

Sweet Yevon, I'm five minutes from rubbing myrrh, and headwrap, and a potted weed plant and becoming an Erykah Badu groupie!


Erykah is just an amazing artist, go alone if you don't have anyone to go with you, but go!



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